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**** About Me *****

I am female, I love Japan and the Japanese culture. I am NOT Japanese. (I do however speak, read and write Japanese.)

I have Long brunette hair, brown eyes, I am 5ft in height and a UK size 8-10.

I am an Equestrian Instructor by profession, which is also one of my passions in life.

I also enjoy drawing, painting, writing and Pyrography (burned wood art)

Hyouki is the name of my favorite anime character and just a username.

****Why I am here*****

*I am NOT looking for a dominant*

I am just here to chat.

The drawings are my own work. For those that requested to see one of my paintings, I have added two to my photo section. (The Dolphins, & Orca Whale)

The journal entries are my own stories I have written, I hope you ENJOY them.

I am NOT looking to submit online or have fun online

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This story is a sort of sequel to a story written by someone else called April and Jenny's bet.  Although inspired by that story, this is my own work and only part of the chastity belts deion and some events from the original appear in order to set the scene for my own work. ALL credit for original story goes to the ORIGINAL author.

I hope you enjoy my little sequel I call Aprils revenge

April's Revenge


It had been a whole month since Jenny had locked me into the chastity belt, we had ordered from the site one boring drunken Friday night. That weekend had been the longest in my life, she had had the cheek to disappear for the weekend to boot. Though I suppose that was a small mercy at least I did not have to endure her constant torments in comment and deeds, while I endure the torments of the Anal Plug, and Vibrator Egg she had inserted into me in addition to locking me in that damn chastity belt.


Though she has no idea the delicious sweet revenge I have been planning on her. I am so looking forward to what I am going to do to her. I could hardly wait for her to return home from classes. She had admitted to me in a drunken slur last Saturday, that she cheated at the game of poker we played the night I was locked into the belt. She admitted to  purposefully dealing me dreadful hands while having the best hands for herself. Damn her and her counting cards.


I waited in the lounge as she entered our apartment , "April?" She called as she entered the entrance way, no doubt kicking off her shoes as she often did. " In the lounge" I called to her, she came in the room with a grin on her face, then stopped in her tracks as she saw me lazily sat on the sofa. Where I was holding the Item that looked like a gleaming steel pair of thong panties. The front a big shinny metal shield that ran from belt height down through the wearer's legs. It narrowed to a rubber coated metal cable that rested between the buttock cheeks. There was a post for a pad lock in the front, making the wearer trapped inside once it was padlocked shut.  She turned to bolt at the sight of our chastity belt, " Not running away are you Jenny dear ?" I challenged.  Knowing full well she never backed away from a challenge. Even when she knew deep down it was in her best interests to do so.


She turned and faced me, " Since you put it that way April, do your worse ". Sticking her tongue out at me.  I smiled simply at her, " get your cute ass over here"  I ordered. She  grinned at me and danced her way over to me. Stopping directly in front of me with her left hip raised in a perfect imitation of Shakira belly dancing. "knees now, palms down flat arms and elbows supporting weight, ass kissing the air."

She bend to her knees slowly and got into position. I swiftly got to my feet taking the chastity belt with me, I planted a firm slap on her butt. " STAY! " I Commanded, knowing full well she hated because ordered like a dog, but she wisely held her tongue.


 I returned a few moments later with a butt plug that had ridges and studs on the surface of it, Similar to the one she forced me to wear but band new.  A small butterfly vibrator, The ointment she had used on me that burned and another ointment that was supposed to increase sexual arousal. Though I was no fool I knew it was doubtful it would work as well as it claimed, but I knew from experience with the belt even a small amount would be torture.

I had cleaned and sterilized all the equipment that morning to ensure they were ready for use.


I had also collected rope and leather cuffs  and a collar. Walking back to Jenny's kneeling form, I silently walked behind her and slipped the collar around her neck, and then one by one I attached the leather cuffs to her wrists. 


Taking her clothes off one item at a time, until she was naked I took some of the rope and bound her wrists to her collar so she could not stop me torturing her body.  I tied rope around her chest to give support to her full breasts as my intent was for her to go braless, but with breasts her size it would hurt to have no support at all. Who would have thought my shibari lessons would have come in so handy.  Next  I teased her body playing with her breasts and rolling her nipples until she moaned softly, I continued to torment her body bringing her to the edge of climax but not allowing her over the edge, until she was wiggling in frustration and so aroused her juices were running down her inner thighs.


