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Gay Male Slave, 58,  Nearyou, North Carolina
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humili8me4plsure - slave

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Back to give this site another try. it hopes it can find a Master that notices it is available to serve. Trainable slave with 35 years + experience in serving in many environments. physically fit, mentally stable with a purpose to please.












Last Online:


 Male Slave


 North Carolina

 Willing to Relocate

 5' 10"

 170 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

 Lives For:

 Bicycling (Expert)

 Camping (Expert)

 Hiking (Expert)

 Weightlifting (Expert)

 Anal Play

 Body Worship



 Public Play





 Chest Play





 Genital Punishment


 Housework Service


 Masks (On Partner)

 Massage (Getting)

 Massage (Giving)

 Obedience Training


 Orgasm Denial

 Outdoor Bondage

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay



 Scuba Diving




 Domestic Servants

 Foot Worship


 Masks (Wearing)

 Role Playing


 Canes and Crops

 Corner Time


 Hair Pulling

 Medical Play

 Hard Limits:

 Fire Play

 Knife Play

 Needle Play

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Journal Entries:
3/6/2017 4:32:13 AM
Did my first Skype show for a Dom too far away. Some things work better in person, but the dildo and plug show pleased him which was evident on his chest and belly. I love it when a man is satisfied due to his directions and my actions. i may do this again.

1/19/2017 11:39:10 AM
The photo of me in the triple ring and 1LB weight has become regular wear for me 24/7 for the past 2 weeks. I honestly don't envision having to change that for a while.

1/9/2017 7:42:15 PM
Over the weekend i picked up another Squarepeg toy... adding to my acorn plug (med), slink, pounder (LG), and egg plug(L)... i now have a XL egg plug. These are the best toys made and I wore my new plug all day. I will try my best to be patient but can already see that this will become my everyday plug ... Perhaps it is my training, but this plug feels great even sitting down.

1/9/2017 4:51:32 AM
In almost every video i see the guy being pissed on either has a look of pain on his face or his mouth closed. I say open wide and gulp and swallow as fast as you can.

12/31/2016 11:27:55 PM
Happy New Year. 

8/8/2016 9:05:20 PM
Saturday evening (the night of my first "party" as a slave)

i had been working the entire day, checking off each of the tasks. i finished making the last bed at about 6:30. There were two activities that made the days chores difficult... ok 3. The first was crawling every where i had to go, the second was cleaning the windows wearing only a collar and cockring, and the third was while washing a bathroom floor Master stopped in and inserted a butt plug in my ass. "do not let it fall out". It did... many times... i quickly reinserted it each time.

"i am finished Master"

"Good slave. While i check your work, i want you to begin your cleaning routine. ... i want that ass clean, i want you smooth, and i want you to come to me when you are ready for inspection."

i crawled directly to the bathroom. with each moment i have grown accustomed to my ass being exposed in air, i was feeling each time my cheeks flexed i felt sexy. This made me aware of the arch in my spine... i slowed down to make each step was perfect.

i began with a shower, shaved everything as instructed and then began my enemas. Everything was in place and i found myself more adept at the feel deep inside and how to hold the water. For some reason, i wanted to make sure that i was super clean for the inspection.

With each slow stride down the hallway i relished the feel of my smooth glistening skin and the slightly cool breeze that seemed to wash over my hole, and my smooth balls brushing my thighs. 

"ahhh you are all ready... not bad, 1 hour and 48 minutes. Lets see what we have... Present"

Masters fingers stroked my skin and checked all of the crevices. His wet finger slid easily in my hole where he twisted and bent it as if trying to touch all sides, and get even deeper. I was shocked when that finger was at my lips and he said open... i found his finger in my mouth doing the same churn... i sucked hard. "clean?" he asked... i shook my head yes while continuing to suck the entire finger. 

"You are already for the party then. Go into the bedroom... you will find your clothes on the bed." 

i crawled to the bedroom and saw the jeans... it was only the jeans. i put them on. i realized that i had not been dressed since the evening before when i arrived. i looked around for everything else... this was it... i crawled back to the living room where Master was sitting. 

"ahhh very good. you found everything, or almost everything." i looked at Master and my look must have shown my quandary. He smiled... "yes, of course there is more for you to wear. Stand". You forgot this "he was holding the plug in his finger tips, it was shiny and ready to be inserted. "Turn and drop your pants slave." i did as told and felt the plug pop in fairly easily. "Fix your pants"

"You will be shirtless, and shoeless, as a slave should be" the collar stays on and ..." click.... "this leash".

