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searching for like minded out there... been away, but back again

Aug 2019, time for an update and filled in the additional details.
So i joined a little while ago, not really knowing much. Have learnt some, enough to understand there are those looking for a one night stand, those who are professionals looking for and the minority that are real.
Whilst a one night stand is fun, its not that satisfying.

Am more comfortable in myself. it maybe later than some, am now in a happy place. whilst have had to be more of the alpha in the office, its not my natural place.

So about me... worked hard to be where i am. lived and worked in 4 countries, seen a lot of the world.
I dont trust easily and for someone to have control over me, i have to trust them. had some bad experiences on a similar site, but i know not everyone is like that. so still positive.

I would like to find someone, that is happy to meet with someone still fairly new, exploring their limits, but also more than a one off adventure.
My attitude is you dont know whether you like something or not until you have tried it. I am cautious to start with, but loyal once we know each other.

I have lived in 4 countries, moved back again to the uk, so single and looking...have also signed up to a dating site, but not sure how to put alt lifestyle down along with other likes such as travel and so on -)

I have played with some couples and singles, vanilla stuff mostly. So looking for someones who is a reasonable fit. i.e. If she gets off on pussy worship, strapon, control etc we are a fit. someone who is into giving pain and wanting to abuse i am not going to able to satisfy them.

What i am not interested in being. Not being a personal servant (although obviously some tasks are required of a sub), if you want someone to do the jobs around the place, hire someone and help the employment in the country. Whilst my partner maybe the dom, it doesnt mean i am a doormat.

My ideal... someone who would be interested in a long term relationship. Someone happy to be a partner in life as well as playtime. however is that asking for a unicorn?

Well if you have read the top part, it says most of it. Feel free to ask me anything.

Finally got around to creating fetlife profile.

Been to some munch and other events learnt  some.

Robert_the_short if interested,