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Pan Male Slave,  Seattle, Washington
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Please know that I am quite serious about finding the right dominant to serve and complete my life. So a long term relationship is what I seek. Although i can bevanillaas may be convenient, I can not do a, vanilla, relationship the person i serve may be characterized as GoddessMistress, or GodMaster or Owner. If you have desires to own than we should talk.

i am more a slave type than a submissive. As such, i think in terms of being owned. To me a slave should have no opinion about how it is used. As a slave i could serve either a Male or Female since my sexual activity would be up to the Owner and not subject to my desires.

Here are a few things about me

I am part American Indian,6 2 tall and weigh 185lb. I work out and walk regularly. I have a couple of degrees and am semi-retired. Yes, I could relocate.

I was born October 8, 1939.

Aggressiveness, intelligenceand a dominant personality,are the most important things I seek in an Owner. Followed closely by creativity and determination. Then, of course, I would like someone who is healthy and in good shape.

I have written several stories about this kind of relationship. If you would like to read one or more, please let me know.

I will send Youmy complete DS life experience if You would like.Please know that as a slave i can be bi and that i have served a Master.Thank you for reading my ad.

Your servant,

slave james












 Male Slave



 Willing to Relocate

 6' 2"

 195 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Dominant Female

Dominant Male

Domme/Dom Couples

Femdom Couples

Male-Dom Couples

 Lives For:


 Female Supremacy

 Lifestyle BDSM




 Obedience Training




 Coffee Shops

 Fine Dining

 Flea Markets

 Garage Sales






 Genital Punishment



 Orgasm Denial (Expert)

 Maid/Butler Service

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Public Play  (Beginner)

 Speech Restrictions

 Uniforms (Beginner)


 True Crime

 TV News

 TV Sports



 Liberal Politics

 Libertarian Politics


 Gorean Lifestyle

 Old Guard (Beginner)

 Blue Grass


 Classical Music

 Folk Music



 Seventies Music



 Kick Boxing


 Canes and Crops


 Corner Time

 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Local BDSM Community

 Foot Worship

 Gags (Beginner)

 Munches (Beginner)

 Outdoor Bondage (Beginner)

 Shibari  (Beginner)



 Conservative Politics




 Curious About:



 Sensory Deprivation (Beginner)

 Strap-Ons (Beginner)


 Paintball (Beginner)


 Bar Hopping

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Journal Entries:
10/3/2017 8:28:58 AM
The following expresses the feelings of this slave about its state of being

Journal Entries by MistressVN:



11/7/2016 1:07:30 PM [Report Entry


Definition of slavery  
Slavery, and I do mean Real slavery, has been around before recorded human history. The ownership of people by other people, in its purest form - slavery - has existed for over ten thousand years; throughout the evolution of civilized humanity.  
There is a distinctive difference between CONSENSUAL slavery and non-consensual slavery.  
Non-consensual slavery is ILLEGAL. I explicitly CONDEMN the practice of non-consensual, involuntary slavery. Non-consensual, or involuntary, slavery has been made illegal in every major country in the world.  
So, if non-consensual, involuntary, slavery is illegal, than how can someone legally own a real slave? That is an excellent question.  
Consensual slavery is not a myth; no more a myth than marriage (or any 'civil union' in some cases) is or than being an employee is. Legally, the word 'slave' has no significance in any contractual agreement. It's a legal thing. However, the principals of slavery are perfectly legal as long as everyone involved is old enough to enter an agreement, capable of comprehending the magnitude and gravity of the agreement, and of course fully agrees to enter the agreement.  
From this point on, and everywhere else here, wherever you see the words: slave, slave hood, slavery or enslavement what is being referred to is Consensual Slavery.  
Now, while a slave very well may wind up in a monogamous relationship, owned by just one person who cherishes them as their prized property, showering their slave with love, affection, fidelity, devotion, consideration and only the best of care, where both owner and slave consider themselves as 'equal' partners, and while such an owner may consider the slave their property and while these slaves may consider themselves as property of their owner, I would not consider a relationship so described as ‘slavery’; no matter how brutal the S&M play may be. The above is generally referred to as a deep D/s relationship and not necessarily one of ‘slavery’.  
The fact is (and regardless of what any idiot you might have heard said) you most certainly are allowed to 'give up' (or 'waive') your rights. There is no law that says you are not allowed to voluntarily choose to disable any (or all) of your rights. People 'give up' their rights all the time; sometimes (unfortunately) without even realizing what they are doing.  
The slave contract.  
Consensual Slavery (or Voluntary Servitude) is legal, is very real, can and is legally practiced worldwide  
We will not go into the detailed specifics of what wording is used in a real Contract of Voluntary Servitude, but, rest assured, it is as binding as any application into the military, for instance. It is perfectly legal for a person to voluntarily forfeit their rights and be legally bound to serve, suffer and endure.  
Slavery is not about sex; nor is it about S&M.  
Yes, a slave may be disciplined; and this discipline can take the form of sexually charged torture or tormenting. Of course an Owner can have sex with their slave - that's a given. But you don't need a slave to have sex or 'play' at S&M. If you are only interested in sex or S&M (or any combination thereof), I strongly recommend a visit to any of the places in Europe, US or Asia where (prostitution is legal and) you can, far more cheaply and easily, get your needs fulfilled.  
Total Control + Total Responsibility  
By definition, a ‘slave’ is a piece of (movable) personal property (a.k.a. 'chattel') owned by another person.  
A slave can be bought, sold or traded. While a slave may be cherished and cared for, a slave can also just as easily be misused and abused. Of course an owner can love their slave; nothing in the book says that an owner cannot love their slave. However, slavery does not require love.  
Slavery is about control: the utter and total domination and control over another human being's life. Slavery is also about responsibility: the utter and total responsibility of another human being's life.  
There are two basic elements required of slavery:  
1. A slave.  
2. An owner who is willing to accept the huge responsibility of a slave and posses the great strength, skill and ability of doing it.  
As simple as this may sound, it is far more complex than you may imagine.  
For the would-be slave: Trust may be an issue prior to slavery, but it is an illusion.  
Physical attraction may be an issue prior to slavery, but it is an illusion as well.  
In fact, everything and anything a would-be slave requires or desires, apart from their true and total commitment to actually being a real, owned slave, is an illusion.  
Slavery is NOT about 'romance'.  
Sure, an Owner could romance and seduce a slave if they chose to, but romance and seduction are not 'part and parcel' of slavery itself. Slavery is about Ownership and servitude; any other element involved is something other than, or in addition to, slavery.  
If a 'slave' insists upon a requirement or a condition for, or on, their Ownership - they are seeking something other than slavery.  
Yes, it all sounds so terrifically unfair, doesn't it? An Owner can require and involve whatsoever they like in the 'relationship' and a slave must endure and indulge whatever an Owner's whim might be. Hmm... That almost sounds like, well: slavery! Doesn't it? There is nothing at all that a slave can claim 'entitlement' to. However, in an effort to demonstrate this, here is an extraordinarily brief list of things a slave is specifically not 'entitled' to  
Fair Treatment  
 Slaves don't get a vacation, 'personal' days or 'time off' for being sick. Well, they could if they were granted such by their Owner, but they have no entitlement to such things. As a real slave you will be expected to (and here's the shocking part) actually be a slave. That's just so crazy, huh? A real slave will be expected to be a slave 24/7/365. This is one more point as to why slavery, real slavery, is not for everyone; or even most people for that matter.   
If you demand, expect, or require any of the above, then, you cannot be a slave and there is nothing wrong with it. I suggest you re-think what it is you want. Perhaps you could find a nice Dominant (Dom or Domme) who you can share the pretend fantasy that you are a slave with.  
If you are thinking: 'Hey, I want to be a slave.' but you want recognition for your service, you want to be rewarded for your efforts, you want to be treated with 'fairness', you want some variety or flavor of 'equality', you want respect, compassion and appreciation then you want something other than real slavery. What you are probably looking for is to Role-Play the part of a slave in an OTS (Other Than Slave) relationship.  
Similarly: Ownership is neither a simple nor a small undertaking. An Owner assumes total responsibility for the health and well being of their slave(s). Some Owners love to train their property, others do not. Some Owners love to micro manage their property while others do not. Some Owners enjoy the acts of bathing, grooming, feeding, clothing, and housing their property while others do not. No matter which aspects of Ownership you may enjoy, every aspect of a slave is your great and entire responsibility.  
Here is a listing of the bare minimal requirements that an Owner must attend to in order to maintain their slave(s):  
A. Housing:A slave requires a 'dry' living space with protection from the weather, where the temperature will be reasonable to live in.B. Bathing and Grooming:For health and sanitary reasons, a slave must be fully cleansed at least once per week. Whether you provide access to a shower or simply run a garden hose, the slave still must be washed, with nonirritating soap, regularly. The dental care of a slave is also very important for obvious reasons.C. Feeding:A slave must be fed on a regular basis; to maintain good health in your slave, a balanced diet of nutritional foods and plenty of water must be provided by you for your slave.D. Physical Health:Conditioning and training a slave is one important thing, but you will incur substantial medical costs if the general health and welfare of your slave(s) are not consistently kept in mind.  
Owning a slave is as difficult, demanding and costly, as caring for a newborn baby. Although, neither ''Doms'' or potential slaves comprehend the extend of this. A Real Dom, with true slave experience (meaning to have had a slave for least two years, other than its own living in partner) knows what am I talking when discussing the complexity and cost of owning a slave.  
Extremely few Doms have actually the economic and mental ability to keep a slave. The problem is that most of the ”Doms” takes too easy and disregard the gravity of these facts, as they do not have real experience in the matter.  
Most who think they want slavery are really looking for D/s  
So, perhaps you can now better understand: Dominance and submission, or D/s, is not equal to ‘slavery’.  
To be a submissive is more close to what 99% of those who claim they want to be a “slave”, really wants. A submissive has a degree (no matter how tiny) of influence over the relationship. A submissive retains (no matter how few or how ineffectual) rights and liberties; while a Dominant might be able to assuage some of the power a submissive retains, the submissive does, in fact, retain power.  
A real slave has no such power whatsoever. In fact, a slave has nothing at all, only what their owner grants them and that can be taken away without warning. A slave has only such ‘rights’ and ‘liberties’ and ‘influence’ that their owner may, or may not, allow them.  
An owner can give the world to their slave but, in a heartbeat, an owner can take everything back from a slave leaving them, truly, with nothing at all.  
A slave has no claim to any power whatsoever. A slave has no entitlement to influence anything.  
A slave no longer has any claims to natural civil rights or liberties. Whatever a slave might have has been given to them by their owner, and even then it is an illusion as, in reality, the owner owns the slave – therefore the owner owns everything the slave appears to own.  
A slave does not have possessions – a slave is a possession. Some people say that, in a D/s relationship, the submissive holds the real power; that a dominant ‘needs’ a submissive, needs their ‘gift’ of submission. That is not the case with a slave.  
A submissive deserves respect; respect as a lover, respect as a person, respect as a partner. A submissive maintains the prerogative to choose the level to which they submit; and these levels may vary throughout the relationship.  
Some people are convinced that, in a D/s relationship, it is the submissive that really controls every aspect of the relationship in a passive manner. Some people believe the philosophy, which depicts that the control of a Dominant in a D/s relationship is really just an illusion.  
In slavery, however, there exists no “topping from the bottom”. In slavery, an owner controls absolutely everything with unchallenged power and real authority. As a general estimation, most “dominants” could not handle the force and power of the authority of an owner, and most “submissives” would vehemently defy the idea of absolute, total and real ownership.  
Slavery is not about whips, cages and chains. Slavery is far, very far away from what most candidates dream about. It is rather the opposite.  
Choosing a Mistress/Master, should be the last decision you will ever have to make in your life.  
As a slave candidate, remember THIS ONE THING: Be wise, choose right.  
If you had the energy and interest to read all this lines, I would appreciate if you can send Me a short message confirming that you read and understand everything, by writing Me the word ''confirm'' with capital letters in your message.  
When I cleared up the definition of real slavery, and if you still think you are, or want to become a ‘real’ slave, or if you believe you are ready to, and capable of, being a slave you may pursue and contact Me.  
This is the basic philosophy of BDSM slavery; if you don’t share it that is, of course, your prerogative. There will always be those who insist that it is appropriate to call themselves ‘slave’ regardless, or perhaps even in spite, of the real slavery definitions.Thank you for your time.


12/26/2015 1:46:23 PM

True mercy consists of unrelenting discipline and punishment. Stern treatment would speed his acceptance of his new slave life.