I took both ointments and smeared the one she had used on me, Around her ass and the other  on her pussy lips and surrounding area. Then I slipped the butterfly vibrator into her, after inserting new batteries, setting the vibrations to random settings and finally turning it on. Fastening the butterfly to her body at the back. I told her to stand taking a single length of rope attaching it to the front where I had already tied her breasts, I ran the length down over the vibrator , inserted the butt vibrator after switching it on. Then finally tying the length of rope tight to the rope at her back, so it put pressure on both front and back vibrators every time she struggled.


I took the chastity belt and fixed it into place, locking it shut tight. " How long are you going to make me wear this thing April, its driving me crazy, already."  I grinned down at her , then told her if she could make me feel good enough to cum, I might let her out  tonight, swinging the padlock key about my finger  as I spoke.


Jenny grinned, thinking sure she would be able to make me cum easily. " where to you want to do this ?"  she asked me licking her lips as she spoke. "Here if you like " I replied, releasing her wrists, now I have completed my task with her body.  She grinned and went to rise from kneeling to get a better position to undress me "Ahh!"  she exclaimed. " By the way move carefully, that belt restricts movement ," I smirked at her.


I watched with delighted interest as she moved the most carefully I had ever seen her move, as she got into position , then slowly removed my clothes . She worked my body like a professional violinist worked their violin, using the same technique she used the day  she locked me in the belt she now wore.  After  twenty minutes, mostly through her deliberately keeping from sending me over the edge, she finally made me cum, hard and loud.  I rode the wave of pleasure until my head finally cleared and came down to earth. 


"April, now I made you cum, keep your promise and let me out." Gesturing to the chastity belt as she finished speaking.  I smirked at her and watched with delight as her heart sank, along with her facial expression of  dismay, as I gave her words back to her. "Sucker" is all I said to her as I got up and redressed walking from the room.


"Oh please April, You promised" Jenny pleaded, God I loved hearing her beg, though she rarely did with such sincerity, it was heart bounding addictive to hear.  I turned to her and said " twas not a promise I made Jenny, I merely said I MIGHT  let you out. As it turns out, I am enjoying the look of you right now, so I'm keeping you locked in a while longer. Go to bed and I'll see you in the morning." I walked from the lounge into my own. I waited to see if jenny would follow her instructions or try to enter my own room.  Surprisingly she followed the command I gave, going to her own room. I heard her get a night shirt out of a draw and then climb into her bed. From the banging of the headboard against the wall, I guessed she was trying to stimulate herself to get some release.


I walked out my room and swung her door open. "WHAT do you think you are doing "  I demanded, Walking over to her I pulled the nightshirt over her head, throwing it into the corner. "Sleep like this" I told her,  the red rope I had used framed her large breasts well.  I  kissed her deeply as I begun caressing her breasts, sucking one and rolling the other. I continued  until she was mewling with need, never letting her go over the edge. 


For twenty-five minutes I tortured  her this way, knowing the vibrators in her pussy and ass would be adding to her discomfort, torture and delicious arousal. I finally stopped and looked at Jenny's form her face a mixture of defiance, need, frustration and want. " That was your punishment for disobeying instructions Jenny, don’t make me come in here again or I will spank you next time. GO TO SLEEP." With my last words I turned stalked out the room shutting the door behind me. Resting a moment my back lent on the door.  I could not help the face splitting grin that came across my face. Seeing the smart mouthed confident Jenny for once obedient and subdued, I loved it. I went back to my room and slept soundly. I was only slightly disappointed Jenny made no more noise. Only because I could not spank her, But who knows I might get a chance soon.


The following morning I was putting the finishing touches to our breakfasts, when Jenny came storming into the kitchen. " April take this damn thing off NOW, you've had your fun " .  She fumed at me, I could not help myself I burst into a fit of giggles. Even locked up tight and frustrated Jenny was bossy as ever. " It is NOT funny April", I stopped giggling and turned to look Jenny straight in the eye. " Feeling frustrated dear ?, sit and have your breakfast."  


Jenny Just glared at me but sat and ate . " I'll remove the belt  tonight Jenny, that is sooner than I had to wait, next time don’t cheat at poker." Jenny's jaw dropped open, but she said nothing, just finished her breakfast and stormed out the apartment, slamming the door behind her. I took a more casual approach to my breakfast and leaving the apartment .


I did not see Jenny at all for most of the day, though her sulking or just chance I had no idea.  It was the final class the one we shared where I finally saw her. She was in discomfort and clearly sexually frustrated, to my eyes anyway.


Nobody else seemed to notice, She was good at hiding how she felt from outsiders at least. I always admired that about her, her strength and confidence in any situation. Though looking at her now was mesmerizing and sobering she was desperate and in deep need of desire.