With a tug we walked to the garage door, ... i admit, i was really nervous, i just realized i was going outside to a party dressed like this. i started to think about things like, what if there is someone i know at the party... oh my God... what am i doing?

"get in the back seat slave" 

He backed out of the garage and driveway... and off we were... i slunk a bit in my seat and felt the plug shift as well. Now i was thinking about if the vaseline would leave a wet mark on my jeans.. it will look like i... oh my.

Master didnt drive far, and not in the direction of school, so i felt a bit at ease about who may be there. He parked in the street about a block down. The real good thing is that this happened in mid November, so it was pretty dark. The walk was fine... there was a tall hedge fronting two of the houses... so in hindsight, it wasn't bad. The cars were along both sides of the street as with any party... it was obvious that we were going to walk in to an already full party. As we approached the front door, i felt Master wind the leash around his wrist a couple of times... He knocked and then with the back of his hand pushed me back slightly.

The door opened and two guys came to the door... i could tell they had been partying for a bit... the screen door flew open and they ushered Master in and the ones fingers were immediately pinching my right nipple while he made all sorts of grunts... As i follwed Master in i felt his hand move to my back and run down my spine... just as i walked in the room full of people i had goose bumps ... my nipples stood out... Master knew everyone... and they all apparently knew of me already... " the new one" "this is the guy" "the new slave"... Master worked the room... i felt a bit better about being so exposed when i saw a guy in chaps walk past. They were all men... one TV that i could tell but it was quite a blur.

Master worked his way, with each introduction, there was already a wave further in... i was handed a beer... i needed it... i took a very frosty swig and felt the freeze all the wy down... and clenched my hole on the plug.

A couple of swigs later i heard Master say that we were heading back... with a "we'll catch up in a bit nod". within a few minutes, we mad it back to a bedroom where Master ushered me in and closed the door. There was an immediate knock on the door and i saw a familiar face jut in. It was Big. "need anything?" he asked. Master just replied... we need this slave naked... and with that and a tug, he unbuttoned my jeans... "strip". i looked at him and he just repeated himself again more aggressively... "Strip!". All of a sudden i became aware of the house full of guests... MEN outside the room. i slid the jeans down and lost the plug with them... Master kicked both the jeans and the plug under the bed. "You won't need those for a while... " "get up on the bed and present". 

immediately i felt Bigs finger dip in my hole. and then suck on it. "When can i have that again?' "You can be first" 

At that moment it all became real... i understood exactly. I was putting every comment i heard together, and i realized that i was the entertainment... 

i started to turn around to look back and Master grabbed my cock and balls at the base and like a handle directed my ass in the air... "arch your back" he said.

"If you want first dibs, you got them... go for it"

Big unzipped his pants and moved around the bed and said that he was ready but wanted my mouth first. I saw his big soft cock flop out of his pants and he pushed it at my face. Just as i started to get that cock head in my mouth... i heard a knock... i paused only to feel Big wriggle his cock... 

I immediately felt a mouth on my ass hole... opened wide cupping my entire sphincter and a tongue darted out and stabbed at my hole... This made me suck harder on Big and i could feel his cock stiffen and his hands pull my cheeks apart for the tongue in my hole. It wasn't more than a few minutes and another knock... i could hear the voices in the hall... i sucked harder... fully expecting Big to start moving back to my ass... The guy eating my hole out stood and pushed his cock in my ass... he took a full 10 strokes, stopped, and then one more stroke and started moaning ... he unloaded in my ass. He pulled out. and then said to Master... damn that is a nice ass.

i took that as a compliment, and felt proud. As he started to leave the room, i could hear others enter. Big said... "woah there... i'm already next". He said and pulled his cock out of my mouth and shuffled around the bed... He was familiar with my ass and was fucking it like it was his first time... his force flattened me out on the bed... his knees pushed my knees together while his stayed outside. i could hear the door open and others come in the room... it was a packed room and Big was putting on a show... i would later come to understand this as long dicking. He was pulling back to the brink of leaving my hole and then his body weight plus some thrust would drive his cock deep. Only when i felt his full weight crush me, did i know he came deep inside... i realized this was going to be a long night... already there was an obvious line for a shot at my hole... Master repositioned my ass in the air... stuck a finger in and said "next". 

I lost count. i tried to remember each unique style but they were going so fast, with no break, one after another i was fucked, and several used my mouth to cum in. and that is what really made me lose count. At one point my ass became an open sloppy hole and each thrust pushed as much cum out as was being put back in. the bed was soaked with cum and my freshly shaved crotch was feeling that sting of cum on raw skin... i could never see Master but with each cock, i heard him goad the men to fill me up.

