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Pan Transgender Submissive,  Atlanta, Georgia
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I appreciate people wanting to have sex with me, but I'm far too reserved and shy to have sex without getting to know someone (usually :P). 2016-04 added some naughtier photos, despite some personal discomfort with them. Time sure flies even when not having fun! 2014-12 just added a topless photo. I still need to lose weight around the belly, not to mention find a good place to get more laser hair removal treatments! 2014-09 Haven't updated since the site had to move. I'm not active in the community right now. I'm interested still but I'd have to be coaxed out if you wanted to get to know me. Still terribly busy with kid in high school. 2013-03 added a photo of me a bit chubby and with deliberately too much makeup. :) The chubbiness is not so deliberate.
I'm not interested in online cyber sex. I don't think there's anything wrong with it, I used to do it a lot, but that's not what I need right now. If I spend my time doing that, then I don't have the time for other things that I should do. It would be a salve to relieve the pain and craving, not the healing that must be done. 2012-08-01 Finally uploaded a brand new picture, of my little girl side 2012-06-25 mini restoration Caveat: I love to browse profiles. It gives me the barest hints of the stories of people's lives, even if a quarter of them are entirely fake on CM. :P While I might be theoretically interested in you, I'm unlikely to approach other than to make a silly or hopefully helpful comment. I'll be adding pictures back at some point, when I take some more recent ones. Where I'm at: I'm married primarily to raise our child at this point. I work most nights and I'm only free on Thursdays and Fridays. I'm emotionally damaged from years of being used for sex without having orgasms - to the point that I have an almost impossible time staying hard in anyone else's presence. Yet when physically alone, I can masturbate half a dozen times. Submission isn't primarily about sex, but often interacts with that energy, so it's important to express. Being feminine makes me feel desired and special, though it's not the only way to get outside the cracks in my mind. I'm terribly shy, but when I get around that I'm fairly quick witted and silly. I sometimes allow a Little (girl usually) side to come out, when I feel safe, or a pet (kitty/puppy) side. I can be of pure service, though that usually leaves me in my rational, over-thinking mindset versus my sensual or emotional one. I don't consider myself a slave: I need something back from my interactions, even if it's just a hug and a few kind words, or a few dozen swats on my bottom. Most importantly, I need to feel valued and alive, even if I'm being degraded. For that reason, I can't do professional Dom/mes or FinDom - I want to feel that the other person wants me and wants to play where my kinks and quirks are. I think I'm bisexual, though it may be more accurate to say that I enjoy pleasing people. I'm also still very inexperienced in a lot of ways, due to my shyness and reticence. For example, while I'm interested in penetration, I can't really do it on my own initiative, so I'm painfully tight the few times I've tried. It's far easier to express myself through obedience, bondage, flogging, spanking, than sexually. I feel guilty if asked or told to masturbate for someone, for example. Cuddling can be as important as orgasms or an endorphin rush from a flogging. So with all this being summarized, I'm not going to be readily available. I may be needy internally, but letting that out means you need to convince me. I'm willing to meet and talk, whether at a munch or a semi-public place, but more than that means more work than most are going to bother with for a physically male submissive. :) We are, after all, fairly ubiquitous. My kid is more important than my direct happiness, in aggregate, and takes priority. Ideally, I'd like to be free to serve someone(s) lovingly, and full-time, but practically, I have a lot of baggage and a child that craves a stable home to clear out before that will happen. I have no tolerance for smoking, unfortunately. I don't mind alcohol or drug use in moderation, but I don't use anything more powerful than caffeine. I'm hairless below my monk tonsure balding head, heavier than I should be, wearing 34" waist jeans or a size 14-16 dress. Most of my profiles tend to have a strong negative and honest component, but a lot of people have said I'm pretty awesome in person or online. So there must be some good points to me that someone out there might value. :)










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Journal Entries:
7/21/2016 4:02:36 AM
One thing that never gets less silly when I browse profiles, here or anywhere: "I love movies and music!" Gosh, I bet you love food and breathing air too! Why not be a little specific? Do you love Die Hard? The movie Beaches? Film Noir? Nouveau vague? Samurai movies? Horror? Superheroes? Do you listen to 60s rock or dubstep? Opera, pre-pop country, baroque, nightcore, hair metal, thrash metal, 90s alternative, soft jazz? Maybe you like them all, but you only listen to a few most of the time.