Perhaps Just perhaps I will take pity on her before we get home. I had the rest of class to decide her fate, for now I just did my work while looking at the confident  Jenny subdued for now, how delightful.

Another story written by me




************************The Punishment ****************************


I walked into the Starbucks coffee shop, I'd had arranged to meet him at 1.30pm.

I was five minutes early, But I scanned the chairs and tables anyway to see if he might have come early. Over in the corner sat in one of the plush armchairs he sat lazily, reading a newspaper 'The Guardian' one of this usual afternoon reads, (though in truth I was merely guessing.) He kept much to himself and revealed little, it was part of his charm, part of the attraction that had brought me here. I wanted to see how far he could take me, take us on a journey of discovery and desire.  As I watched him read the paper I took a moment to study him, he was wearing jeans, with a blue shirt and a silver silk Tie, that looked to be tied into a perfect Windsor knot. I stared at him the clock on the wall over the service counter ticked the passing of time. He looked up from his paper and he met my eyes for a moment. He beckoned me forward with his hand and gestured for me to sit opposite him, in the other plush chair in the corner where it was thankfully quiet. I had previously told him that I disliked crowds and people so he had selected the most quietest spot he could, admits the usual bustle of a Starbucks. 


I approached him slowly and took a seat. he checked his watch, then summoned a girl from the counter and ordered a cappuccino, a hot chocolate with cream and chocolate dust, and two cream cakes, handing over the money required.  I watched the girl go to the counter to fill the order. She came back set the tray with the drinks and food on the table between our armchairs and left. 'You are FIVE minutes late' he said. My eyes went wide for a fraction of a second, I was early, how could I have been late ? did I stand there looking at him too long ?. Answering my question as though I had spoken it instead of thinking it, he spoke saying "you've been stood there for 15 mins watching me read my paper, why did you not come sit down ?".  "I was not sure it was you, it would not have been good to approach someone I did not know." His grin danced on his mouth but did not touch his eyes. "that is a flimsy excuse and you will pay for it later." For now lets relax a bit and enjoy our drinks and cake." I sat and slowly drank the hot chocolate he placed before me. I refused the cream cake, He frowned but said nothing and ordered a To-Go box for the cream cake I had refused. He ate his cream cake in relative silence. He Just sat looking at me with his piercing deep eyes. I thought could see into my soul. He watched with silent interest as I sipped rather than drank my chocolate drink, it took me 15 minutes to finish it. He has drank his cappuccino and ate his cream cake, then sat with his paper rolled up lightly tapping it in a 1-2-3 rhythm on his leg. 


I watched as he played out the rhythm upon his leg. It was entrancing to watch a slow calming dance, He played his rhythm while we talked. He asking me questions and me answering the best I could. Occasionally I asked questions back mainly asking for him to elaborate on points or to answer something that had bugged or intrigued me. As we talked, I played with the mug that had once held the hot chocolate I had drank. I found this  provided me with a manner of self control to ease the uncomforted I felt in my stomach. God I hated crowds. He checked his watch and stated we had been there forty-five minutes  and he'd would like to get out the coffee shop.


He took the mug from me and placed it on the table, picking up the To-Go box containing the cream cake as he did. Taking My hand he pulled me to my feet and spoke low in my ear "are you READY for your punishment now ?".  I swallowed hard and nodded, not trusting my voice. I had not planned on being punished. I had arrived early to avoid being punished and in my foolish gawking, I had made myself late for our coffee date. As we walked to his car I thought over the punishment he might set for being late, I dreaded it, But somehow knowing he also liked to Punish me, to know I would learn from his punishment it make me anticipate and get a little excited. As we drove to his place I could feel the tension build in my body, I knew that I was to be punished, but what method would he use nipple clamps?, anal plug?, ring gag ?, schooling whip ?. Whatever it was, it was going to hurt and be humiliating thats for sure. *SIGH* well its not called punishment for nothing it is best I get it over with quickly. If the glint in his eyes and the grin on his face was anything to go by …, I have a feeling this is going to be anything but quick.


He parked outside his apartment and turned the `engine off. "COME" he ordered as he got out the car. I slowly gathered my things and opened the door. He came round to the passenger side quickly. He told me to get a move on, unless I wanted my punishment to be worse. I thought about giving a sassy remark but thought better of it, I was in enough trouble as it is. I followed him up the steps to his apartments' front door and waited while he opened the door.  He motioned for me to enter, so I slowly walked into the hallway. He came slowly behind me shutting the door. He walked purposefully towards me in slow strides. Once he reached me, he slowly turned me around and pulled me to him, my back to his chest. I could feel his erection straining against his Jeans, though his self control never gave any indication that he was so aroused. He pulled me into him, closer. He started exploring my body through my clothing, running his hands up my body over my ribs to caress my breasts. Slowly and seductively he fondled my breasts until my nipples was straining against my clothing, betraying how aroused I was getting and quickly. I could feel his grin against the back of my neck, He moved up my neck kissing until he could speak into my ear. 