I lost count. But Master didn't. He never said how many exactly, but he had me guessing and i am pretty sure it is somewhere between 27 and 31. i wish i could share each unique fuck, but i lost track... not remembering haunts me to this very day. This all happened before there was video. While there are many videos of similar and even larger events in someones tape collection, i wish i had record of this first one.

When asked how i was introduced to the lifestyle this is the weekend i think of. 

i have been a receptacle ever since.

8/4/2016 4:50:58 AM
Saturday continued

Master summoned me to him and told me to Present. He squeezed my ass cheek and said, "There is much to do... you need to go shower and report back immediately" 

He removed the collar and set it on the table. Smacked me on the ass and said get to it. As i crawled back down the hall he followed with " and be sure to clean that hole".

i could here the smile on his face, and that he said it while looking at Big and Quiet.

Once in the bathroom i stood and started the water... saw the bag hanging, found the ivory soap, razor... and removed my cockring. As i removed it i realized i had not cum at all. 

After a thorough cleansing and a self pep talk, i emerged from the bathroom fresh and clean. i crawled down the hall toward the living room where Master remained seated. Big and Quiet were gone. Master returned the collar to my neck and told me to stand. He inspected me turned, checked my ass, cupped and bounced my balls and ran his finger around my pubic area and up and down my legs... He approved with a "uh huh".

He leaned back and said there is much to do today... You may stand, walk and crawl as necessary. you will strip the beds, do the laundry, vacuum, mop the kitchen, clean the windows, and the baseboards. You will find everything you need in the utility room.

get to work.

i turned and then stopped. "Is there a party Sir"?

He said with a big grin "yes slave... but that is tonight, focus on what you have been told to do"

Yes Sir... as i walked away, he said "its just a party... it'll be fun to introduce them to my  slave"

The rest of the day ... i was just that... i was a slave. 

to be continued

8/3/2016 8:08:56 AM

The next morning i awoke in a daze. i found myself alone in Masters bed. Still wearing only the collar and the cockring, i stumbled down the hall to the bathroom. i pissed in the toilet and looked in the mirror. In my head i started to replay the night before as i doused my head and face. i turned to look at my ass as f to see if it was still attached. A wet finger found my hole and everything felt normal. i finished up, satisfied for the moment, i set out to find Master.

i went toward the kitchen and heard voices, i found all three men there talking. Master was standing and Big and Quiet were sitting. Master noticed me as i walked in the doorway and said "ahhhh good morning.... there is the slave, we were just talking about... why are you on your feet?"

i had forgotten again, and dropped to my knees.

"Nope. Not good enough. Return to the bedroom on hands and knees and then crawl back here in to the kitchen"

As i turned and crawled, Quiet made a mmm mmm good noise as he watched my ass slink out of view.

Why are they still here? ... i thought as i crawled

i made it back to the kitchen where Master and the men were talking again. i wasn't sure what to do. Master snapped his fingers and motioned his hand for me to come to him. The linoleum hurt my knees so i went slow and in a straight line ... stopping with my head to Masters hand. He raised it and pet my head, running his fingers in my hair. i felt a finger on my ass hole... it was Big.

"You didnt get enough last night" Master asked

Big replied with a No.

"Well if you want, you can take him in the living room and have him suck your cock. We need to let that hole rest until the party tonight.... you guys are both going to be there right?"

Bigs finger slid a bit deeper before he popped it out. 'Party?' 'rest my hole until...?' As big grabbed my collar he started to walk me to the other room... i looked back at Master and he had already turned to Quiet and said "I am going to have to get a new leash before the party" They continued to speak but i couldnt hear... i was entering the living room. Big dropped his pants and said... ahhhh "alone again naturally" he sat down and put my mouth on his cock... His cock was huge... my mouth started to feel the discomfort from the night before and i realized that i should have stayed in the bed.

Although, the more i sucked the harder he got, and the more i wanted to suck him. As i was getting to a great pace, Quiet and Master sat down in the living room and watched for several minutes. Master asked how i was doing. Big just muttered something. 

"We really need to save him for tonight. Why don't you save your load for his ass and that way he can rest those holes" 

Big gulped and Master must have known he was close.

"Finish him slave"

i sucked harder, regained the speed, and i felt his balls tighten up to his shaft... He pushed his hand on my head and shot down my throat... I didn't feel the spurts but then again, there wasn't a lot of room in my mouth. He held my head for a moment... softened his grip, and i found myself holding him in my mouth... i was waiting for him to get soft...

