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Hetero Male Switch, 60,  DelrayBeach, Florida
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My Name is JP is short for something else.First this is for fun.NO KNIVES. NO Needles NO Blood No Scat.

Ready to meet face to face within a week and see if there is a chemistry.I am so intoLAUGHING I am a natural born smart ass with a great sense of humor.I have found making people laugh is a gift I have. I will always find the good in another wise bad situation. Leather, rubber and latex it kind of sucks for me being such a Florida boy.About Boots I love any kind clearly heels on boots are the ultimate hybrid. I have new found respect for latex socks. The look that makes me feel slutty without agony of the feet for her. I still love fishnets, boots, skirts tight jeans. Attitude and smarts are hottest turn on ever. I Love mind fucks and predicaments.I am a totally way too horny for my own good.Tease and delay are awesome not denial delay O)Loves to give oral loves to play and tease and torment.

Learning how to please others as well as myself.Learning new kinks and new limits is amazing. Curious about sounds, e-stim, milking machines, forced orgasm, Fearful a plug or strap-on would get me into too much trouble I have learned. I need to be more respectful to myself and others.I have a new found respect for men and women that are polite and respectful and classy even though it was evident they were totally turned on and stayed in control.It is journey of learning. Thanks to those that have taught and endured my bullshit. I regret being a shit-head to those that have ignored or had to tolerate me. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Thanks to all those that have help corrupt and teach me more new kinks taught me new limits and trained me to like new things.Special thanks to Mistress and her family they have taught me so much the last few months. Ready to serve, please and begging to be further corrupted.

Evolving learning more and more becoming part bottom part service top and 100 kinky.

Pic is available on request. JP

Looking For Real Time Play.












 Male Switch



 5' 9"

 190 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Female

Online Romance

 Lives For:


 Foot Worship


 Orgasm Control

 Oral Service

 Plastic Wrap Bondage

 Role Playing

 Vacuum Stimulation

 Wax Play



 Body Worship




 Rear End Play

 Medical fetish play

 Rubber Fetish



 Lifestyle BDSM

 Rock Music




 Genital Punishment

 Local BDSM Community





 Online RPGs

 Female Sovereignty

 Heavy Metal Music


 Antique Shows

 Curious About:

 SCA (Beginner)


 Erotic touch

 Gas Masks

 Masks (Wearing)



 Art Galleries


 Domestic Service

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Journal Entries:
8/21/2022 5:22:59 PM

pm for real time

6/20/2022 5:49:01 PM

I want to learn the most dark twisted demented kinks and be pushed to new limits

6/13/2022 3:34:09 PM

In Rubber restrained and helpless taken to new limits  sounds like a wet dream

6/9/2022 10:39:00 AM

WHY block someone just becaise they checked you out really WTF

6/8/2022 5:56:43 AM

Loves to have orgasms RUINED often


4/27/2022 12:13:19 PM

Lives to meet someone to teach me the darkest kinks

2/17/2022 9:16:51 AM

Would love to learn new kinks and explore more and more dark kinks

2/9/2022 6:00:47 PM

Thinking of PASSIONATE hands reaching deep inside and taking total control and creating new limits

1/18/2022 4:30:38 PM

Would love to have real conversations and share ideas with real people about real play.

Will give number and text to prove is real and seriious

1/9/2022 4:35:29 PM

Loves to exchange creative ideas. Lets chat and inspire each other

12/12/2021 5:18:15 PM

It would be nice to learn the most dark twisted kinks and get taken deeper into the rabbit hole


12/8/2021 11:42:42 AM

Lives to be used hard for the most dark dirty twisted needs and stretched to new limits and corrupted

12/1/2021 5:32:26 PM

So awesome to be able to write again.

Looking to meet real people exchange ideas.

Paying to talk or play is not my thing.

Love to learn new kinks and try new things and get pushed to new limits.

If you are naughty lets chat

12/1/2021 11:49:38 AM

If Im online I am looking for trouble to talk text and be more and more twisted and corrupted. Message me if your looking for chat and real time trouble

4/3/2018 2:52:19 AM
Evolving becoming more balanced more of bottom and service top. Totally kinky wanting to try new things constantly.

