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Most of the people I know in my 'normal' life would be shocked to find me on he... though that
Hetero Male Switch, 31,  Louisiana
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Most of the people I know in my "normal" life would be shocked to find me on he... though that also raises the question of what they were doing on here in the first place! Hmmm... writing that makes me wonder how many people I know that DID see me on here, but didn't want to tell me because it would indicate they aren't "normal", either! (I know, I'm random...) I love traveling, photography, cooking, and (I don’t think I ever thought I’d say this and still be serious) school. I’m in my first year as law student and actually really enjoy it! Who would have thought… I graduated from LSU, and after years of working for huge companies (if I never have to look at another Enterprise rental car again it’ll be too soon) decided to go with my gut and accomplish something worthwhile, instead of just doing enough to get by. I’m a goal-setter… three years ago, my goal was to get in a position to buy a house… two years ago, to actually find and buy it. Last year, it was to get into law school. This year, I have no clue. Passing the semester??? Yeah, that works for me. I can’t get enough of seeing new places – my most recent trip was a few months ago, to China and Thailand. Though one of the main reasons I like to travel is because I like trying new food – and trying to recreate those flavors back home in my own kitchen. I’m not too shabby when it comes to cooking. Not at all. Over my time bouncing around the globe I’ve had more than a few random experiences… I've slept on a streetcorner in Rome next the Coliseum using only newspaper to keep me warm (and nearly had to fight a hobo at 4am over my cardboard box ‘house’ I’d made)... had a baby octopus try to eat my arm while scuba diving in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Greece... brought home pieces of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and closer to home, I once tried kayaking across the Mississippi river alone a few years ago, only to end up swimming the other half after the kayak sank halfway across. Oh, and one of my real passions is photography. It put me through my undergrad years - portraiture, events, travel, architectural... basically, I love being able bring out the beauty of something I see, and enjoy the challenge of making an idea or concept that I see in my mind into a finished product (a photograph) that everyone can see. Some of my work is at if you want to get an idea of what I mean... Life’s short – the best way I can think of to spend it is meeting new people, going new places, and trying different things! When it comes to kink, I'm game for quite a lot. I'm open to discussion about my and your interests.. Don't let the ones I have on my profile scare you - some things that I like might not be things you like, and that's okay. Let me know a little about yourself, what you're into, and see where things go.

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