He stood and reached for his pants. Kissed me on the back of the head. I put my hands on the back of my neck and my head down... i could taste his cum, and i re-swallowed. 

i love cum

7/29/2016 1:19:42 AM
Friday continued...

Thoroughly clean on the inside, and as my collar was removed, i was told to shower quickly, put lotion on, and come to the living room. And he left.

I removed my cockring and showered. There was no need to shave as i was still smooth as glass. I showered, and dried off, fit the cockring on, and applied lotion.

As i walked into the living room i was reminded to crawl... 

i crawled over to the sofa as Sir snapped his fingers and pointed directly in front of him...i knelt as instructed the night before and was greeted by the return of the collar around my neck, no leash. He sad Present and i turned and presented my ass to him. 

i heard the vaseline container pop open and turned to look. He slapped my ass and said... Never look unless told! I immediately felt hm glob my hole and felt a finger stab all the way in... He fucked my ass steadily for a minute or so and then i felt the second finger join the first. He didnt even miss a thrust.... about the same time passed and a third finger joined... he was fucking me pretty hard and i found myself bracing against his fingering. He said, "Relax slave... we need to get you to relax"

Yes Sir

I started to feel like my hole was loosening up... i stopped squeezing against every thrust... but that relaxation stopped with a knock on the door. In my position i could just look up enough to see 4 legs standing at the door. They could see right in. They could see me. Master stood, exageratedly stepped over me and said "stay".

He opened the door and shook hands with one of the men... who asked if they had interrupted something... i could tell he smirked while asking. Sir replied with a... come on in... I have something to show you. They only had to walk 10 feet so i knew they had already seen me... the air moved over me as they approached. i felt the coolness over my glazed hole. I will refer to these men as Big, the one was very big, and Quiet... the other didnt say a word.

Big stopped very close to me, and squatted down. He said, " i remember you from the bookstore. I was there the day you swallowed his first load. ... looks like a fine young man" he said to Sir. Sir returned to the sofa behind me and started fingering my hole. He said that he was just getting my hole opened up. And he revealed that i was just trained on how to keep it clean. He started using two fingers, and he was working it aggressively now. i could tell i was loosening up... "Please send these men home" i thought to myself.

And at that very moment the Big guy said "let me feel that" and reached over and stuck a large finger in my hole... Sir removed his and the Big guy started thrusting his finger the same as Sir... "yeah it does feel good... a little tight". and with that he added a finger.

Sir told hm he was about to fuck me when they so rudely interrupted. Thats when quiet spoke for the first time... "Go ahead... don't let us interrupt you". Sir commanded that i turn around Reverse Present. He was standing when i got in position, and sat down on the sofa with his pants down... he guided my head to his cock and started working his cock inside. Big moved far enough to continue to finger my ass... and now quiet was reaching under me and tugging at my cock and balls saying "smoooooth". Master tossed Big the vaseline because i felt a new glob pushed in my hole. I could feel Sirs cock getting hard... he said "watch this... look what a good slave he is". With that he lifted his legs and i started to lick His ass... i found myself licking harder... being more aggressive in my tonguing... i had to make a good impression.

My  mouth was moved back to his cock and i sucked harder. Now i wanted him to fuck me. He told me to present and also urged me away from the sofa... he knelt behind me and slid his cock inside me... Oh my... that was easy i thought... with the next thrust, he burred his cock. He fucked me for about 7 minutes, Quiet continued to tug on my cock and Big had vanished from my view.

At that point Sir was full steam fucking my ass... and it was only a matter of time that he shot his jizz deep in my ass. He pulled his cock out proudly and said. " now that is a clean ass"

Then i was shocked when i heard him say, "You have to feel that ass, you'll love it" Big stood up and had obviously been sitting on the sofa jerking his cock... Sir stood, moved aside and Big knelt right in... I could tell his cock was bigger... the head was ...well it was now in me... and he was adjusting his position for a full assault. Out of nowhere Quiet was slithering on his ass with his cock right in my face... I heard Sir say suck it. Big ws deep in my ass. He ran out of room because i felt hm hit the wall... that dull ache . He pulled out and a few seconds later with a new glaze of Vaseline, he thrust in again... "That does feel good" The combination of a load of cum made his big cock slide better and slide it did... he started to push me forward and eventually i found my face on Quiets belly, laying nearly flat out while Big pounded my ass. Quiet slid out of the way and Big just kept going ... only stopping to spit on his hand and wet his cock and pushed it back in... In hindsight, that man could fuck... he too came deep in my ass and just layed on top of me. i was breathless with a hard cock in my ass.... my hole was throbbing,... about 45 seconds he did a push up and rose up, his cock yanked from my ass. Quiet wasted no time and replaced Big, lifted my hips up and thrust his cock in.. he fucked like a rabbit, and in a few minutes, added his load. All three of them flopped back two on the sofa an Big in the lazyboy a few feet away.

i layed there in a daze... staring at the ceiling fan in the dining room.