"Go into the lounge, disrobe completely & kneel by the sofa arm". I walked into the Lounge, as I did I heard him disappear to another part of the apartment. I could hear him moving around over head but I had no idea what he was doing. I walked over to the sofa he had told me to kneel by and disrobed, folding my clothes neatly and placing them on the side table next to the sofa. Standing next to the arm of the sofa I dropped to my knees and lowered my head. The coffee table in front of the sofa made my kneeling slightly uncomfortable. I waited patiently, (or as patiently as I could) for him to return. When I finally heard his footsteps I wondered just how long he had, had me waiting for 10-15 minutes ?.  As he approached me I kept my head down though I could see he had changed into black sweat pants. I was certain he would be shirtless, to show off his torso clearly. He came over to the coffee table completely ignoring me as though I was not even there. He dropped an armful of items onto the table without a word. He walked over to the fire place, where he kept a newtons cradle as the mantle centre piece. The mantle was directly in front of the sofa where I now knelt near. He set two balls to swing from one end sending the Clack-tap noise to fill the room. He always did this when I was here, for this, for punishment. I wondered Idly what was more punishing, whatever he choice to do to me or the sound the newtons cradle made.


He walked back towards me I watched his feet as he made his way to the coffee table slowly. He started to organise the items he had dropped on the table. I saw him pick something up. Once he was done he came behind me and told me to raise my head. When I obeyed he let my eyes see what he had in his Hands and then raised it to my neck. "ask me" he said I remained silent not sure what he meant "ask me" he said again more forcefully, though without any rise to his pitch. He lightly shook the baby blue Dog Collar in front of me. I licked my lips as realisation hits me. "may I have my collar please SIR?". A small laugh escaped his lips. He  then fastened the collar around my neck. While he was doing so, I looked at the items he had organised on the coffee table. I saw an anal plug, a stop watch, a schooling whip, a vibrator, a ring gag, a set of nipple clamps with fox shaped charms in pink dangling from the clamp.  I also saw a thin black chiffon material folded so I could not tell what it was, a blindfold? restraint of choice? .  I swallowed hard, my mouth suddenly dry as I stared at the assortment of items laid on the table before me. 


Once he had finished attaching my collar , he came to stand before me admiring the collar that now sat around my neck. He turned to the table picked up the folded chiffon material and handed it to me. "Put these on I'll be back in a few minutes." As he left the room I unfolded the material carefully, examining it. It was a baby doll nightdress black with fuchsia pink floral pattern over the breast cups and down the right hand side of the garment, running over the right hip bone with a bow directly over the breast bone, A pink lace ran from just under the breast cup to the end of the dress in a criss-cross pattern ending in a bow,on the left side. There was a matching 'shortie' style knickers. As I put the garment on I thought it was indecently short, *done on purpose no doubt*. I looked in despair, the garment barely covered my backside. I had little time to contemplate any further, as I had to get back into position before he came back. I knelt in my spot next to the sofa once more, Listening to the newton's cradle as if it was a humming bird outside the window. He came in a few minutes later, carrying ice cubes, The tie He wore at the coffee shop and a Plaited silk rope purple in color and what looked like a tube of lubricant. 


I breathed a mental sigh of relief at the lubricant. When I had saw the butt plug alone, I had feared the worse. "Come stand in front of me",  I quickly obeyed his command. "Turn around" I hesitated a moment then slowly obeyed. He took his tie and blindfolded me with it. I heard him remove the things of the table, grabbing my hand he made me lay on the table face down. My cheek was resting on the tables edge. "Hands behind your back", I obeyed clasping my hands together. He tied my hands together, then he preceded to hog tie me, Finishing by attaching the knots at my ankles to the ones at my wrists. This forced my legs to open wide.  The rope was tight enough, that I was certain it would leave an imprint, of the plaited pattern. "Very nice!, this Baby doll suits you, I love this lace right here",  he said while playing with the criss-cross Fuchsia Pink lace on my see through garment. I felt him move my knickers aside as he slips an ice cube between my legs. As the ice cube melted against my hot sex, it sent cold spiking shivers through my body. Slowly he massaged my sex and buttocks, under my Knickers. I felt him smear some liquid into my holes, I assumed it was the lubricant. He began probing my anus, then gently started pushing the anal plug in by slow degrees. "Fuck!" when did he pick that up?, god it hurts, I try to contain a gasp but failed. He pulled the plug out slightly, then pushed it back in.  Back and forth in time with the newtons Cradle. Click in - clap out. He did this until my body relaxed and fully accepted the plug. I felt him straighten my underwear over the plug. He came to my head, ordered me to open my mouth wide and placed something into my mouth and started fastening buckles at the back of my head. I realised it was a ring gag, by running my tongue over the . The gag was now making it impossible for me to close my mouth. He spoke low into my ear, I could feel his breath land on my cheek as he spoke. "For being 5 Minutes late you will stay like this for 10 minutes. I spank you HARD!, Don't you DARE Cum or it will be 20 Minutes". Fuck, damn,  I hated being hog tied, the stress position always left my limbs feeling like Jelly. Damn 10 Minutes?, How was I going to get through this punishment ? What if I came ? How was I going to survive 20 minutes, oh crap, oh Crap, oh crap.  


