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Edit 28 Jan, 14: I'm looking for friends only. Please do not contact me unless you have read my whole profile. Please do not contact me if you are married.

I want a Dom (at least 45 years of age) to guide me, be affectionate and be a positive influence. I'm not into pain but love feeling controlled. I need a lot of communication.

What I offer: intelligent conversation and never-ending curiousity about people and the world in general. I'm willing to learn new things and explore new experiences. I am willing to be molded (somewhat) to your taste.

I am looking for a one on one long term relationship. I Won't share. I'm looking for a one on one relationship. I Won't share.

I am not looking for a long distance relationship, they can be sooo difficult. If you are more than a 2-3 hour drive away, it probably won't work.

I want a physically affectionate relationship as well as kink. Plain ol' P-V sex is a must. More graphic sex conversations will take place after we get to know each other better.

No smokers please, I'm allergic.

If what I've said doesn't appeal, best of luck to you finding what You desire.
I'm getting rid of my home internet service soon. See you and good luck to all!

My dog just died today. I miss him so much.

Am I the only user who can't see the message boards??

I love men of integrity. To the misanthrope who shat in my inbox, carry on with your emotionally desolate life. You don't even have the courage of your convictions when you dump, block and run. Worthless poison.

I'm going away for a few weeks. Have fun without me!

I've pretty much given up hope of finding someone via this website. I'm sticking around for the laughs and discussions on the chat side.

Happy Belated Birthday to me (23 Aug)!!

Going away for over a week, have a Happy Fourth!!

Looking for my Johnny Lingo........

Dang it!! I just burned the pecan brittle!!

Merry Christmas to one and all. May the spirit of Christmas reside within you all year long.

Is anyone else having trouble getting on to the message boards, I wonder?

"Personally, I've had a very busy 10-14 days. I've been running around like a blind man in a fish market who thinks he's gonna get laid."


Wow, that phrase will surely win you big points!!

Boo-hoo! I don't have a fella to go with to the town summer festival!  :-(

Had a fine weekend at my brother's place! I got a little crispy staying in the water too long!!

Woo-hoo!! I'm back to running water!! Discovered my main shut-off valve was leaking at 3:45 pm on Friday. Looooved having to run the stairs all weekend turning on/off the valve. Not!! I suppose I should be grateful the valve was operable and not filling my basement.

Too bad TT, I think you have a nice smile.

Woo-hoo! Appraiser has come and gone!

I'm getting my house ready for an apprasial. I'm not spending any time here right now.

I made a mistake in a cmail a few days ago.  I meant DALE Carnegie, not Andrew. Ooopsie!!

I had a good chuckle over an unsolicited cmail. How very "Domly" of you.

Merry Christmas!! "And God Bless us, everyone!!"


(Not to one cmailer in particular).


Ok, we've exchanged mutual pleasantries for a long while. We have both been courteous and receptive to one another. We have determined neither of us is a stalker.


Please, enough with the one-liners about the weather. Take a chance and ask me out for a cup of coffee!

I sooooooo do not want to go to work tonite!!      I posted this on a thread today, I think it's worth repeating.... "Do it now, it's later than you think".

I'm looking forward to an event here in town this weekend!!

I'm bummed, and overthinking a disappointment too much.

I did get to see the exhibit I wanted to in Minneapolis. It was great! I wish my firstly (or secondly) invited company would have come with me. It would have been even better.


I want to go to the last shuttle launch. I hope it doeesn't interfere with a nephew's wedding in July. Cross your fingers for me!

I might be going to Minneapolis tomorrow. Road trip!!

The need to surrender is one of the great paradoxes of love. Surrender may seem like giving up. Or giving in. But in reality we are strengthened when we actively choose to make ourselves vulnerable. We are empowered by sharing our deepest self with another person, offering him or her our heart, our soul, our life. Surrender is an act of free will. A sacred trust. --- Ellen Sue Stern 

This was too long for my sig line!

  Someone was viewing my profile, so I checked their profile. He was too far for me to consider, but I send friendly comments if I see something interesting in their profile. I wrote a 2 sentence note, and found out when I hit send he had blocked me already!! If he had read my profile, he would have realized he was too far (like a continent too far!!)and been "safe" from my attentions! What a scared little bunny rabbit!! 

There's a museum exhibit I would like to go to before it closes on May 1st. I also want to go to FL next month.


ETA: I posted this entry as a way of making myself follow-through vs asking someone to take me.


I'm was looking for flights to FL today and think I'm going to go in June vs April now.

I can hardly wait for spring!!

Merry Christmas and God Bless Us Everyone!!

never mind - Emily Latella

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

What a gloomy day. I can't get enthused to put my storm windows on.

Someone informed me they thought my journal entries were all rants. I don't think so, but:

This giraffe walks into a bar. He says "The highballs are on me" ((Thanks JP)!

What does a killer whale and Tupperware have in common? They both like a nice tight seal.

What's gray and comes in quarts? Elephants!

(Thank you! I'll be in my chair here all week!!)

Woo-hoo!!! My pc is back!!
I'm going away for the weekend. I hope you enjoy yours!!

Happy Birthday to me!

Going out of town for the weekend. No cm for me!
I liked the nic you insulted me with initially, ******1. In all reality, move out of your Mom's basment!!
Where does "friends only" translate to "I'm married and f-ing around"?
I just got my pc back after a few weeks of it being broken. Yay!! I can see cm again!!
I don't want to be negative and talk about weasels who slam my profile and run, so instead I'll say I appreciate kind and complimentary inquiries and replies. There are plenty of nice people here.
Why would someone say Hi and then block me less than 5 minutes later (before I saw it or had a chance to reply)??

Do me a favor and keep me blocked, OK?? 
I really wish people who write to me would tell me how they saw my profile when they don't show up on the "Who's viewing me" page. It makes me think I'm getting spam when I don't see them on that page AND they don't include anything specific to ME when they write. I generally will not reply.
Happy Fourth  of July, all! I'm going camping!!
I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend!!
I will be gone for a few days. Have a great Memorial Day, everyone!!
I have been back from Florida for almost a month. I just went for vacation. Happy first day of spring to all!
See ya cruel (winter) IL!! Hello sunny Florida!!!
Am so glad I'm going to sunny Florida soon!!
I'm a little dissappointed in myself. At 2:45 am I suggested cmailing some other time to a certain "dom". I logged off and today I found an insulting reply. I debated and debated with myself. I should have just let the l*ser slink  back from whence he came. I took the low road and tried to insult him back. He had already blocked me. I had a very good laugh and knew I should have listened to the better angels of my conscience.
Camping was great! Back to the saltmines!
I will be away from my pc til Monday. Happy Fourth of July, everyone!!!