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hey there,

relatively fresh-faced submissive with switch interests, obedient mouth, keen tongue, gentle fingers and a humble sensibility, seeking improvement, guidance, support, care and nurture in the right hands. i know i still have much to experience, but am keen to learn more, serve better, provide pleasure, and offer up myself to anothers benefit. i am interested in being sexually and domestically re-trained for higher perance.

at heart, i am a firm believer in female supremacy, and am generally in awe of the females power, assertiveness, decisiveness, aesthetic, imagination, empathy, control and command. these are all facets that truly invigorate and inspire me to do my best to serve.

i am happy to answer any questions that you might have of me, so please say hi and feel free to leave me advice, because i know deep down that i can only improve by listening to and learning from other people. in the meantime, thank you for your patience in reading these words.


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 Age: 48
 United Kingdom