My wayward thoughts was brought under check at the first lash of the schooling whip on my thigh. I heard the beeps of the stop watch that signalled a timer had been set. He started raining feather light taps,  down over my thighs & butt cheeks.  He was building up, warming my skin using the schooling whip. Fuck he was tapping out the rhythm he had used at the coffee shop. It was almost the same rhythm as the newton's cradle. Shit when did he change the pattern on that thing ? Time really evaded me when I was bound and blindfolded. The rhythmic taps grew harder and slightly more focused on my sex & buttock cheeks. The strokes begun to come closer and closer to where the anal plug put the most pressure. I found myself starting to strain against the silk rope that bound me in place. My body becoming hyper alert and sensitive. Each stroke warming my insides, churning them into Jelly. Even making my breath heavier, my heart beat faster, my sex wetter, the pressure, building, then dying, then building. God he was torturing me. I wanted so bad to cum, so bad for him to be inside me. He started to make each blow harder counting as he went. ONE crack, TWO crack, THREE crack, FOUR crack, FIVE crack. I was so wet even though my body now stung with the blows he had given me. The sixth came and I cried out as best I could around the gag. I involuntarily started to lean, though awkwardly towards the blows of the whip. God I hated this, but my treacherous body was once again betraying me. "Are you actually enjoying this, you naughty Girl?" Another sharp sting of the whip landed over a developing bruise. This stroke made me wince and whimper. He stopped lashing but started using the whip to prod and probe my now sore backside.  Each stroke sending delicious spikes of pain through my sex and making my juices flow more freely. I could feel my body quickening, I feared my orgasm more than the lashes of the whip. If I came now this slow torture he was delivering would continue for a further 10 minutes. I had no idea how long I had left before the pre set 10 minutes was over. My mind was racing, my body stinging and heated from the blows of the whip. My heart felt like it was beating to the rhythm he had set my body swayed awkwardly against my binds, causing the rope to brush my underwear against the anal plug. Forcing it deeper and every time I relaxed the motion begun to build, I felt my body coming to climax. He pressed the whip over my clitoris and began to rub it, back and forth with considerable force. I felt my body tighten and my senses exploded, as I came, screaming past the gag in my mouth. My entire body relaxed as the after shocks of my orgasm still surged through my body. I could hear the faint beeping of the stop watch's alarm through my post orgasm misty-head.


He removed my blindfold and slowly untied me. Massaging each limb before he placed it in a relaxed position while he tended to the next. He finally removed the anal plug, my Knickers and the gag. " You came as the alarm sounded, lucky for you. I'm not done with you yet." "Go lay down on the sofa on your back." I tested my limbs exhausted from my intense orgasm. Slowly I rose and fell off the table my legs still the consistency of Jell-O. He helped me up and helped me to the sofa. " You have got yourself in quite a state girl." He took the vibrator from the table and came over and knelt in front of my body. Using the vibrator, He sent pulsing vibrations and chills through my body. He played with my nipples through the see through material of my clothes. This caused my nipples to harden even more. Still using the vibrator over my body, he reached for an ice cube and Pressed the cold tips over my nipples soaking the material. The ice was making my nipples more defined. He cupped the laced bra segment of the baby doll garment, he had made me wear. He moved the cup over my breast to completely expose the breast, repeating this with the other. He started running my nipples between his fingers, squeezing lightly. He Pinched a nipple firmly putting a clamp upon it, repeating the process with the other so, the fox charms dangled off my nipple like rain droplets.  He adjusted the clamps so they caused some pain, but so they was not overly unbearable. The sensation that surged through my body, whenever he moved my breast up or down, was almost unbearable. He fondled and sucked them using his teeth to make the clamps pull on my over swollen nipples, I licked my lips at the sensation. He moved the ice cube along my rib cage and down to my sex, circling my clitoris with the Ice while suckling my breasts, sending sharp spikes of cold rippling through my body, like frost bite on fingers. My clitoris felt very swollen and an ache started to build inside my sex to the very core of my body. I longed for him to take me, a murmur escaped my lips as he continued to massage my sex with the Ice and teasing my breasts with his tongue. 