Over the next 3 or 4 hours, i would be fucked by each a second time (swallowing the load of the two guests) Sir left another in my ass where his cock stayed for some time. i got my first taste of piss (just an inadvertent squirt... ).

And that was just the beginning of the weekend...

7/27/2016 7:16:40 PM
Friday and the weekend

The night before i spent the evening at His house. i learned positioning and for the first time, He fucked my ass... leaving a large load of cum deep inside. He pulled out and we both realized it was messy and he did not sound pleased about that... and nor was i. He insisted that i return home (i take the bus) without allowing me to clean up... slide jeans up and hit the street. It is fair to say that i was new to being ass fucked. I didnt know the things i know, the training has solved these issues... but I will speak of this event because it has in fact set the tone for the next several decades. With every move, like walking, boarding the bus etc., i detected the scent of the mess... I was concerned about the dorm and more so if someone i knew stopped me to talk. Because of the time of night, and the fact it was Thursday, i avoided any detection by others. But I didn't avoid learning more lessons. A certain amount of effort is made to put the cum in there. But what i learned was... cum wants to come out, and out it did. Cum was bubbling out of my ass the whole way up the stairs of the dorm. I couldn't stop it. Before i left His house he said we would rectify the situation.

I arrived at the door and started to knock and remembered that i was to just go inside. i stripped in the open doorway as taught, knelt, folded my clothes, placed them in the empty bottom drawer and then opened my mouth. I knelt for some time. The thought of the door being open excited me, my cock stiffened a bit and i felt the cock ring. 

A few moments later He walked in the room, He was dressed. He approached me and told me to Present. i turned and was elbows and knees, ass in air, back arched.

"Good boy".

The next thing i knew he was placing a dog collar around my neck... with a leather lead. He locked the collar and gave it a tug. In hindsight that was less of a check and more of a ... you are on a leash. 

As i held my position i looked out the door and saw the sidewalk... for a moment... I saw the reflection in the glass storm door. I only caught a glimpse when he tucked again and said "walk". I started to stand and he immediately pushed my shoulders down and said... "you will crawl".

As we started to walk, he swung the main door closed. he stepped ahead of me and sat on the sofa... he told me to present. I turned and assumed the position. 

This is the moment when it all came together... the defining moment of my life.

i felt His hand on my right as cheek. His thumb slightly in the crack of my ass. He held it there and said, "You are going to become my slave. You will do everything I say, you will do it without hesitation, without fear. You will learn how to behave and how to serve me to the best of your ability. My job is to make you the best slave you can be. Your job is to please me. You will learn the rules... and there will be a long list... and i have the right to change them at any time to suit me." 

"How does that make you feel ... slave?"

I had so many questions and concerns... i didnt know what to ask first, but i said "OK"

His hand raised from my ass cheek and slapped hard. He said... Lesson one... You will ALWAYS call me Sir... you will always say yes Sir. You will not look me in the eye when speaking and you will have to ask permission to speak." ... "For right now you may speak normally... because you will be full of questions and there is a lot of things to learn."

"Any Questions?"

I said "No <and paused and quickly said> Sir!" as if I was the only one in the class to know the right answer.

He continued with the basic rules... I was always to be nude in the house, he reminded me that i was always to be shaved, and always wear the cock ring he gave me the night before. And then he said, you will always be clean. i said "Yes ... Sir" I needed some work on that. 

"Do you know what I mean when I say clean?"

"yes Sir!, it means to take a shower every day, pick up after myself, leave everything as before"

He chuckled and said... "Yes... you are correct... but what I mean is this, as important as anything, This <his finger pushed about a half inch into my ass> is to be clean at all times. INSIDE and out." My head dropped, reminded of the night before. 

I tried to think of what to say, but He said it for me. "I am going to teach you how, right now"

He stood and started to walk ... I caught myself starting to rise and returned to my elbows and knees. I don't think he saw that, but he said, that i may crawl using my hands and knees. I appreciated the soft beige carpet.

