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Im looking for an obedient, submissive, attractive woman who would like to join me.

First and foremost, I believe the psychologicalintellectual aspect of a Ds relationship pretty much determines and influences the physical aspect. The mind must be convinced of the commitment to the relationship.

Even those females whose desire is to become a mindless bimbo, not have to think anymore, and have all decisions made by her Dominant, its the mind that influences and controls the desire.

Im capable of any type of Ds relationship, since my personality runs a wide continuum. What Ive written below should give you an idea?

If you have any masochistic tendencies,I can accommodate mild to extreme. If you have limits, you have them. If you want limits pushed, I push them. If you have no limits, then there arent any. Mean what you say. But, its something you have to want for yourself as well. Think of what it would be like putting yourself into the hands and control of a sociopath? A sadistic state of mind that is beyond what the eye can see. Elevating to a level beyond sexual, to something much more to satisfy my need for control. Im just quite flexible on this particular aspect of the relationship.

I like to take charge and tell my womanwhat to do, and I like to get physical and forceful during sex. Youve got to love oral sex. I can never get enough of it.

Im old school. I provide control, domestic and sexual discipline, TPE, structure, micromanagement, guidance, rules, stability, obedience training,protection, and care, discipline when necessary. In public, my control is very subtle, but youll know exactly what I expect from you in any given situation. A look, or brief comment, will be sufficient for you to realize I disapprove and expect you to correct it. So, control, management and protection of my submissive are my strengths in the relationship. Otherwise, Ive got a very laid-back and reserved personality. Its just the difference between my private self with my woman,and my own public self.I want my respectable lady in public and in the presence of others, and my submissive, obedient whore athome.

You need to understand the distinction between being a whore, and being my whore. Two very different concepts. If this doesnt make sense to you, then you dont understand the dynamic that Im looking for in a partner.

I lean towards the traditional roles of man and woman in a Ds relationship. 50s lifestyle, taken in hand, HOH, etc. I do want the womanly aspect within a Ds relationship. Keeping my woman chained in a basement, locked in a cage, whipped, caned, etc. can be creative activities for the enjoyment of both, but not every minute of the day. I want to have a 247, live-in relationship with my woman readily available, and within arms reach, when I want her.

Im 61 and weigh 180s. I lead a basic,simple, quiet, and private life style.Im interested in meeting a woman to establish a LTR. I just prefer the continuity and comfort zone of being with the same woman.I dont mix with other males, but involving another female is OK if you want that?

If you believe in cyber sex, on-line domination, and similar unrealistic fantasies of a Ds relationship, you have my condolences, Im looking for real-time, in the flesh. Please, no fakes or scammers. Its so obvious, its pathetic. Also, no posers. Dont try to be someone, something that youre not. Im looking for a real submissive woman. Your submissiveness and desire to be a subslave needs to come naturally to you.

Age is of no concern to me. Younger or older, it doesnt matter to me. But, body type is important to me. Thin, slender, athletic, or an acceptable average would describe your physical appearance. Do you look good in a short skirt and long jacket? The few extra pounds or BBW doesnt appeal to me. There does have to be a mutual attraction, which everyone has their own tastes.

I like to keep things as simple as possible, so my approach to this is to exchange some ination through email and phone conversation, and then meet if theres enough mutual interest. No need to make it any more complicated than it needs to be.

I dont view distance as abarrier. Just temporary. If things click, the distance issue will be resolved as soon as possible. Are you looking for the right person, or are you looking for someone convenient? Obviously, this involves spending some time together. You could just stay, return, or leave and never come back. Ill take care of any travel, relocation expenses after you arrive, whether you stay or not.

As real, and as simple, as it gets. Take Care, Peace Out, God Bless,

2/17/2017 9:06:48 PM
Some women, simply can't get a grip, and face reality. Pretty sad.
 Age: 27