I felt his breathe on my skin and the smile that made its way across his face, as he worked his tongue with a master's control and focus. I was near climax again, but he felt the first shudders of my body and stopped abruptly. " Oh no girl, you have to wait, on your knees now." He took several steps backwards to give me room for me  to get up and kneel before him. He took a few steps towards me once I was knelt. He moved his sweat pants down his legs and removed them.  He slung them onto the sofa behind me. He then positioned himself directly in front of me. Gripping my head on either side, he guided my lips towards the head of his erection. He then slowly teased my mouth open, in order to accommodate him. He then pressed his cock, to the back of my throat. He withdrew and reentered building his rhythm up, until he was Fucking my mouth with a slight roughish punishing pace. I had to keep reminding myself to keep calm and breathe. I felt his pace slow as his breathing became more heavy. eventually he gave one last thrust as he found his release, his hot salty liquid ran down my throat. This Made me scrunch my eyes shut, as I struggled to contain it and swallow. After his cum had stopped flowing and he had caught his breathe, he withdrew from my mouth, and gave me a few minutes to recover myself.


I stayed on my knees as I regained control of my breathing, and tried to rein in my own desires sweeping through my body. The needy ache still pulsing within my core and speeding to every limb in my body. He casually walked naked behind me, as I heard him settle onto the sofa, I could feel his eyes watching me. He unnerved me doing this. How utterly primal I felt with need, for that which he at present was denying me. I heard him get up off the sofa and he walked to the newton's cradle to change the rhythmic click clacking of the instrument. I often wondered if he used this instead of music and what other things he did with it. Though in reality it was merely a passing thought. He walked over to me and stroked the top of my head. "Enough resting, Girl on your feet". I stood up waiting for my next instruction. Instead he took me by surprise by, saying nothing just gripping both my arms near my shoulders and walking me backwards until, I felt the sofa at the backs of my heels and knees. I nearly fell but he caught me steading me. He turned me around and pushed on my back between my shoulder blades until I bent with my hands resting on the sofa seat. "Spread your palms so you can support you weight and open your legs wide". I spread out my palms and my legs, but I guessed he was not totally happy with my position. He pushed further until my knees buckled and my arms was taking the weight as I was bent over the sofa. The sudden impact though not very harsh brushed the clamps attached to my nipples, causing me to gasp and wince slightly because of the angle. He knelt behind me his erection pressing against me, he brought his hands to my breasts and started to knead them, then pulling on the nipples sending sharp pain spasms though my body, that went down to my toes. This brought the ache I felt between my legs to the centre of my minds attention again. Slowly as he fondled my breasts, he kissed from the base of my spine to the base of my neck and up to the bottom of my hairline just behind my ear. He bit hard, drawing a moan from my throat. I shut my eyes as his teeth dug into my skin, my body relaxed into this grip, even pressing towards it. Even though I knew this would mark me, it only served to push my need further towards him. He withdrew his teeth and kissed across my neck to the other ear and as he sank his teeth into my flesh he brought a hand to my neck. Lightly just enough pressure to hold my head still, preventing me from moving into or away from the grip he had with his teeth. He paused a moment and I heard him tear the condom wrapper and heard him roll the condom onto his length.


He replacing his hands, so there was once again one on my neck one fondling my breasts, with the Fox clamps still decorating them.  He slammed his erection into me, my body so wet and ready it had no problem sliding into the hot flesh that was my sex. His rhythm was again punishing as he withdrew, he released my neck and as he reentered he nipped my neck. This was causing delicious tingles down my spine and the ache in my sex to build with the pressure of my now near orgasm. He gripped my hips with both hands to move harder and faster in me. My body shivered and the first wave of orgasm was nearly upon me. He felt this and growled into my ear, "Cum now ". With another hard thrust my body complied with his command, I came around him. His erection was still pounding into me as the Orgasmic shudders took a hold of my body. He continued to pound into me, my insides turned to  Jelly and each sensation intensified. Finally he slammed once more into me finding his own release. He stilled while he emptied himself, collapsing partially top of me while he caught his breath once more. He withdrew sharply making me wince, my body had become tender from the pounding he just given me. He removed the condom and disposed of it while I was left sprawled over the sofa on my knees recovering my own breath. He returned and helped me to my feet, then made me lay down on the sofa, covering me with a blanket.  Where had he  brought that  from?.  In my exhausted stated I knew not where, nor did I care. "sleep now girl I will wake you, lat.." I drifted into an exhausted but relaxed sleep.