He led me to the bathroom. He said from this moment, this room will take on a new form for you. You will never close the door, you will hardly use the toilet, and that is only with permission. ... We are going to clean out your ass. I like to fuck, lick, finger my slaves ass... I want it to be always clean. STAND.

He marched right into it... he described the red rubber bag... he told me about water and body temperature, types of soaps, some fun things we will do another time... he showed me the nozzle, how to turn it on and off, and He said the most important thing... how to fill the hose before using it (getting the air out). He prepared the water, added the Ivory soap and told me to get in the tub. He corrected me to face away from the drain. I turned and he told me to present. The bathtub was cold, i was nervous, and scared... i had heard the word enema before... but really wasnt aware of what it was. 

With no fanfare he fingered my hole with Vaseline, squirted the hose on my back, and inserted the nozzle. In no time i felt a rush of temperature change in my ass and water trickle out... He told me to hold my hole shut... then I felt my insides and the slight temperature difference. It felt like it was going in my ass and legs... then... the pressure on my hole increased... i was reminded of the cum forcing its way out the night before.

He said to look back and i saw him holding the bag... it was empty. He started to refill it at the sink. I wasnt sure what i was supposed to be doing but i was feeling uncomfortable.

As he connected the hose to the red bag, and primed the hose, he said to release... I looked back at him with probably a classic look, and he said to release... i tried... it took me a bit, and i felt a trickle... his finger slid in my ass to the hilt and he pulled it out... and that did the trick. I wont share the details, but lets just say, I learned how to, and the reason why, a slave keeps his ass clean. 

I became a slave that night, but it started in that arcade.

5 bags of soapy water followed by clear, He said i was clean. I felt empty. That would change in a way i never imagined. very soon.

7/26/2016 7:09:26 PM
Thursday arrived. 

I prepared myself for that evening... showering in the dorm, very aware of anyone that entered the dorm bathroom. i found the excitement knowing that i was shaving my body for this man... i strive for perfection. no cuts... no hair.

I got dressed in a hurry remembering not to wear underwear. i wore jeans and a t-shirt with gym shoes. caught the bus and started the journey to His house. The big door was open so as i knocked on the storm door He came to the door, naked. he gestured for me to come in. i did and immediately stripped... i knelt and fidgeted in the exact position he instructed, then opened my mouth wide. i didn't care that my back was to the glass storm door, i wanted to show him how i listened.

He stood back and looked at my body... i would learn that inspections are to be expected. i felt a slouch in my shoulders and straightened up... he said good boy. Those words resonated to me, but i wasn't sure why... he looked down my back and his hand grazed over the cheeks of my ass, his finger tip lightly passed my hole. missing. He said, "you shaved your ass too... very good, from now on you will be hairless from the neck down. While i contemplated all of the situations where that may be embarrassing, his cock entered my mouth. 

i sucked his cock for about 10 minutes interrupted only when he reached down, lifted both of my arms and put my palms on the back of my head. It felt awkward fr a bit, but he steadied me by placing his hand on the top of my head and his fingers overlapped mine. He was fucking my face... my cock stirred.

He told me to stand... helping me by holding my arms in place. He reached over to the mail table and grabbed something... I looked but didnt see... i tried to see and he just grabbed my chin and said "nuh uh... keep your eyes forward". He started to fumble with my cock and balls... i felt a tug and some twisting followed by his fingers pushing down against me pretty hard... 3 times... each followed by a click... a snap. He stood up and guided my head downward. my cock and balls had a leather band around the base. This was my first cock ring. "You will wear this at ALL times... remove it only when showering. It should always be three snaps. 

"Now we need to discuss some rules". When you enter my house, you will strip at the door. From now on you will kneel immediately and fold your clothes, and place them in the bottom drawer in that chest by door... then you will kneel in position like you did this eve. From now on, you will enter if the door is open... no need to knock... i know who you are and always that you are coming. Always be prompt. He continued... "Now, lets talk positions"... I was not comprehending really what he was talking about ... but his hand pushed me to the floor and he told me to kneel... i did just as before by the door. whew... I got that right. Then he described "Present" and then gave the word... I immediately got on elbows and knees, ass in air. he pushed on the small of my back and said to arch. He squated down behind me and with a wet finger placed on my hole he used his foot to spread my feet wider. This is very critical. he rubbed the fingertip over my hole and then took it away. Hold it there. When ever i faultered he would push me back in position. By the end of the evening, i had learned 7 positions as well as how to crawl. 