1/1/2017 11:47:31 AM
Happy New Year to all 2017
needs to be a year of more real time.
more service and being pushed to new limits
so willing to try new things to please

9/20/2016 6:25:12 AM
This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. In the case of an actual emergency you would be called, served, and pleased real time. This is only a test.

9/5/2016 8:44:55 PM
i need to cum NOW

7/16/2016 9:26:33 AM
A servant in chastity,  on knees ready to give her oral until she is pleased several times.
what could be better ?

7/14/2016 9:44:45 AM

7/1/2016 12:27:10 PM
Thinking about how to please her during vacation

6/27/2016 10:32:59 AM
one week so full so hard it is painful

6/18/2016 11:24:07 AM
Needs to be used till I am sore and raw and so hot it hurts

6/17/2016 10:31:41 AM
so hard it hurts

6/17/2016 10:19:42 AM
mind is like a sponge begging to be used stretched learn new things
wide open to learn and serve

5/31/2016 3:20:29 AM
begging to be used hard to please ANYWAY ordered

5/13/2016 2:51:22 AM
Work can be a kink killer

4/19/2016 12:45:36 PM
masturbation at work any thoughts

4/19/2016 4:32:58 AM
Today was started off with a hot Pet name. :P) It is great start.

4/8/2016 6:23:44 AM
Begs to lick pussy ass and clit till she multiples REAL TIME as I am denied a long time.

4/1/2016 1:56:19 PM
thinking of lick her pussy for hours until she multiples and I get painfully hard

3/30/2016 12:54:38 PM
Wants to meet a lady that I can give oral to.

3/11/2016 1:04:31 PM
Begging to be used so hard so long anyway I'm told

2/29/2016 12:33:48 PM
Blocked     my account has been blocked the user will not accept my mail I wonder if it was something I said


Prepare sometimes I deserve to be blocked

Most of time time that's not the case.

It's highly annoying when somebody asked you a question and then you are blocked.

I think people need to have more of a sense of humor about these kind of things.

2/16/2016 12:02:45 PM

Told to strip to Nothing except to sock and a T-shirt. Then nose down ass up I feel duct tape being wrapped around my ankles then I feel my feet being separated the tape is wrapped around a broomstick like a spreader bar. Next another broomstick is pushed through the sleeves above the shoulders in my arms taped near the elbow so that my hands are available yet restricted. Next a scarf is is to blind the broomstick around my neck. Then taped around the scarf and the broomstick to make it even more restricted.

From this helpless position I am so prone. Unable to defend my ass and my cock. My face is pulled kept on task for hours. Begging for a air it becomes painfully hot I ache and Not a damn thing to do about it it was perfect.

2/12/2016 3:07:35 AM

2/8/2016 3:35:38 AM
== Results from ==
99% Switch
99% Experimentalist
97% Rope Bunny
97% Exhibitionist
96% Degradee
94% Slave
94% Voyeur
92% Submissive
90% Non-monogamist
87% Degrader
85% Rigger
85% Primal (Prey)
83% Pet
78% Brat Tamer
77% Primal (Hunter)
76% Owner
76% Ageplayer
74% Dominant
74% Brat
73% Girl/Boy
70% Daddy/Mommy
69% Sadist
65% Master/Mistress
64% Masochist
27% Vanilla
See my results online at

1/18/2016 11:40:14 AM
eat pussy so long got so hard it hurt and was edged for 3 hours and not cum it was bliss

11/15/2015 11:53:43 AM
need to stretched and used too hard anyway she demands :P)

10/27/2015 7:52:25 PM

10/23/2015 2:57:03 AM
i mind fuck myself endlessly it would be great to have help from someone more twisted and demented than I am

10/9/2015 6:28:14 AM
begging to serve and please now

7/1/2015 3:53:14 AM
Ears are for hearing orders.
Tongue is for licking boots, cunt, and ass.
Throat is for swallowing piss.
Neck is for wearing a collar .
Nipples are for being clamped.
Fingers are for massaging your sore muscles.
Cock and balls are for being tortured.
Ass is for being beaten.
Asshole is for being violated, with dildos, buttplugs, or hands.