5/16/2015 9:29:43 AM

Benefits of Chastity and Teasing

  1. To be more attentive to a partner or dominant
  2. To increase sexual tension
  3. To feel controlled
  4. A feeling of 24/7 bondage
  5. To avoid masturbation
  6. To save sexual energy for a partner
  7. To heighten awareness of denied sexual relief and pleasure
  8. To refocus sexual behavior towards a specific act (such as intercourse) and/or away from another (such as solitary masturbation)
  9. To increase one’s sex drive
  10. To feel a powerful sense of belonging
  11. To enjoy greater pleasure by waiting

What do you think of the preceding?

4/12/2015 10:33:47 AM
This slave loves the sentiment:
"A proper slave finds more reassurance in power than mercy."
it hopes to be some Owner's, "proper slave."

11/15/2014 8:57:07 AM
i wonder what You think of the following: “A slave cannot decide to become a slave; it can only decide to go through the processes that make it a slave. If a slave could decide to be a slave, it could just as easily decide not to be. This is a real process, that results in real slavery, with the same, real, lack of control and decision making that characterizes slavery. This is not an agreement, this is not a legal issue, not a contract. This is a planned process. It develops an animal that cannot live in any other way, but in absolute obedience to one man, for whom it lives its life, and whose life it lives.” SlaveMaster

10/5/2014 9:38:16 AM
Here is a thought this slave encountered recently: my self respect is something i offer up to an Owner.  

What do you think of the thought?

6/28/2014 3:08:18 PM
i just read something that touched me to the core.  Many of the Dominants i have encountered seem bent on raising the self esteem of those sub/slaves They encounter.  Several Dominants have expressed the 'equality' design they want in our prospective relationship.  These sentiments and plans have always made me uneasy.  i was not sure why i should have the reaction of repulsion at what would seem a 'politically correct' relationship design.

And then i read the following:
"The way he is spoken to, is dressed, is expected to do his chores, is supposed to conduct himself quietly and humbly, is required to show his respect and submission, is told and not asked to do things, is openly expected to serve and is being used also sexually should never leave him in doubt of his inferiority and subservient status and because the sexuality is so big and dominant a part of the primitive male nature the demonstrative and rigorous emasculation is of the greatest importance."

The passage so resonated with my inner need to submit and serve that i see now that i could never thrive as anything but an inferior being: a slave.

What are Your thoughts?

4/26/2014 7:53:29 AM

Should all enslaved male creatures have their testicles removed?

Lack of testosterone will make a male more easily feminized. So it may be ideal for sissy slaves.

It will be an irrevocable statement of the male’s status as chattel. An inferior creature even more diminished.

If you enjoy making a man eat his own sperm that entertainment will no longer be possible.

His muscular power will diminish. This would be unwelcome in a slave employed in hard labor.

In removing the scrotal sac a sadist loses the most fit part of a male for torture. Testicle torment is a sport rich in variety.

You have to weigh the options if you are thinking seriously about castrating a male slave.


What do You think?

4/13/2014 12:17:38 PM

Have you read, "Wheat Belly?"

1/19/2014 11:27:30 AM

Why would you or anybody want to own another?   Which characterization, found below, do you \identify with?  Do you have thoughts to add?


  1. I don't want to; I have to.
  2. To use someone till there is no more to use.
  3. Because my sense of spirit/soul says I need to own someone.
  4. To use someone for personal service: for chores, cleaning, cooking and sex.
  5. Because it excites me erotically.
  6. Because I don't know what else to do with my life.
  7. To take out my anger issues and my dissatisfaction with life and myself out on someone.
  8. To deeply bond with someone.
  9. To take responsibility for someone.
  10. For a sense of power and control.
  11. To aid someone in becoming all he or she can be.
  12. To make me feel tough and worthy, high and mighty.
  13. To reunite with someone in soul or spirit.
  14. Because I am in love with that person.
  15. Because I feel that person is a part of myself.
  16. For intimacy.
  17. Because the one to be owned is worthless anyway.
  18. Because it is my purpose in this life, it is a role I have been given by God.


9/29/2013 7:09:27 AM

Have you read "The China Study?"

9/1/2013 12:03:37 PM

As a slave i have answered in a positive fashion to most and emotionally to all of the following.  What is Your opinion as an Owner?

As a slave do you believe:

1. That Slavery is still relevant too societies in this modern day world that we live in?

2.  That certain types of people have a legitimate right to actually own certain types of inferior entities within society has their legal property in perpetuity?

3.  That the One you serve is naturally superior to your inferior self with all your heart and soul in sincerity?

4. That you have an overwhelming and compelling desire to become the actual legal property via existing power exchange enactments of a Dominant?

5. That  you are possessed of what is often termed both the slave mindset and psyche and are therefore obsessed with surrendering yourself irrevocably into the ownership of one or more Dominant?

6. That you feel out of place not being owned and does exposure to freedom actually pollute your psyche and deplete your natural submission?

7. That no Slave once owned can continue to be regarded has a human person and must be thought of as a Livestock Beast that is mere owned property to be directed and controlled?

8. That all slaves once owned forgo any and all entitlement to any freedom whatsoever nor any human rights or civil liberties since they are just a Livestock Beast?

9. That a Slave once owned must forgo forever any further contact with family and friends and devote itself in its entirety to serving and obeying its owner has her owned property without distraction?

10. That a Slave once owned shall be devoid of clothing or wear clothing has directed by its owner at any given time?

11. That a Slave once owned must wear shackles at appropriate times has directed by its owner?

12. That a Slave once owned shall wear a locked Slave Collar with electric control device attached so as to facilitate control?

13. That a Slave once owned shall be kept in a state of locked chastity restraint has a matter of routine unless the owner wishes to facilitate utilization of her Masculine Organs?

14. That a Slave once owned should be marked on its servile anatomy with its owners designated insignia?

15. That a Slave once owned shall at all times be spoken to, thought of and treated has a Slave Livestock Beast?

16. That a Slave once owned shall not be shown any kindness or compassion whatsoever except for that which is essential for its health maintenance protection?

17. That a Slave once owned shall never be given any praise, thanksgiving or reward for its servile labor because of its nonentity status as a Livestock Beast?

18. That a Slave once owned shall be kept in locked confinement be it a cage, cell or room, when it is resting from its labors overnight or at such other determined times?