The entire time, during this positioning, he was telling me that he was in the military and wanted me to be fit. That sounded good to me... he said it also assures me that you will be perfectly positioned for my enjoyment. He said Present, and i did as told. Like earlier in the week he started fingering my hole with lots of lube... He was much quicker to introduce a second and then a third finger in my ass. He said something about me needing another lesson and then stopped. I was surprised to then feel the assault of his cock pushing in my ass... It took him about a minute to work it in... but it did go in. He held it there and i was squeezing hard on it. He held it inside me for several minutes... and i felt his cock jerking inside me... he came deep inside... When he pulled out I was embarrassed by the smell, and what was obviously a messy situation. He said that we will address that this weekend. 

Go get dressed and I will see you tomorrow at 5PM. I asked if I could clean up and he said NO... We will address it tomorrow evening. 

As i left, walking as if to avoid contact with my jeans... he said dismissed.

I guessed he meant class dismissed because of the training.

7/25/2016 9:00:25 PM
The next day moved very slowly for me. i couldn't get my mind off going over to his house. In preparation i showered and shaved my face to make sure it was nice and smooth, got dressed, and headed to the bus stop. i had the whole schedule and connections committed to memory. the bus let me off a block from his home. 

He came to the door in a robe. i could tell he was naked underneath because that familiar hard-on was jutting out against the terrycloth. he welcomed me in and immediately pushed me to my knees and stuffed his cock in my mouth. i was shocked because the door was open and i could see the street... i felt so exposed. i was sucking his cock but my eyes were on the street.

After several minutes, he pulled his cock from my mouth and told me to undress. Whew, that means we will move further in the house. i stripped, as he watched closely. Once naked, he stood there, so, i dropped to my knees. i assumed he wanted me to suck his cock. 

He grabbed me by the hair and guided me to a standing position. He said, "I thought I told you to shave"? my hand lifted to my face and i started to say... he put his finger to my lips and said "Don't speak".

He had me lay down on the bed face up. he said close your eyes. i did. Needless to say, he shaved my chest belly and pubes. he lifted my legs and told me to grab my ankles. he shaved my ass crack. He told me to roll over and rubbed my ass... cheeks and just sighed and said yes... very nice. 

i am not very hairy to begin with, especially then... but now i was smooth. i didn't know then, but i would remain smooth to this very day.

He slapped my ass and sent me to the shower.

I emerged a hairless boy... he was sitting on the sofa and had a porno playing. i looked at the movie and saw it was all guys... but i did not have long to watch... he now had me on all 4s licking his balls. all i could hear was the groans of the men on the TV... while licking his balls he jerked his cock. i would frequently move up to suck his cock, but he kept my face at his balls... he said it feels so good. i kept licking. he told me to suck them... he taught me how to not use teeth, and lick with a broad tongue. He would raise and lower his pelvis to essentially guide my mouth where he wanted me to lick. At this moment he simultaneously lifted his heels to the front edge of the cushion and pushed my mouth down ... my nose under his balls, he said" LICK"... i started to lift up to go back to his balls and he put pressure on my head and said, "lick my crack... lick my asshole". Oh my, this was new territory... i have read of analingus... lol... that word sounds so clinical now. i licked... i rimmed, my first ass... and it was all good. 

He eventually married his cock to my mouth and came down my throat. 

He wasn't done. he told me to stand and face him... i did realizing he was admiring the way he shaved me... he caressed my now smooth skin. For the first time he stroked my cock... which was rock hard. He reached around and rubbed my ass cheeks. In one fell swoop he pulled me over his knees, and started spanking my ass. He said that I am to never disobey him and to shave my body every day. i was shocked that he was spanking me... i'm a college student! His forearm was across my back keeping me down and he spanked my ass several more times. 

And then a new first. He started to stick a lubed finger up my ass. I squeezed hard... his finger (I smile at this), his 1 finger felt like the Empire State building in my ass. He started to fuck me with that finger. The pressure of his arm relaxed... he kept an elbow on my back but that hand was roaming over my ass. It felt amazing.  It wasn't long and he had me over the arm of that over stuffed sofa and was in turn, tonguing my asshole... he alternated his tongue and finger.

After some time he stopped. he guided me to the floor. told me to kneel. It took several times but he finally got me to kneel the way he wanted. he shifted on the sofa so that he was right in front of me. He told me that he wanted me to come over on Thursday eve... and then plan on coming over for the weekend. He reminded me that I was to remain shaved, and that i should never wear underwear to his house. He said from now on, i am to show respect for his house and fold my clothes in a neat pile at his door. and then kneel like this, mouth open. 

