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Are you a true submissive? Age 48 (Tucson, Arizona)

Would you like to explore submission? Did you just answer "Yes" in the
DEEPEST part of your MIND?

If you are intrigued by the notion of SUBMISSION and SURRENDER,
then read on, and learn how to make your FANTASY a REALITY.

Your ultimate fantasy will only be experienced when the depths of the
mind are explored. And I can help you explore those depths with a
special technique...EROTIC HYPNOSIS. Learn just how far you can go
with my astonishingly effective and uniquely PLEASURABLE methods
to achieve a TRANCE where virtually anything you can imagine becomes

Perhaps you've always wanted to be hypnotized...MESMERIZED...entranced...
and CONTROLLED by a Master Hypnotist's eyes and words. Or perhaps the
concept of erotic hypnosis is completely new to you. It really doesn't matter
as long as you are willing to seek out new possibilities of sensual pleasure.
You'll learn to experience ORGASM after ORGASM, just from a verbal trigger.
Maybe a little hypnotic bondage? The only ropes and chains are in the mind.
Sound impossible? Why not let me show you?

You're bright, imaginative, and curious. You want to know how deep
you can go and how far I can take you. The answer is VERY DEEP and
VERY FAR...but only if you find the courage to get in touch.

I'm a firm but GENTLE WHITE MALE who enjoys using the techniques
of erotic hypnosis to enhance your pleasure and my domination. You'll
setting. If you've ever wanted to let your inner submissive out to play....

Find your FANTASY in the arms and words of your Handsome Hypnotist.
Your eyes are so very heavy.... You feel so RELAXED...drifting...on a
placid lake of pleasant thoughts. Going deeper...and deeper...and deeper

I'm here in central Tucson, and I'll happily respond to any sincere inquiries.
I'm college-educated, financially stable, and reasonably bright. Just so you
know, I'm definitely open to a LTR with the right woman, and I'm perfectly
content with more conventional activities as well: movies, an occasional
dinner out, cuddling on the couch, and so on.

One more thing: Since we're talking about hypnotism and submission,
here's a SIMPLE TEST of your COMPLIANCE, your ability to obey. Please
put "Hypnotize me!" in the subject line of your response. Thanks!

I look forward to your response! And I look forward to giving you more orgasms than you can handle.

Bye for now.