19. That a Slave once owned shall sign any and all legal documents that can formally bind it to its owner in irrevocable slavery has her Subject property?

20. That a Slave once owned shall be required to sacrifice itself regularly in the endurance of prolonged and severe painful suffering for its owner’s direct personal benefit and wellbeing?

7/9/2013 9:09:06 AM

Has anyone reading this had experience with, "Divine Reading?"

"A Master’s Word is part of a divine teaching, and to read this Word requires the practice of Divine Reading. To an owned slave the Master is that godly figure: someone to be revered, adored, worshiped and respected, and any word emanating from the Master is seen to be of divine providence and needs to be read as such. A slave should perfect the art of Divine Reading whenever given a text, edict, instruction or any other form of written word produced by his Master." *


This practice requires an altered state of consciousness.  Have you exercised this with any one?  What are your thoughts on this idea?




5/23/2013 9:29:06 AM

Face slapping:

A smack to the face is not meant to inflict a lot of pain, rather, humiliate the husband in a way that shows him who is boss, and he better behave. To have the husband stand at attention, with his hands behind his back, (holding her rings), being slapped repeatedly, gives the wife immediate discipline at the moment it is needed. It can also be used to let him know more serious discussions will follow when more time is available. Caution should always be taken, never with the palm so much as with the fingers, and about a foot swing approximately, and maybe this technique should be practiced somewhat. Like I said before, it is used more for effect and dominance than for pain. I did see a web site somewhere that dealt with face slapping but don't remember. One of the books in the magazine section, might even be the one by Keri Pentauk, deals with face slapping. 

So, what do you think about the subject?  i would love to have your views.



3/19/2013 7:37:51 AM

Here is a story i wrote sometime ago.  Please, if You are Dominant, does the idea expressed in this story please You?  Would You enjoy exercising such power over me?

1st Meeting


 There is no seeing.

 Then there is the numbness in my arms.

 Something is covering my eyes and I can not raise my hands to my face.

 My hands are fixed behind my back.  I move my hands around my back; no clothes.  At least I can find no shirt or pants.  As my hands roam around they find only naked skin on my back and butt.


 Reality is fuzzy,

 My mind, like my eyes, will not focus.

 I can smell; my nose works.

 It would seem I am in a barn.

 I feel the need to urinate.  Then I discover my ankles are tied together.

 Straw, I seem to be bedded in straw.  I struggle to me knees on the straw.  I spread my knees and urinate.  Relief; what a good feeling letting go is.  This is the best I have felt since cloudy awareness emerged in my cognition. 

 My head is yanked up by my hair.  I feel a pair of hands messing around my throat.  The collar grips my neck snuggly but I can still breathe.

 Someone has pushed me over.  My urine now tickles out on my leg.  No voices; no one speaks to me.

 I feel hands fussing with the bonds at my ankles.  My ankles are freed. 

 What is that smell?  Tobacco; at least one of the two is a tobacco user.

 The strong smelling user is very near me.  Rough hands; hands of callous grip my arms.

 Two, one on each side of me, pull me to my feet by my upper arms.

 My bare feet feel straw, soft and springy, under them as I am marched along.  I realize that although I am naked; I am warm.  Now I feel sun on my body.

 I hear a click and, almost immediately, I am hoisted up by my collar.  Tip-toes; barely balancing I stand.

My mind is just starting to compare this warmth with my last recollection of weather as I feel the shock.  Cold water steals the warmth of the sun from my body. 

 I feel the spray of water travel all over my body.  Some one with rough hands pulls my ass cheeks apart and I feel the water spray up me.

 The ablution stops.  I am left to dry in the sun; left tethered by my collar.

 Now some of the confusion in my brain begins to abate.  I am able to compare this warmth with where I was before the blackness; before that empty time started that ended with the sound of animals and the feel of straw under me. 

 Warmth was coming from a cup of coffee between my palms and a cashmere sweater around my shoulders.  Outside the window of the little café fog was freezing on the street.  I took another sip of the coffee and then…..

 And now, here I am.

 I wonder if my team mates have missed me.  I wonder if I have missed any games.

 Some one must have decided I was dry because I was taken down and pulled along by my collar on what I guess would be a leash.

 There was no way for me to be sure, but from the straw under me I guessed I had been returned to the same barn. 

 Still I could not see and no one spoke so my hearing was tuned to the soft tread of my handlers on straw and the occasional animal sounds near me.

 The one with tobacco odor pulled me to my knees and then to the wall of my space.  Dragged along on hands and knees with a side of my body rubbing the rough planks of the wall we explored.  Here a door, there a pan, that had contained liquid but I tipped over and in a corner a bucket.  My head was forced down into it and from the smell; I could determine this to be for my body waste.

 Crawling, my thirst has become quite insistent.  I thought of the pan that had contained liquid.  Was this my watering place? 

 I heard the run of water into a metal pan.  I felt my head forced down.  I was now able to lap up water.  Like a dog; but without that animal’s most efficient appendage, I watered myself. 

 I heard the soft steps on straw as the tobacco user left.  I struggled to get to my feet only to find I was tethered by my collar.  It was not a long enough leash to allow me to stand; I could but crawl.

 Later, how long I do not know, Tobacco returned.  He, I think it was a he as no female I have ever known had such rough hands, jerked me to my lead.  Tugging me forward we went out into the warm sun again.

 I stood and waited.  Still no spoken direction; but, a prod at my backside propelled me forward.  I went as prodded and stopped only to be motivated forward again.  It became clear to me I was to keep moving unless stopped.

 My lead seemed tethered in one place so I found myself moving in what seemed to be a circle.  At the same time I heard a loud, “crack,” I felt a rush of air near my ass.  My god, I thought, some one is snapping a whip near me.  But, before the thought, I reflectively, jumped ahead. 

My nervous system seemed to cry out for information; how do I avoid that whip?  Before I had completed a strategy, I felt the whip bite. 

Now I was moving forward with purpose.  I was running.  Unfortunately I violated the circuit allowed by my tether and was snapped off my feet with a painful yank on my neck collar.  I struggled to my feet with only one crack of the whip that did not bite me.

Soon I discovered the solution; I was to run.  But not just run; but do so with a constant pressure on of the leash tugging on my collar so that I could maintain the circle without crashing to the ground.

Soon I was yanked to a stop and as earlier, hosed down.  The sun felt good as it dried my exhausted body.