6/27/2015 8:20:22 AM
how many orgasms a day should be normal ?

3/27/2015 8:35:45 AM
Ready to be used as mistress see fit......

3/9/2015 4:04:43 AM
cumcow wow smoking hot...

3/4/2015 3:18:16 PM
Seriously most of the people need a fucking sense of humor and get over themselves and have fun and chill out.

2/2/2015 3:26:03 PM
she says you are fake because you do not pay her cell phone bill lol

12/27/2014 12:16:00 PM
begs to master new more twisted fucked up kinks to please mistress

11/29/2014 6:58:45 PM
needs chastity belt.
ass stretched.
nipples abused
give mistress oral till i drown in her wet juices

9/24/2014 1:52:21 PM
Best definition is service bottom.
I wish that was an option
submissive is not the most accurate

9/17/2014 3:58:29 AM

5/11/2014 4:42:48 AM



letting your mind create predicaments and dilenma's is the best

5/10/2014 5:55:04 AM

I live to learn new kinks and be used hard to please mistress.

tormented till I ache is amazing.

4/16/2014 4:40:43 AM

wrapped in plastic at mistresses mercy that would be perfect. Then I work hard to please her totally

3/17/2014 4:16:55 PM

It does not make you fake because you are unwilling to pay hundreds of dollars to serve.


3/16/2014 3:07:35 PM

throbbing hard all weekend

3/4/2014 6:42:35 PM

vibrating plug makes me a dirty rotten slut and willing to master mistresses needs and desires

2/24/2014 4:09:44 AM

i need to be forced to cum 12 times a day

1/5/2014 11:19:19 AM

I must give mistress oral until she is happy.

12/26/2013 1:51:13 PM

My balls are rediculously full and heavy I need to serve and be tormented into even a more mind fucked state. To be twisted like putty so to speak

12/1/2013 6:09:39 PM

I am way too horny for my own good it is totally distracting

11/16/2013 2:12:43 PM

To find a domme that loves to test tease and abuse me beyond my limits and teach me new kinks would be the best.

8/29/2013 3:46:57 AM

Cock ring makes me even sluttier and keeps it throbbing longer then ever

8/27/2013 10:04:11 AM

are the chat rooms working or is it just me ???

8/25/2013 7:28:46 AM

Purple full and heavy in short perfect

8/24/2013 5:42:07 PM

ready to give oral as ordered by mistress

8/24/2013 5:28:00 PM

simply it would be the best to be fucked until it hurt then used even more and harder

8/6/2013 12:58:26 PM

Can someone please explain financial domination. I am not seeing how that is exciting to the sub. What am I missing?


8/5/2013 7:39:48 AM

Wrapped in plastic helpless and at the mercy of a sadistic women not know what to expect or what is next. The best :O)

7/15/2013 12:34:15 PM

Begs for an ass stretching and face smacking that burns

7/10/2013 12:59:05 PM

For some reason my balls get so full and so heavy at this time of the day it is almost painful in a delightful sort of twisted way

7/3/2013 3:52:25 AM

It is awesome to be mind fucked until the boys ache

7/1/2013 9:38:41 AM

Being used, twisted, molded, pulled, stretched put into unique positions at the mercy of a lovely mistress. Abused like putty is the best.

6/17/2013 5:18:54 AM

being stretched like putty and molded to please is the best

6/8/2013 7:08:04 AM
Being helpless teased and tormented begging for air is a total rush

3/20/2013 12:27:12 PM

It would be best to be tied or chained down totally helpless. Then used and abused till it ached the most twisted and perverted ways. I am very rotten and too horny for my own good.

3/3/2013 11:49:45 AM

Why are you considered fake if you are unwilling to send over several hundred dollars on pay pal account.

2/19/2013 10:28:48 AM

They are so full it aches I love and hate it

2/14/2013 9:31:48 AM

Valentine's Day is it a good day to serve and be used really hard ?

2/5/2013 6:20:25 AM

Today I started reading something amazingly hot. I am totally addicted. It is very comforting knowing somewhere out there. A few awesome people have a clue. to read more or go to work distracted????