"While we are at it" he said, "Suck my cock some more"

At the guidance of his hand, i sucked, licked his balls, and his asshole until he came again. I now knew what having your ass licked felt like and knew he was feeling it too. 

I know now i was not prepared for what was to follow.

7/25/2016 8:08:12 PM
I get asked this frequently. When did you serve your first Master?

i served my first Master when in college. It didn't start that way, although really it did. I discovered an adult bookstore in the town next to my college town. This is back in the 80s, so the arcade was still the video loops... mostly Swedish Erotica stuff. It was not my goal at all to go there to "hook up"... i was a horny boy needing to masturbate. Once I discovered the arcade, I went almost daily. 

One day i entered a booth (in those days they were pretty small, and this guy in a suit kinda pushed his way in as i was closing the door... he said that we could share the booth and the cost. Sweet, remember i am a college student. i was shocked that he immediately unzipped his slacks an whipped out an already hard cock... it was huge. He started rubbing my jeans... but quickly his hand pushed my head to his cock... i had to kneel and he made sure of it. It didnt take long and he dumped his load in my mouth. I swallowed it... it was very thick. He left and that was it. so i thought.

As i said, i was going almost every day... and there he was... his pursuit of me around the arcade was relentless. i really just wanted to jerk off, but once again... his cock was pumping my mouth again. This went on for weeks... and i was really enjoying him using me and disappointed if our paths did not cross.

The next time he saw me he walked in my booth... (by this time i was holding the door open for him). This time he didn't guide me down to feed... he said that he wanted to enjoy me longer and to follow him home. Well i didn't have a car... there was only the bus. He said that he would drive me back to my dorm later. In a weird way, i trusted him.

We got to his home... there was no turning back now. We walked in the kitchen door and he pointed to the living room. i wasn't really sure what to do so i stood in the middle. He appeared removing his tie and started to unbutton his shirt. he said... why don't you get comfortable... i started to get undressed , but was moving slowly... watching to time my undressing to his. Needless to say, he was naked first, and his cock was already hard... he motioned for me to hurry it up and I dropped all of my clothes in a heap and dropped to my knees.  He fed me his cock... it felt so much better than that small phone booth sized video arcade... there was infinite room and he took advantage of that by pushing my face to his balls... and reaching down my back and squeezing my ass. His hands were strong and he was making me melt by rubbing my back.

i swallowed his load.

Now is a good time to say that in the previous 25 meetings at the arcade, he never stayed or really cared if i came.. he would leave. i of course would stay behind, drop some quarters and jizz away.

For the first time he told me to lay on my back and jerk off for him... i did gladly. I came up to my chin and all over my chest and belly, He told me to lick my fingers and scoop up the rest and lick your fingers till it is all gone. i like the way cum tastes and mine was no exception.

He gave me a tour of the house, it was really nice and then he told me that he wanted me to come over again the next evening... and he drove me home. 

As i exited the car, he grabbed my waistband, and said. "you should consider shaving"

He drove off.

7/7/2016 9:09:16 AM
Todays ball weights came to 1.5 lbs, while riding increasingly larger dildos (up through 9" circumference) for 4 hours. Great training day

2/9/2016 7:08:09 AM
Humiliation... Everyday i am asked what is humiliating to me. I usually respond with the question to the Master/Sir... "What is humiliating to you Sir?" Humiliation is one of those kinks that can, for all intents and purposes, diminish and go away. At some point, a slave no longer is bashful about being naked in front of others... serving others, licking, drinking eating, swallowing, wallowing... being called names... making a mess, being the mess, cleaning up the mess. A true slave will adopt these into its daily life, and they become what he is. There are some things that i still find humiliating... it is up to the Master to draw them out and make them routine.

10/20/2015 9:02:55 AM
Like so many other things, bananas taste better after being in my ass.

5/14/2015 5:49:21 PM
OMG. Some dweeb contacted me out of the blue with an email that said in as many words. "When can you get here and be my property" I replied with a thank you for the offer and then he replied to that saying that i do not follow orders and scolded me for not sending a date when I can just show up. Seriously... Wow... A lot of Doms rant about fakes and flakes... they are on both side of the crop.

12/9/2013 8:26:56 AM

I love Mondays, typically it is spent training my ass with increasingly larger dildos and plugs.

8/5/2013 4:03:53 AM

Yet another weekend passes and no asses wanting to be worshiped.

7/26/2013 8:31:10 PM

Another weekend and no asshole to lick.

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