Best film I've seen in a while was Mad Max Fury Road. Scott Pilgrim was a surprise excellence. Deadpool was a lot of fun, though the plot could have used a little more work (or the budget a bit more money). Classic Hollywood is filled with great stuff, though I'd watch the more enjoyable Casablanca over Citizen Kane, despite the amazing work on the latter.

Of course, all this matters far less on a kink-oriented site, and probably the profiles I'm kvetching about are fakes anyway. :P I'm just so frustrated but can't let go of my phone book-sized list of things to do before dating again. The more of my stuff I get rid of, the more I feel like a hoarder.

7/4/2016 6:36:19 PM
All cleaning and no play, so very boring and bad for my waistline, but someday I'll be done!

3/11/2016 7:53:42 PM
Cleaning out the house and getting it repaired just doesn't have the same appeal as being someone's submissive. Someday I'll have enough of it done. Maybe.

1/11/2016 2:51:11 AM
This is ground control to Major Tom...
Another loss of a major cultural icon... but also a thinking, feeling person whose true desires and thoughts were always a little lost behind his various personas. Much of the greatness we saw is pretty well saved for future generations, but the loss remains painful.
It's hard to decide whether the loss is motivating for my own change or whether it's safer to snuggle a little deeper into my cocoon.

12/18/2015 4:14:38 AM
It's selfish of me to keep spending time here, even just to feel a part of a world I desire. I'm sure I'll be back again, but so many other things are a better use of my time for self-improvement. Much happiness to everyone seeking.

7/14/2015 9:38:53 PM
I don't think there are enough humans on the planet, much less enough financial "pigs", to pay for all the would-be findommes that seem to be flooding the market.

3/26/2015 6:17:29 PM
I know that I'm probably roughly the same as other CDs/sissies/trans/whatever I am out there, but I need to feel like more than a cute pair of holes to fill. I can masturbate a fair amount, but I'm not horny enough to get much out of casual sex. All relationships have a limited span of time, but even a weekend tryst needs to feel important and memorable.

5/2/2014 8:18:22 AM

I haven't made an entry here in a while, that I didn't delete, at least. :)

My current situation is "single not actively looking", still focused on raising my child while being housemates with my legal spouse. I had some unexpected health issues from the huge stresses I wasn't dealing with, because I was no longer seeing anyone, submitting, or even flirting online. As much as I'd love to find someone(s) to love and serve, I'm trying to get myself into excellent shape all around instead. I continue to crave, naturally, and I'm not opposed to being approached, but you'd have to get through a lot of excuses and reasons and busy stuff. I've got two more years until my child is out of high school; I have a house to maintain and clean and clear out and improve; I have a mind and body that need to be healthy and stable and happy without a Dominant/Owner/Daddy/Mommy or whatever. I'm making excellent progress on those fronts, but the journey remains closer towards the beginning than the ending.


Sorry, not a sexy update. :-P

10/9/2010 11:53:23 PM
So I was looking at someone's profile, as I am wont to do, and followed through to another lady's profile. I didn't message her, but I got a talk or be blocked message. So I said hello and some meaningless chatter, despite the brusque manner. She followed that up with come see me and give me $650, indicating she wasn't interested in reading my message or getting to know me. I declined relatively politely, and she cursed and blocked me. Judymarie89 may or may not be a real woman, but there's no class or anything but a user there.

5/22/2007 1:40:02 PM

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