2/4/2013 7:59:37 AM

Learning new kinks and turn ons is the best. Listening to mistress and understanding what she likes and how to please her is great. Being used and abused real time is bliss

1/11/2013 10:13:53 AM

six today

1/8/2013 5:04:53 AM

2013 Will be the year I serve and please a mistress with the most perverted and twisted kinks and get used and abused to totally please mistress and with disreguard for me

12/20/2012 11:15:24 AM

Are men and slaves and subs so desperate they will give dommes money. To be treated like shit and not serve them real time in any manor. Am I cheap or Is fool and his money soon parted? 

11/19/2012 1:04:48 PM

You Scored as Experimental


Experimental 100%

Bondage 96%

Masochist 89%

Switch 86%

Exhibitionist / Voyeur 86%

Submissive 82%

Dominant 71%

Degradation 57%

Sadist 50%

Vanilla 7%

10/24/2012 2:51:19 PM

The Boys are so full it hurts. I love to give oral when I feel this way because it makes me squirm

10/23/2012 9:33:48 AM

How come people make up profiles and you tell them you are into the same kinks and then they block you. I am really very harmless. Kinky and twisted but harmless.

9/20/2012 11:49:52 AM

Are subs really dumb enough to send cash checks and pay pay to people with profiles that claim to be hot dommes


If So I need to hire some home models dress them like trampy dommes and the let the coin start rolling in.


I am not giving money up to someone just because they say to.


I am NOT fake because I dont send cash to the scam.

9/4/2012 1:05:33 PM

The Boys are so full when I get like this it is completely distracting yet I love it so

8/21/2012 8:38:42 AM

Wishes cash was linked to horniness I would be so loaded.

8/14/2012 12:16:47 PM

Really Heavy and Full and aching. It is very distracting and uncomfortable.

6/25/2012 5:04:02 AM

wrapped in plastic and at mistress mercy yummy

6/7/2012 4:02:29 AM

goal forced 16 in 4 hours

5/27/2012 4:10:27 AM

on knees awaiting mistress's orders ready to please her. willing to be used and abused to put a smile on her face

5/23/2012 7:47:09 PM

I live to be wrapped up in plastic and helpless at the mercy of mistress and kept in way that will totally please her

5/21/2012 3:07:52 AM

i need to be tied down and abused

5/1/2012 3:47:04 AM

it is time to try the most twisted kinks

4/29/2012 1:20:36 PM

It would be the best to mind fucked and used hard abused for mistresses most twisted and perverted kinks.  To do things that totally please her with total disreguard for my pain or pleasure

3/16/2012 3:17:17 AM

What does a women prefer a slave that is on leash at her mercy. OR a slave that is tied into a prone position of her choose?

3/5/2012 5:04:42 AM

What causes someone to chat for month weeks days hours then block you for no reason no explanation.


If they just told me to screw myself I could live with it.


I dont even care it is a curiousity more then a a care

2/22/2012 3:36:48 PM

I love to give oral.

trying new kinks and being used hard is the best

2/9/2012 3:29:51 AM

I wise friend tells me to surrender to a local domme and be at peace

2/8/2012 4:35:16 AM

Ready to please and learn

2/6/2012 3:08:13 PM

Balls heavy and blue


I live to worship mistress and get CBD (destroyed)

2/4/2012 7:12:59 AM

What is the reason some dommes get you all hot and bothered then block you?


I am getting more addicted to kinks last night Humped a vanilla for 2 hours the bed was soaked she came 3 times and I edged close like 5 times and never came it was not and frustrasting

1/22/2012 6:31:27 PM

I live to serve a mistress that has me give her oral many times a day and then teases and torments me so much I ache in both pleasure and pain I am a filthy dirty slut that loves to learn more and more kinks and perversions

1/15/2012 1:43:22 PM

need a domme or switch that can keep twisting and teach me more perversion and test and create new limits

12/8/2011 4:07:50 AM the hottest

11/20/2011 11:18:09 AM

I am very naughty and very will to be used and abused as mistress demands it is all about her needs and pleasures

8/21/2011 3:30:46 PM

feeling mighty slutty need to be abused badly

8/9/2011 11:28:19 AM

yahoo works in all wireless locations jpdreaming72

8/9/2011 10:17:49 AM

Ready to be abused hard today

8/8/2011 10:16:31 AM

Is very very naughty today. wonders why so many say people are fake when i offer to meet they are not interested. I am ready to be used real time

