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i will do anything and everything. I believe in domestic discipline. Keep me in a chastity device, use me to wash dishes and wax the floor and other domestic duties and play with me when you want. (New health restrictions apply here. I can't do as much as I used to.)

-- Few things matter to me. Your weight, height, age, race, etc. are irrelevant. -- They removed my old pics, c'est la vie.

It is not like i am actually into much of anything. It is the entertaining you and the feeling of being owned that will make me excited.

Oh, that is old. Because of health reasons I'm "friends only" although if the perfect woman throws herself at me I will catch her.
And if I contacted you, you may meet my definition of perfection. "May." (C'mon, just a profile page.)

I'm likely still out and not searching.  If this is read by the one I contacted, well, you were the exception.

6 Little Words That Mean so Much


‘Gainst all words I’ll stack

My six favorites, Mac.

I long to hear her say

In her special way
“Put your hands behind your back.”


I play minesweeper for chastity.  (Yeah, pathetic, but with no Domina...)

I decided months ago that I’d get three tries in games with “strings”.  (Some games start with no clues before you hit a mine.  I decided those don’t count.)

Unfortunately I became very good at it.  I switched to two games after a string of wins.  Sometimes one reaches a point where there is a 50-50 chance that would satisfy all clues, but if all games ended that way I’d be “lucky” 50% of the time.

That was not strict enough.

I decided that I’d start spending a day chaste for every mine left when I lose.  Well, that is not technically correct.  I can try again after a day for each unmarked mine;  no guarantee I’ll win.

If I lose the first one I have a choice to make before starting the second one.

If it is better, good.  If it is worse then it sucks to be me.  Whatever the result of the second one I’m stuck with; if I decided to try it.

I lost the first game today.  Usually there is one or two unexploded mines.  There was 9. 

I decided to try again.

I lost the second game.  There were 23 unexploded mines.

I know what you are thinking.  I could cheat.  I thought of that but there is one problem.  I think I’ll find out.

Yes, no Domina.  It is called tease and denial.  Without the "tease" it is just "denial".  Denial is boring.  If I avoided all sexual stimulation, as if I was wearing a chastity belt, that would be boring. 

Since no woman will tease the living shit out of me I got to do it myself.  (If you want a job done right...)  I gotta go now and look at porn or your profile.

Gee, I'm horny as heck and loving it.

Tommorow is my last day at work.  Work I've done for about 12 years.  Retiring at 40 is not right.

Since this’ll move things down.  I’m out for health reasons.


Not that that will stop “Financial Domination” offers.:)


I am not yet in a wheelchair.  I probably should be using a cane but I’m stubborn.:) 


With “regular” doctors deciding I’ll just suffer and die, I’m looking into weird stuff.  If Chiropractic does more than just give me good posture in my casket, I’ll say so.


Any Dominas volunteer to help me with the enema?:)

Oh, I'll respond to anyone wanting to talk of Neurology, but It may be quite some time before I check this again.

Oh,  I might have moved it down.  I'm out for health reasons, but thought this was important enough to add.

OK, call me a do me? sub, but I think I have a point.


A dominant has one responsibilty.


I was wrong.  I assumed a dominant had no responsibility and a sub who insisted otherwise was not really being submissive.  Assuming the dominant ?must? do anything was absurd.


Unfortunately I was proved wrong.


?To Dominate? is a transitive verb.  A Domina (or Dom) must dominate. 


Telling me to do something I would do for my mother, sister, brother, or ex-wife doesn?t cut it.  Yes, I would help my mother with the ironing; I would help my sister with doing dishes;  I would help my brother with grocery shopping.


I would even play Scrabble with a complete stranger.  


The one responsibility of a Dom/ina.  Make the sub feel owned.  My mother, sister, brother, ex-wife does not own me.


Call me a ?do-me? sub for demanding a Dom/ina actually do something.
I got a letter asking if I'm nuts.  (It was in jest, somewhat:).)

