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Judy is a submissive little sissy girl looking for a Mistress or steady girlfriends to hangout with and play dress up and others with. I am looking for a Mistress to train with and learn how to serve her better and learn how to be a good submissive sissy.
Here is the core of it, I am 60 yrs old looking to move to Oregon after my mother goes into a nursing home for she has Dementia or ALZ . I am her sole caregiver and she is 86 yrs old. So I would like to retire to the North or Lost Coast of California. So I am looking for apartment of my own or move in with somebody.
So I would love to hear your ideas or suggestions.

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9/24/2017 4:11:03 PM

This is Judy’s Fantasy:

Well it begins with Jay trying on some pink panties. It would begin with dating a very beautiful Lady unknown st to me that she was a Mistress and would be dating for a while since we met at a local group. Finally we got to the mutual respect phase of loving and sharing our thoughts and most ardent and secretive thoughts together.. Then we are on a date and we finished our dinner and we go over to her house and settle in for watching some TV and some wine.  She then starts to come closer to me and starts to make moves on me like touching and rubbing herself against me. Then we start to kiss and touch each other in ways that make each other  Feel more romantic and so she says let’s go to her bedroom which is just so romantic and feminine and just girly. We undress each other and we start foreplay with kissing and touching  Each other on the lips lovely and thinking dirty thoughts about each other. We get into her bed in her bedroom and we are totally nude with each other and she start by kissing me deeper and goes down on my private area and sees my little cock and gaps at how little my cock is.  She laughs and wow how pitiful you are and I see why you love women like myself.  So sweetie I see what I am getting into now, you are not my type of man but I do have a plan and purpose for you in my life, I am going to give your last orgasm as a male then we will see what I can do with you. I will tie you down for this and your last hope and prayer for being a male. You will be blindfolded for this also, and the lights will go down and you will see nothing but you will feel everything in real time. So I am tied to the bed posts and I am blindfolded and totally nude. She starts by telling that I am so pitiful as a man and she has ideas for me. I will be totally blind to what is going, she suddenly takes my little cock and starts to lube it up and stroking it and telling me that will be my last feeling that you will have a male for she will take me where I have never been before into her world as a woman. Now sweetie you will enjoy this for the rest of your life, she started to stroke my cock and telling once I get you hard enough I have a surprise in store for you a real special surprise. So I am tied and up hard and blindfolded and seeing nothing and feeling hard and have intense anticipation for what is coming or is going to

Happen to me.


 Age: 35
 PERTH, Australia