7/22/2011 4:41:43 AM

Must be her total pleasure for her needs only

7/5/2011 11:33:05 AM

Ready NOW to serve real Domme that wants a real slave and wants to pleased

6/23/2011 11:26:13 AM

Are there any real ladies out the that are truly lifestyle and not about the cash

6/2/2011 7:22:09 AM

why do people encourage you then block you because you are into their kink

5/31/2011 6:57:48 AM

Ready to be tested and take pain until mistress is totally pleased.

5/29/2011 8:01:42 AM

ready to be used hard and put away wet

5/13/2011 5:43:04 PM

I am the naughtiest slut

5/7/2011 1:04:58 PM

Ready to be abused till my balls are purple

4/4/2011 11:37:41 AM

ready to be edged until it hurts or make some shudder they cum so hard it is all about extremes. By the way ladies if you demand money you are a professional not lifestyle.

3/30/2011 5:16:44 AM

for some reason i want to fist someone and make her come hard

2/19/2011 9:24:02 AM

So ready to kink be kinked and used and abused and make a hot women cum hard. JP

2/9/2011 4:37:06 PM

I need to be used and abused and treat like the slut I am the sooner the better

1/11/2011 8:31:07 AM

Wonders if dommes in chat rooms say all the boys are wankers then what do they do?

a sit do nothing

b get money

c play with them selves like hypacrites

d all the above

1/10/2011 7:43:14 PM

Mind fuck is the hottest kink imagination rules

1/3/2011 8:30:46 AM

Merry New Year A friend just got a vacuum and showed me the how vac stim works it was too much even for nympho like myself I loved it.

11/22/2010 10:06:11 AM

Having nuts tied then hung and pulled into a predicament can keep a slut on edge for hours

11/21/2010 6:44:48 AM

I love to think of and be used and abused for kinks all the time

11/8/2010 4:44:43 AM

is 5 or 6 per day too many

10/27/2010 10:56:55 AM

I am ready to meet and be used real time.

10/7/2010 2:40:30 PM
It is almost time to consider relocating as an option so that kinks are more of a priority

9/28/2010 8:46:14 AM
If I am in a room a not chatting please feel free to whisper or ask for private It is not a problem. If I dont answer soon I will when I return. :O) 

9/28/2010 7:45:22 AM
Thinks of kinks and needs to be corrupted and used to try new things both subby and dom. Needs to meet someone that can take my mind into new areas and make me think of things that I dont even know or dream of yet :O) 

9/17/2010 4:23:17 AM
What a magnificent wet dream I had last night :P)

9/16/2010 1:23:47 PM
The more I learn about kinks and lifestyle the more addicted I become. It is taking more and more and regular vanilla is nothing special anymore. I am so addicted.

8/15/2010 5:51:03 AM
needs to be used and abused the sooner the better

8/6/2010 3:43:42 AM

a new plug makes a very naughty slut

7/26/2010 4:02:03 AM
i would love to give a women oral for a couple of hours today

7/1/2010 7:08:51 AM

Not interested in a pro. My tastes and habits are too much for my budget.

6/28/2010 3:48:50 AM
now 30 goal 50

6/24/2010 9:58:49 AM
Someone that is awesome has told me I should complete my profile I guess I need to start telling more about myself as I go so can better serve or better be used or better take control

5/5/2010 4:34:18 AM
switch because I have discoved I want it all

3/18/2010 5:53:00 AM
truth be told i am more of a kinkster then a sub. I am not the roll over laydown doormat some dommes seek. I am not into the women that just hate anyone with a penis.

3/18/2010 5:33:30 AM
I would love to be at mistress feet on her leash being used right NOW. I so want to serve and free myself of all the things on the mind. The most things on my mind are kinks 24-7

2/23/2010 10:30:24 AM
I love to meet mistress and do whatever she says. I enjoy pm's from the ladies please tell me what is on your mind. I love to listen.

1/12/2010 9:08:25 AM
today I screwed up.
lets hope I can redeem myself

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