Another Story Written by me




Working late at her office, Rachael Morgan let out a sigh from being tired, the phone rang making her jump, becoming alert she answered the phone, "Rachael Morgan's office, how may I help you". Silence was all she heard on the other end, becoming nervous she asked "hello" twice, still no answer. Becoming slightly agitated with whom ever was on the other end of the line, Rachael Snapped. "Look you psycho, why don't you find something better to do with your time?". As she was just about to hang up, a voice came over the phone calmly and commandingly "WAIT". She hesitated, recognising the voice, "Jason?" "hi beautiful" came the reply.Relaxing instantly, Rachael calmly spoke, "whats with the silent treatment? You really scared me." With slight amusement in his tone Jason replied "did I ?". Nervously Rachael replied "yeah ever since the crazy guy from the last case got out I've been jumping out of my skin." Smiling and slightly laughing Jason expressed his apologises "I'm sorry" came his smooth calming voice over the phone.

Rachael started to put on her leather jacket over her favourite azure blue skirt suit, she wore for work. "Wait don't put your Jacket on" Jason ordered confused Rachael enquired as to where Jason was, "watching you" was the smug reply, teasing her as only he knew how. Totally relaxed and feeling playful smiling Rachael teased "okay I put my jacket down". Laughing out loud at her, teasing. "I don't think you have, put it down NOW!. Laughing Rachael put the Jacket on the back of her office chair. Praising her Jason told her to pull her chair over to the window, which she obeyed.

He began to give her instructions first telling her to put her legs upon the windowsill slightly apart. He continued to tell her to take her panties off. They was azure blue, matching her suit with black lace and bow for decoration. She hesitated "WHAT!, Jason what if someone sees me? Come on, don't make me please." He loved hearing her plead with him, knowing full well she would do as he told her, just because she wished to please him. "Your office closed 2 hours ago, nobody is there now DO IT!." His words was calm and delivered with authority, the authority he had over her.

Slowly she agreed, standing a moment to remove her underwear, sitting back down in her previous position as soon as her panties was off, awaiting nervously for her next instruction. Doing this for him make her nervous and embarrassed but so very aroused. He ordered her to play for him, slowly she started to caress her pussy. He order her to remove the rest of her clothes slowly, she decided to put on a little show and danced for him while removing her clothes one item at a time, until she was naked. Embarrassed by her exposure, she blushed and then hide behind the chair. Feeling very vulnerable was not an emotion that sat well on her mind. Jason knew she had issues with public displays of nakedness. He often pushed her, knowing she would obey his every word, though what she had done by hiding she knew he would not approve but he was not there was he?. Rachael was pulled from her mental musings she felt two strong hands grip her and pull her from behind the chair, slamming her into her desk.

She winced and tried to protest, but his voice was in her ear telling her, he didn't give her permission to hide herself and she was to be punished for disobeying his instructions. She cried slightly, tried to apologise for not staying by the Window, but the desk was pushing into her hip and the pain silenced her. She felt her hair being grabbed and she winced in pain as he dragged her by her hair to the window. She braced herself against the wooden seal of the window as his grip loosened around her hair. His hand began to explore her body, she heard him undo his belt and felt the lashes that rained down upon her body. Each lash made her Increasingly more aroused and her juices to flow more freely. Knowing he would mock her for getting so wet, she tried to will her body not to betray her. For her body not to prove to the world outside her window, that she was nothing more than a willing toy and Slave for her master.

She felt the lashing stop, but her body tingled all over. Still reeling from the pain of everything he had just done, He forced himself into her bending her over slightly more to give him easier access. Without thinking she raised her body, helping him into her. He fucked her hard, Each thrust a punishment all its own. Just before he came he withdrew from her told her to turn around and kneel. She obeyed instantly, Once she was on her knees, He put his cock inside her mouth and began to thrust once more. Once he started to come, He ordered her to take it all. Feeling his hot cum flow down into her throat she shut her eyes trying not to spit it out. She managed to hold it in her mouth and swallowed hard. Jason was finally satisfied, he told her to get dressed and go home and rest. He felt she had been worrying about work too much and needed sleep. With those parting words, he collected his belt did his trousers up and left in silence. Rachael stayed knelt on the floor until she heard the familiar slam of the office doors closing. As she got dressed tired sore and in complete ecstasy, she slowly walked home, wondering when she'd see him again. Climbing her stairs when she got home, collapsing onto her bed she slept soundly, with the knowledge and comfort that he was always there watching and protecting her. In return she vowed she would always serve him in whatever he wanted her to do. That night she was aroused, tired sore and broken and through it all she was HIS, his toy, his property, his GIRL.