Actually, not being interested in outside of the area people is OK for Dominas, but not for subs?  Interesting.:)

Oh it wasn't specific, so maybe my willingness to travel in the past was nuts.  I agree.  Live and learn.  (At least I learned the lesson before I died.) :)

Why does my journal not show emoticons?

I have noticed a new trend among Domina profiles.  The call for “money slaves” has been replaced by the call for a household slave who is “not a boy friend”.


You mean I can be your butler and never get paid!:)  Where do I sign up?


On second thought, where can I get one?  Wanted: gay male who thinks I am attractive.  Will do all household chores with no hope of every being my “boyfriend”.


Don’t get me wrong.  I’m sure that those Dominas still get many replies a day.  I’m sure that some of the replies are worthwhile too.  I’m glad they are honest enough for me to not reply.
My car is in worse shape than me.

I have a tachometer. It idles at about 1100 but when stopped it goes to like 900, then after a minute or so it goes to like 400 threatens to stall and either does or shoots back up to like 1300 then levels it self out at like 900. If it is a really long light it might do that twice.

I was guessing it needed a tune up. I had a coupon for a tune up at firestone. They did a diagnostics check on it and the list includes:

Bad speed sensor ? (hello, transmission mystery solved!)
No vacuum in fuel system ? (hello, cracked fuel tank)
Two readings for skipping intermittently with no explanation given. (Sounds like rings and valves to me.) Replacing the valve is simple. Unfortunately getting to it means rebuilding the engine.

Do I want to spend that much on my car when I might not be able to drive in a few years?

Maybe I?ll just get a beater. Or maybe I?ll lease a good car if the lease is longer than I think I?ll live. (Unfortunately, or fortunately, that option is a few years off.)

This car trouble is relatively minor, compared to my health issues, but I feel like a runner whose forward progress is clearly stopped but linebackers keep piling on anyway. C'mon ref blow the freaking whistle already.:)

I mention this here because travel is not good for me, not that I was a great find anyway.:)
Does this have emoticons?  I'm assuming that you can't see your own emoticons in a journal.
I have mondo health problems.  I'm out for now.  I'll still return e-mail and i'll probably hit on you (or whatever word is appropriate - hitting on a Domina doesn't seem quite right [He said as if he gets many unsolicited replies.])  Unfortunately my bark is worse than my bite.  (Unless, of course you order me to bite.)
Oh, Greyhound sucks.  Try sleeping next to a 300 pound, farting, man who in his sleep rests his head on your shoulder and drools.  (Drool on my shoulder is a hard limit.

Was the three days there worth it?  No.   I ironed.  I washed dishes.  The most BDSM-like thing was a four year old "quickly" pulling off a band aid. I know I can't demand anything, but I would have liked to be tied up once in three days.  Am I wrong to want something, heck, ANYTHING?  I'm not asking for the moon here.  In 30 seconds you can tie my hands behind my back and ignore me.  If I give you 5 days is 30 seconds too much to ask?

If I had a time machine and could tell myself in May what would happen I would not have gone.

Hey, Dominas, do me a favor.  If you do not live where they root for the Red Sox and Patriots, I'm not your guy.

If you do, and we hit it off as freinds, fine.  I won't be visiting you though. 

I am leaving Thursday afternoon (the second) for Greeneville, Tennessee.  If you don’t hear from me by the time I return on Tuesday evening (the 7th), call the FBI and marines. <>  I intend to see Lady Beckett (from collarme).


I am sending a variation of this to people I trust.

I've gone back and forth cyberly serving Lady Beckett.  I am also dating someone close by whose name I'm not stupid enough to mention.  (Ask Lady Beckett how many complaints she got about her sub on the message boards.  Aside:  If I could do it over, M'Lady, it'd stay our secret.)

Oh, she and LadyBeckett (no space) know of each other.

If you really want to waste your time telling a dominant woman what to do in terms of her dedicate submissive, please don't.  Of course that won't stop you, but I tried.