Feeding occurred after the exercise.  Water for me to lap up and then I heard a plop of some thing in the plate.  I felt, what was probably the sole of a shoe, press down on the back of my head forcing my face into what had plopped.  It smelled vaguely familiar; that which my face had been pushed into.  As I ate, I tried to recall the odor.  Dog food; was what I was being fed.

Still no sight was allowed me and no voices were heard.  I tried to speak and shout.  The result: a gag forced in my mouth.  It stayed for a long time; long enough to get used to the foul taste and the jaw popping size.

Thinking: my faculties returned in fits and starts.  Images flashed through my mind, the coffee shop of my last free time, the view out the window of that warm place and the young blond woman that passed by in a cloud of breath condensing and probably freezing in air. 

Then cognition:  Wondering how I managed to be here, wondering about who might have engineered such transportation and who might have the power in today’s world abduct me and keep me here?

My mind begins to focus on that, “Who.”  There creeps into my consciousness a kind of admiration for the power, influence and control.  I had not thought of being in the power and control of one who might perpetrate abduction such as I am experiencing. 

So now, rather than being totally preoccupied with thoughts of why and how do I get out of this, I begin to focus on the “Who.”  My curiosity was inflamed with a growing desire to please this person who I was becoming to feel as, “omnipotent.”

I tried to speak one more time with the same results.  From the gagging I learned to keep as silent as my keepers.

Much time passed.  Several trips out and back from exercising.  Many times on my knees face in a bowl for food or water.  Many times awakened with a prod to my body by what I suspect was the toe of a boot.  But, more impressively, was the preoccupation in my mind with thoughts of who the omnipotent was that so controlled my existence.

And then it happened.

I felt myself being positioned on my knees kneeling up but then bent from the waist.  My face was forced into the straw as though I was to be fed, but only straw greeted my nose and mouth. 

It was not clear to me how vulnerable this position made my ass until the first lash fell.  I started to rise up from surprise as much as from the pain, but, with what I imagined a boot sole on the back of my head my face was pressed firmly into the barn floor. 

I found myself in great physical pain and mental turmoil as the lashes fell repeatedly on my upturned ass.

Then I was jerked up by my hair; kneeling erect the blind fold was removed.



2/6/2012 7:50:06 AM

As a slave, nothing in life is more rewarding than pleasing a Superior.

12/22/2011 9:37:10 AM

i have been thinking about sensory deprivation and how it may be used to induce enculturation.  That is, how me as a slave can be lead to a more complete asset to an Owner.  The principal seems interesting.  However, i have no experience with the application of sensory deprivation to psychological an behavioral change.

Any thoughts?   

4/5/2011 8:56:39 AM

i just noticed a strange thing.  Listed under new users twelve of the 14 were Female Dommes under 25 years old.  (One of them was 26, but You get the idea.)


Maybe, there should be an effort to sort out the phony "Dommes" from the real.  i bet there are Dommes out there that agree with my sentiment.

2/1/2011 7:52:25 AM

"Obedience is the goal. Practiced constantly, it is the only mentality and thought, that will allow a potential slave to develop into its slavery. A slave's only pleasure is from obeying."


Howard Green

1/25/2011 7:48:51 AM

"Obedience induced by fear is temporary, devotion induced by love is eternal." -- unknown

12/23/2010 5:51:40 AM

From Sir Tim's profile:


"submission is not a gift. It is a need that requires an exchange of power to be fulfilled."


What do You think, please?

12/8/2010 1:49:53 PM

i heard from the Domme in Atlanta.  Here is what She said, "As I said at the airport, it was wonderful meeting you, James.  You are a very nice, respectful, attractive, easy-to-be-with gentleman--exactly the person I expected you to be.  I can't say, though, that there was a compelling M/s connection.  The mystery of chemistry will always be mysterious to me and, in addition to many other things, you are certainly deserving of my being forthcoming in my thinking."


i am sad.  However, it was a good experience.



11/30/2010 8:29:24 AM
Please wish this slave luck.  it is traveling to Atlanta to be interviewed by a prospective Owner December 2 through 6, 2010.

11/23/2010 11:04:15 AM

She drove a Cement Truck for a living.


How did I first meet her?  I do not remember.  What I remember is how big, not fat, she was.  She had huge biceps, certainly bigger than mine.  I remember her look.  Her eyes were a little small for her face but they seemed to pierce my flesh like needles.


She stood solid like a tree trunk.  I suppose she would be called “butch.”


I guess I do not remember much about her, actually nothing, until she pronounced me hers’.   That is, in my apartment (no I do not remember how she got there) standing in front of me as I sat in my green recliner she said, “you are mine.”  Not would you like to be or would it not be nice if, but, “you are mine.”


When she said, “you are mine,” to me I just sort of curled up inside.  I did not say “go to hell” or “no way” or even, “excuse me?”  I sort of went numb.  Today, I would know I had entered sub-space.  Back then I entered confusion.


She pulled me out of my green recliner and kissed me.  I sort of melted into her rather large chest.  When she pushed her tongue into my mouth I sucked gently on it.


Then, in my apartment, she guided me by holding my upper arm to my bedroom.  If I had resisted or even if I had said, “please don’t,” maybe I could make a case for rape.  However, that submissive side of me just loved the whole thing while my ego fought for my male pride and dignity.  Male pride and dignity lost. 


After I found her cigarettes and lit one for her at her direction of course she explained the relationship she had planned for us. 


Now writing here, in this venue as a declared s-type, I wish I could relate a wonderful D/s romance.  That is not what happened.  After she left I resolved that my male image of myself was more important than feeding my subby side.  I think if she had been a beautiful centerfold type, I would have welcomed the romance.  As it was, I found ways to extricate myself after a couple more adventures with her from the relationship.


Back then, I thought I had struck a blow for my male being.  Today I think I was quite stupid and self-deluding.


What do your think?

10/31/2010 11:05:31 AM

A real slave would of allowed the Mistress to castrate him for it was her desire to do so. A submissive would of left.  i was told this by a Dominant that i respect.  Please, does this fit Your distinction between slave and submissive?

10/7/2010 6:04:26 AM
You may ask Your Self:
Do I love my slave?

Your answer may be:
Yes I do.

The reasons may be:
1) I love having him around.
2) I love being served hand and foot.
3) I love humiliating and degrading him.
4) I love making him suffer to please Me.
5) I love unlimited sex as I want when I want.
That is I love him for what he is: My slave.

