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There are a lot of girls on here, I have found, who claim to want to be dominated and taken control of yet cannot take that next step to turn their fantasies into realities. It is always a risk and what you will find when talking to me about pursuing this field is that I move fairly quickly. I do not doddle in online chat so much. This is because I am truly interested in the girl herself and while she is allowed to hide behind a computer screen she is not able to let go of her fear and let desire take over.
I am looking for a girl who needs an owner 24/7 without children. Some of the things she will learn at my feet are what it means to be whipped and brought to my mercy as well as to be fucked and forced to soak the sheets over and over; She will learn that these things can happen whenever it pleases me.

The next girl will be collared and join my master's household. She will have a mistress and a master taking care of her as only her owners can. This means that she must be willing to submit to a mistress AND master. If this sounds like something you are interested in, I look forward to hearing from you.
Mistress Ionsei

PS- No male or TG slaves