Oh, I'm not looking at this time, but thanks for the consideration.
These people removed my photo.  OK.  I posted a *.bmp that read there were more photos of a headless guy in a chastity belt inside.  They removed that.  I will not be posting a face picture because I know what happens to "outed" people who must be in the public eye.  (Hear a Marv Albert broadcast lately?:))  --- The photo is important so I can be in a "pictures only" search.
My stay outside of New Orleans was a disaster.  Through no fault of DommeofThunder it was not very BDSMish nor was the weather good for vanilla stuff. My club FemDom Chastity device was making painful sores at the contact points so I spent the week unbelted.  I can keep my hands off but it wasn't the same, you know? -----

i did learn i need a bed.  (Hey the warranty on my back expired.:))  The couch was not great.  A slab foundation made the floor too hard and cushions from the couch were too soft.  i have seen my chiropractor.:) ------

i also learned that perhaps i should insist on something.  If you see me no matter how great i am, etc. (hold your applause, please :)) can you not reward me with an orgasm until the end of the week.  (Nobody can do dishes like i can, baby!:D )(Excuse my big head. [Hey, was i supposed to say "No"?:)]) -----

Not that i am complaining and not that i'll do bad on purpose, but please?  Pretty please?

My Mistress in New Orleans liked to cook.  Should a slave say, "No more thanks.":) 


Vacuuming, mopping and doing dishes were not as much exercise as i required.  i'll go to the gym to lose 7 pounds.:)
If you'd like to check my references contact DommeofThunder.

i was on the elliptical machine at the gym over looking the track.  A pretty 30 something was running.  Unfortunately i knew from when i wore my glasses she had a ring.  Then two other pretty women came onto the track.  i never saw them before and if i bothered i might actually see if they were married or not.


Today, however, i would not have to brave the fumes of their cheap perfume.  i was wearing under my gym shorts a club FEM chastity device.  (Yes it is defeatable with only a pair of scissors, but i'd rather not explain to my Mistress why the irreplaceable plastic lock was gone.  [Besides, that would defeat the whole purpose, right?:)])


Yes, i'm bragging.  i still thought it was funny when the first pretty woman lapped them both right in front of me.:)
Oh, i know i should have a face shot, but being outed would cost me my job.  [Yes, there are people looking you can't ask, "So what were you doing there," of.])

This will seem weird.  DommeOfThunder has agreed to let me be a 24/7, in house TPE slave for a week i'm on vacation.   No strings attached.  i'll comeback in March, but until then i'm off the market.

Being a 24/7 is a big step.  i might only think i want to be one.  After two days i might be marking the calendar for the end of my six-month contract.

i have not worked out the details, but i want to be in a chastity device for a week prior and a week after so if she decides to let me orgasm it means a lot.  (If she doesn't, well, i got only what i asked for, right?:) )

Yes, one week is not sufficient to judge, but it is better than no weeks.


It may be a guy thing, but being a fuck-pig or slut-whore is OK, but don't ask me to think of myself as a worm.  (No matter what you think.  Heck, Hitler and Stalin probably thought they were OK guys;  i'll not be different.:))  Besides who wants to own a worm?
It sounds like i'm a Domme/Dom hater.  i'm not.  There are givers and takers.  When your Master or Mistress orders you to do something you don't like he/she is not taking your submission.  He/She is giving you a chance to give it to him/her.
There are takers in both the Dom/Domme and slave groups.  (Topping from below is the best example of slaves' taking.)
Giving on that level is tough.  i know i'd have a hard time doing it.  The slave's giving is easier (not easy!) because he/she knows what to give.
Male slaves out number Dominas like ten to one.  But nine out of ten slaves are takers.  i hope i'm the tenth.  Of course, so do the other nine.:)

i'll never get a Domme! 

i am for real but with so many wannabe's floating around i'm like a tree in a forrest.

If any Mistress is reading this (a doubtful proposition) please let me prove i'm real.