Vertical Line



Ok so most of the info I have given is true but old, dating back to the old name of this web-page. Some changes are in order to note as my wife and I are splitting up after many years and all our kids are grown, so I am out looking again. Ok it may seem odd that some people do not update there profile,(cough), but I for one am still fore going any further, yes I am married and yes she knows(chuckle if you want you can talk to her), not that any of that mattersto some.Who am i? I am me. I think it interesting and sad, to thing that people can sum them selves up so neatly in little pagkages, ning a few lines of text... Ok, lets try to get at least the basics out, otherwise if you think you want to know more about me ask me... talk to me... do not count on this static line of text. What I am looking for. * A sub that is not afraid to face herself and her own fears.* Some one that can go to dennys and not freak out the mundains.* Somoene with understands that a good relationship is a mixture of the following passionlust friendshipand all the other parts that will pop up.* To a playfull fun friend ship- to enjoy all the odd things that will come our wayFor some of the other basses though I am a hetrosexual male Dom that enjoys inflicting pain. Sexually sadistic you might say. Ok. I need someone who is smart... I need intelligent conversations for stimulation... whether Including subbie mind games or just talking about what is going on in the would.(And yes, I am married, and she does know. Ask her it is dustbunny on If you want to know what is up with us ask one of us, but be aware that we do not play together.

arg just know editing your profile means it need to be re apuved and you will not be able to send any measages untill it is... bummer

Ok I found a new pet-peeve, The GOR folks who never cracked a book by John Norman.