This slave's question to You is, do You see Your Self in the above?  How do You feel about the above description?  Are You ready for a slave?

9/25/2010 8:23:22 AM
The Slave's Prayer....


Allow me the strength to answer questions i can't fathom …

Allow me the spirit to know her needs …

Allow me the kindness to choke back retorts …

Allow me the serenity to serve Her in peace …

Allow me the love to show Her in peace …

Allow me the tenderness to comfort Her …

Allow me the light to show us the way...

Allow me the wisdom to be an asset to Her …

Let me be able to show Her each day my love by my service to Her …

Let me open myself up to completely belong to her …

Let my eyes show Her each day my love by my service to Her …

Let me open myself up to completely belong to her …

Let my eyes show Her the same respect, when i sit at her side, or

 kneel at her feet …

Let me accept my punishment with the grace of a man …

Let me learn to please Her, beyond myself …

Grant me the power to give myself to Her completely …

Give me the strength to please us both …

Permit me to love myself, in loving Her …

Allow me the peace of serving Her …

For it is my greatest wish, my highest power to make her life complete,

 as she makes mine.

From Miss Temerity

8/17/2010 6:03:37 AM
From Born slave:
There are slaves who know their true and great value as slaves, and call themselves, or are called, scum. This:
1) shows how truly low they are compared to Man and Master
2) reflects how meaningless their personal, individual (separate from Master) wants and concerns are
3) connotes how far they surrender themselves to Master
4) tells Master that a slave is scum to be formed into and used as something wonderful
5) communicates that a slave is scum, except in slavery, where it is a powerful being (one is scum as a dis-Obedient, but powerful as an Obedient)

A slave, prior to full slavery, can grow to having a very solid and healthy self esteem, and then in slavery dump it all... because it doesn't need that kind of self esteem anymore.

Dichotomy is an amazing thing. The more we know we are worthless, the more full of worth we are... in our Obedience. The more we know how small we are in the Universe, the more we can embrace an Obedience free of big ideas (about self) that only oppose Obeying.

What do You think, please?

8/6/2010 7:08:31 AM
This slave wonders why the following quote turns it on so much when it is not a pain slut: "Recently acquired slave property and will be training it to meet my needs.Consider it to be a work in progress. It is eager to learn, knows its place, is obedient, and in decent shape for its age. Although not the ideal property,it could prove useful and when put to work,can be practical to own .Best use is as a stupid,grunt labor slave-work it like a mule,beat it when it needs it, and train it to be a half decent cocksucker."

7/29/2010 5:56:53 AM
It is human to loose control. It may well happen that as Owner You will discipline slave in public would you. 1. Slap face 2. Pull hair 3. Pinch flesh 4. Turn over knee and spank 5. Give it the silent treatment 6. any of the above 7. none of the above

1/14/2010 10:21:48 AM

A couple days ago a stranger, a woman, stopped her car by me as i walked home from the gym.  She said to me, "get in." 

No this is not a fantasy although it could be.  This actually happened to me.

"Get in," she said and i did.  Now getting into a strange person's car is not a good idea.  However, my poor subby brain submits to direction readily.  In addition or maybe in rationalization i thought maybe She has seen me on Collar me and is ready to take Ownership or at least get to know me.

Unfortunatly, she seemed to just want company and had reduced her inhabitions with a little alcohol.

Sigh, life goes on and the need continues.

11/7/2009 10:13:28 AM
From 'Regime Imperia' some thoughts that make my slave heart sing.

"Lately, a new sensation had come over him, something he had not expected in his blossoming relationship with Kim: Fear!  Yes, he was drawn hypnotically, erotically to her.  Now he found himself obeying her out of fear.  The fear had two dimensions.  One was basic fear of her punishments, which he had come to learn could be very harsh.  However, the overriding fear was in letting her down, or seeing her displeased.  It was perverse, he knew—after all what about his own feelings? Had they no place, no importance?  Instead, he catered to Kim’s desires, obeyed her… wanting to please her."

11/6/2009 6:04:08 AM
What can i say?  i seem to need to be put down.  So much so that i get excited in some circumstances when i am given the finger.  my emotional reaction to this put down is so strong that i started a yahoo group devoted to images of giving the finger. It is:  Maybe You would enjoy giving this low slave the finger.  Please go to the group and add your image.

10/18/2009 7:11:06 PM
Here is a site this slave has found very useful as it tries to become a slave worthy of an Owner.


6/29/2009 1:24:30 PM
As a general rule boi - the names or method in which I utilized to address you names and just the snap of the fingers will transpire both at home and in public.

There will be definite times of the need to indicate right out of the gate to others in the establishment I have decided to take you, that it is clearly understood, you are my property and reaction upon ANYTHING I say or do... not to be nice, but in that obedient state.  So there will be times where the 'snap of the fingers' will be used.

In fact there will be times (probably not too often) when I will snap my fingers to have you come over to me - and that will be obvious with a snap and a finger pointed down to signify 'get your ass over here now'... and when you walk over I may put my hand on your shoulder and apply some force downward to signify 'bitch get on your knees' and do no more than shove my crotch in your face and keep you there or take my hands to the back of your head and shove it towards me - no dick out, but just the concept of who and what you are to the others.  And things take on from there depending upon the circumstance and my mood.

In memory or Master Eric.

5/21/2009 3:26:20 PM
A Domme i respect very highly made this appraisal of me as a slave:  I believe what you need is a very stern and strict session which includes seclusion, sense deprivation followed by a severe spanking until you come to tears.  I believe your ego is what is causing problems with your coming into service.  Somehow it got the idea that it is it has a 'right' to have a perfect Dominant...One who doesn't make mistakes and One who knows all the tricks to keep it from rebelling.  It is befuddling as to how it got the notions into its mind that it has...but those notions are there.  I believe it wants to serve and be lead to the path of complete slavery.  I fear its ego will always prevent it from doing so unless it has a very severe session with an experienced Master who knows how to break the ego.

What do You think of this idea?

12/11/2008 8:09:59 AM

The Training and Education of a husband (or slave)*

By Patricia de Gifford founder of OWK


The book covers finding, selecting, sorting applicants and training a slave/husband.  The small section I have chosen for your review and comment is from the early stages of establishing the Owner/slave relationship.


Please, what are your ideas and reactions?


