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Im looking for a total slave.... plain and simple. A piece of property and treated as such. So if you want a real Owner let Me know. I am 62 so don't be young I want a male who looks male No sissies, baby's or pets I want forever so be serious. If you won't communicate past here,them don't bother. I want rt not phone or online play This is a lifestyle for Me not for play I'm am already over the fakes here. So if you are seeking to be a true slave....then reach out. Same ID on fetlife. I don't want your money, you will not get Mine.

I do not understand all the fakes here.  Time wasters...


What gets Me is the males who don't believe in Female Dominants. I believe there are both in both sexes. I would not put another human down for how they are. But I see and get alot of negative mail. Pple really?

Well I need to clarify I guess. I don't play scenes not interested in play partners.  Not interested in supporting someone. I support Myself. My oroperty needs  to work. Still total ownership. 

Why bother trying to talk if you are not willing to close the geography gap. Anything is possible when it's a match. Be real !!!

you all just want to endlessly talk about being a slave. you don't want it for real.....

you so called slaves expect to be chased. Lol I write and you don't bother to respond. Just because I write does mot mean I want what a joke 

I follow the ideals of Ingrid Ballemare. Strict to the point no nonsense playing around. If you are not real then move on.

I'm blunt and to the point. I know what I want and will not settle for anything less. If you can't handle a Dominant Princess, then move on.