A Story written by me Called.


**********************Confusion *****************************


Stories had always interested her, She loved to read. She never quite understood why she was attracted to them, but she found within a stranger, the talent of writing. His words would engulf her into a world she never cared for, never dreamed she would enter, nor did she even know about in much detail. She first met him on a chat room, bored she browsed the room's chatters his unusual name caught her attention. Opening his profile expecting to find blandness, she found creativity. Normally a Guy she would never talk to, but on this occasion she found herself private messaging him surprising herself. She was glad he didn't find her first sentence boring and replied to her, though she knew not why this made her happy.

After spending a little time chatting with this stranger, she added him to messenger, quicker than she would normally allow, but his intelligence had intrigued her, she wanted to know more. Slowly she entered his world through his conversations with her and his creative writing, that captivates her far more than she likes. Fighting against herself, She tells this mesmerising stranger about her life as a child and the experiences throughout, finding herself telling him the most dark and terrifying ordeals she had, had to endure. He seemed to understand much more than he should, almost knowing what had happened before being told the details.

His conclusion of her experiences made her laugh, explaining that she was submissive and now his. She rejected his ideas, insisting she wasn't and refused to be owned by anyone. To lose all control, the control she had built up to deal with the past. She refused to let those protective walls she had built be torn down. For him tearing down these walls was far too easy. His explanation as to why he dared was that they had become a prison, rather than a shield as she once thought they were. She hated him, hated everything about him and hated everything He dared tell her she was. Who the Fuck did he think he was? Telling her what to do? Each time he gave her an order she would refuse, but found herself doing as he commanded anyway.

Her mind started to change, her thoughts were no longer her own, She begun to want to talk to him, not knowing why. She started dreaming of him doing things to her he shouldn't. Tying her to the bed, a chair so she couldn't move, pinning her and forcing her to do whatever he desired of her. Why was she thinking like this, her mind raced searching for answers. Why was she thinking of this bastard who dared tell her what she felt and what she needed? Her thoughts turned to self torture as she tried to drown out his words, his assessment of her. Did she really need to feel violated again to understand what had happened to her? She became afraid, afraid of him, afraid of herself and afraid of what she might allow him to do to her.

She drifted away from him, determined to prove him wrong. Determined to prove to herself she was in control and she knew herself better than any stranger ever could. Fuck! Who was he to tell her what her true nature was. Time past and her head cleared, but she began to feel like something was Missing…. She used to spend hours reading and re-reading his stories, of a world he seemed to think she belonged in. She wanted to read his work. Even the thoughts he often wrote in profiles and as messages she reread them all. She had lost the links, wanting to feel a sense of familiarity and wonder she went looking for them but couldn't find them in her history. She wondered back onto the chat where they first had met and looked him up. To her surprise he was still there and online at the time. Not expecting him to answer, She private messaged him asking how he was. He answered her, asking why she returned. Being her normal self she answered truthfully saying she no longer had the links to his stories that she liked, and asked if he would give her the links again.

He refused her saying that would be too easy. Annoyed she finally found the links on her own, but could not quite bring herself to leave now she had what she thought was all she wanted. Was it more than just the stories that made her talk to him again? He still insisted she was submissive, but no longer stated she was his. She often wondered if he wasn't just playing mind games with her again. She found herself desperately trying to figure out what he meant to her if anything. She found herself wondering if he wasn't right about her in the first place, Was she submissive? The thought sat unsettling in her mind, afraid that the answer would be Yes she was.

She wondered if he was just playing with her, pushing her into doing what he seems to think she should. He wanted her to admit she was HIS and his alone. He wanted her to allow him to do anything he wished to her. She feared what he would do to her more than anything. The most unsettling feeling in her mind even more so that than was…, How much did she really WANT him to do anything to her. How much did she want him to take control, take her and show her who She really was. The person he sees she tries to hide. Can she accept what he says and give in, how does she lose control when her mind seems to retain control, to accept yield and do, she fears how much of what he tells her maybe true, Does this stranger really see the darkness within her that is longing to be brought out and acknowledged?

Is she truly free or just a slave of fear and denial? How can he bring out in her what no man has before?