Pg 110


You must never come to the first date.


When you meet or hear from your suitor the next time, make a very OUTRAGED face and indicate that he failed to appear in the place agreed for the date.  You must use your bit of acting so that the blame for the failed date rests entirely and solely with him. Let him send apologies and flowers far at least a fortnight and only then concede to another date. This is how to control your relationship from its very start.


When your (partner) gets use to your lack of punctuality, come on time once.  Come ten minutes earlier. An let him try and come half a minute late!


Show him your disregard for punctuality also on other occasions. If you have agreed that he picks you up at your home at five sharp to take you to dinner, start making yourself ready at five only.  Tell him you would be some time and have him waiting for you.


Always keep him waiting outside the house.


It can never happen that he would ring the bell after an hour asking you to hurry up.  (if he does) tell him you have no business going to a dinner with the kikes of him and that he may go home.  There will be no chicanery from him.  You may rest assured that nothing like it is likely to happen again even if you get hem waiting outdoors for three hours.  Even safer you are if you remain ice cold for a week and make him to apologize formally.


Whatever disregard for punctuality you show the partner (or prospective slave) may never point this out to you under any circumstances whatsoever – the fact that you agreed to meet him is such an honour for him that any late comings must be silently and obediently tolerated.


*Book was written in German so some translation problems may exist.

7/13/2008 7:04:10 AM

slave control protocol & rituals:


Owner did differentiate between punishment and discipline.  


It is Her opinion that discipline is ongoing and can be both reward and Chastisement. It also can be used simply for Owners’ entertainment. It is tailored to a slave's tolerances.


Punishment can (and should) be avoided. It will be designed to the slave's worst fears and will only be meted out for the most grievous infractions. A slave will only be punished for violating one of the six rules.


Rules (breaking a rule requires punishment):

1.      A slave will always obey.

2.      A slave speaks only if spoken to. If it needs to ask a question, it will kiss Mistress' feet and wait on its knees to be given permission to speak. A slave should always ask if it is not sure what Mistress prefers rather than make a mistake and incur her wrath.

3.      A slave must always speak in a calm, soft voice to its Mistress. (Never speaking, the slave, loud or fast, unless there is a dire emergency.) A slave must NEVER talk back to Mistress, argue with Her or speak in a sarcastic tone of voice.

4.      A slave is never permitted to cry out. If it can't avoid doing so, it will beg Mistress to gag it. If a slave is bound and cannot kiss Mistress' feet to ask for permission to speak, it may beg for a gag rather than cry out.

5.      A slave is not permitted to masturbate or have any kind of sexual release unless Mistress gives it permission.

6.      A slave does not leave Mistress home unless to do Her bidding and then only with permission and with complete understanding of its instructions.

7.      A slave must never lie to its Mistress. Even if telling the truth will result in discipline, a slave must always tell its Mistress the truth, not just what it thinks She wants to hear.


Protocols (not following protocol requires discipline)

1.      Every privilege Mistress grants a slave, whether it be kissing Her feet, licking Her ass or being lucky enough to receive discipline or punishment from Mistresses requires that a slave say "thank You, Mistress." Any opportunity to serve in any way is a privilege and should be acknowledged with gratitude.

2.      A slave must always remember that it exists solely for the pleasure and comfort of its Owner. A slave must be humble and abject before its Mistress, at all times. A slave's goal in life is to anticipate Mistress's needs--before they become needs, before She knows them Herself--and being there to provide whatever it is She may require.

3.      If slave is ever in public with Mistress, it will be deferential, attentive, and respectful, but not obviously submissive. it will not call her Mistress in public. it will always walk slightly behind, except when approaching a door which it will, of course, open.

4.      While in Mistress's presence in Her home, a slave's head must never be higher than its Mistress's, except in the actual performance of a task that requires it for him to properly administer to Her needs.

5.      A slave is not to meet Mistresses eyes unless it is specifically told to do so. Eyes should be down toward Mistress feet, where a slave belongs.

6.      A slave is not allowed to use any of the furniture.

7.      A slave will make extra effort to maintain silence whenever Mistress is on the telephone so that party the with whom She is speaking will not know someone else is in Her home. Any information a slave learns about Mistress from overhearing her conversations or being in her house will, of course, be kept in strict confidence.

8.      A slave is not permitted to have an erection without permission.


Rituals (not observing rituals requires discipline)

1.      A slave opens doors for its Mistress and waits until She is completely through before following.

2.      When Mistress returns home, a slave will bow and kiss each of Mistresses feet, and thank Her for allowing it the honor of serving Her. It will take anything she is carrying and set it down, remove her coat if She is wearing one and hang it up then, remove her shoes and replace them with the appropriate slippers. At its earliest opportunity, slave will inspect shoes and either wipe them clean with a soft cloth or polish them if they need it and put them away.

3.      When Mistress leaves home, a slave will bow and kiss each of Mistresses feet, and thank Her for allowing it the honor of serving Her. It will exchange Her slippers for the shoes She chooses, and put on the coat She chooses if required, and give Her, Her handbag and make sure She has anything else She requires.

4.      Before slave departs to perform tasks on Mistress' behalf, it is to kiss each of Mistresses feet and thank Her for the privilege of serving Her. It then will put on its clothing and its shoes before going out the door. It will always make sure the door is locked when it leaves.

5.      When slave returns home from performing tasks on Mistress' behalf it will remove its shoes and clothing and then find Mistress, bow, kiss each of Her feet, and thank Her for allowing it the honor of serving Her.

6.      When Mistress summons Her slave, the slave enters the room where Mistress is and kisses Mistresses feet until Mistress acknowledges its presence.

7.      When a slave is required to leave a room in which Mistress is present, it must back away, head slightly bowed, for at least three steps, before turning to walk away.

8.      When Mistress walks into a room where Her slave is working and approaches it, it will fall to its knees and bow its head to Her feet, kissing them and awaiting Mistress' instructions.

9.      If slave is finished with its assigned work, it will wait on its knees where Mistresses can see it is available to perform other chores for her.

10.     If someone unexpectedly comes to the door, the slave will make sure it can not be seen before Mistress answers it, preferably hiding upstairs, until Mistress is through with the caller. If anyone comes into the house at Mistress invitation, slave will be hidden in the upstairs hall bathroom; if Mistress doesn't hide slave in the bathroom, slave is to assume guest(s) also are Masters/Mistresses and should respect them accordingly. If slave is instructed by Mistress to answer the door and admit Her guest, it will hide itself behind the front door while the door is open. it will bow and welcome the Master/Mistress to Mistress' home, take His/Her coat if it is wearing one and hang it up.

11.     After attending to Mistresses pleasure during Her meal, slave will ask if it should put Mistress' leftovers away for storage or if it is permitted to place them in slave's bowl. Then it will request permission to eat its meal. (If leftovers are to be stored, once they are put away, slave is permitted to ask Mistress if it may eat and what.) A slave eats from its bowl on the floor, or directly from scraps Mistress throws on the floor.

12.     slave will drink filtered tap water from its bowl.

13.     A slave will only use the hall bathroom and will never close the door to that bathroom except when it is being hidden from Mistress' guests.

Well, there it is; one Owners' expressed regime of service for this slave.  Of course my goal was to accept and adhere to Her desire and pleasure and i did my best.  Looking back it seems too much yet it was one of the best experiences as a slave i have ever had.

What do You think?  Please ask questions of me if You have them.


7/7/2008 7:49:41 AM
When do i become the property of a prospective Owner?  In a vanilla relationship exclusivity begins with going steady or when an engagement occurs.  This seems not to be the case in a D/s situation.  i am terribly confused as to when it does begin.  What are Your thoughts?

7/4/2008 5:39:27 AM
It was Her decision that i was not to disturb Her with idle chatter.  In order to get Her attention i was to kneel and kiss Her foot until She acknowledged me.  She would say someththing like "what is it slave?"

There were exceptions to this ritual of course.

At first this ritual served to maintain the attitude of Total Power exchange but over time it tended to loose its' effect.

What do You think of rituals?

6/14/2008 7:56:47 AM
i feel the message of control and correction is enhanced when scolding is added.  It is however very painful to hear harsh words.

What do You think please?

Scolding and Crying


One of the best ways to gently but firmly increase the humiliation aspect of a session is through scolding. Scolding the man verbally reminds him that he has done the wrong thing. It reminds him that he has acted wrongly. It reminds him that he deserves to be disciplined. It reminds him that he is being disciplined for a reason. It reminds him that he is being punished for his own misbehavior. It reminds him that his spanking is both just and well-deserved. It reminds him that he is required to submit to his discipline and to remain obedient to his Wife/Female Disciplinarian for its duration. It is a common mistake of women who are new to Domestic Discipline that they neglect to scold their man properly. This turns the whole experience into a mechanical, emotionless process like brushing your teeth. Men who experience this kind of discipline are often disappointed by its lack of impact on their lives. That is not surprising, because an emotion-free experience tends to have very little impact on your life.

6/9/2008 6:15:34 PM
-..- Submission frees you to concentrate on your Owner and others for mutual pleasures.
-..- Punishment and/or bondage releases self control and opens trust which seals the bond.
-..- Pain, stimulates and focuses the senses.
-..- Humiliation/Humility wipes away socially taught confusion to get to basic needs.

Thank You Mistress Rita

5/25/2008 12:17:02 PM
I ran across this quote by Madam de Fousse of the Other World Kingdom as tranlated from the original German:

"The high demonstration of unlimited power of the Mistress over the slave only brings me joy when if I know the slave is not inclined to his use."
This strikes me as true on many levels.  What do You think, please?

2/26/2008 8:48:45 AM
Lately i have been thinking about being slapped in public.  Having my face slapped by an Owner/Dominant for some transgression. 

i really do not know if i actually want this or if i just want an Owner capable of demonstrating their Supremacy in such a fashion.
So my question is have You ever slapped a face in public?  If You have so slapped some one what was the reaction of the casual viewers?

1/4/2008 9:05:18 AM

It has crossed my mind that i might cut my hair.  i had sort of thought that it might be cut on orders of an Owner.  Obviously, if an Owner prefered long hair a crew cut would not be attractive.

What do You think?

12/27/2007 10:29:32 AM

 It is a strange dance we do.  You needing to lead; I needing to be led. You knowing I need to submit; I knowing you need to express your domination.  You might be unsure of the meaning of what you are; I unsure of where you might lead.  You may be unsure of when you are what; I unsure of when and how to compliment the dynamic between us.


And yet this dance would tend to flow naturally to the music of each others physical presence, if we were physically together.  The subtle clues that give personal communication substance are not available in the single dimension of the written word.  Nor are the clues sufficient with voice only parley.  We can not begin to surmount the problems of a dance not done every day with curtailed opportunity to express ourselves.  We, each of us, needs the slightly narrowed eye of skepticism to temper the spoken agreement; need the slight curl of the lip of amusement to mellow the intensity; tenseness of the brow in tentative anxiety to soften the blow; stiffening of posture in mild apprehension to shorten the term.


Nor do we have the embrace of presence or arms; the warm humanness of tender collusive embrace.  The knowing of physical presence that adds to the conclusion that I will be there for you and you for me.  The reassurance that, warm and fuzzy, takes us to the womb of security.


The miles that separate us keep us from most all of the above save the limited spoken or written word.  I write this in an attempt to cheat the distance of geography and take you to my heart.  In spite of the fact you can not smell my smell nor feel the strength of my arm these things have the probability of being with you.  It would be a shame if we did not do what we could to explore them; these, and other, things.


I will resist the temptation to go into the D/s scene rapidly.  I know you are a novice or nearly so; you have told me often and well. I, like others, tend to hear and see those things I want to hear and see.  I might tend to see you, as our communications progresses, as much further into D/s then you really are and thereby cheat both of us of the sweet taste of youth unfolding.  You are, in all probability, metaphorically a baby in the scene.  I must patiently enjoy your personal trip of discovery and accomplishment.  I must not rush too quickly along with expectation.  We both would lose.


The music of this dance is not totally known to us.  Yet the compass we share, have shared from early on, leads us on to realizations.  The music can only be heard when we manage the dance.  Unlike the dance of feet and limbs where the tempo is heard, this is a dance of long denied needs and unmet longings that set the tempo.  Frequently we do not even recognize we are dancing until after the music has stopped.  Such is the visceral nature of what we do.


Enough of this esoterica; I propose we do meet and meet as friends who know only part of our reason for being friends.  I propose that we have no greater expectation of the meeting than the touch, smell and see of two people who share possibilities.


What do you think?




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