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so like im not collared anymore. i still with the love of my life but he is letting me explore this side of my life. i did find out i have both personalities. A-i have to be dominate and cant be sub for a long period of time. i love both sides but i cant pick one. i am more looking for someone to explore my dominate side. i love puppy play and butler, and anything i want to come up with. if i find someone that strikes my interests there will be a little bit of talking before my personal information is released. before anything is set up i will let my boyfriend take a look and he decides if there will be a meeting then we go from there after the meeting if he still likes you then more will come of it. if you dont pass either one of both we can still talk but dont think there will be a meeting, i do still like talking to people and be friends. i am looking for someone that is going to want to be around for quiet some time. i am a fun out going type of person. i am quite at times but i will speak my opinion when needed. no personal emails I WILL NOT GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION to just anyone after a while of getting to know you, will learn as we go. if you do not like this then do not message me or give me problems because i will block you. i do not take any bull from anyone. if you are into something that is long term, spanking, bondage, being a pup and being walked around, made to go fetch stuff for me, being humiliated in front of people, wearing a collar, relocating to us, and bending to our every will message me any time ^^ i hope you have a wonderful time reading this and looking at my pics ^^ message me only if you want to chat as friends, or be my sub....thank you ^^ tehe

I'm kinds getting sick of the fake people like come on now of your day your want to do something then do it gah I hate fake people


if you want to message me for anything make sure you have prove to back up your story, weather it be pictures of what your saying is true or whatever, i will be the judge of what i count is enough prove and i will delete and block you if you don't have anything to back up your story or if you dont want to provide prove. 


im done with the bull so yea...



So ya finally has sex outside for my first time really and it was exciting looking over our shoulder to see if anyone is watching and the fear of getting caught by the wrong people and getting into trouble if we did. The organism was so intense I think I have a new addiction. Sex outside was almost the best sex. We also did a rap sence where he just randomly threw me over his shoulders without knowing what was going on and he went up stairs to the bedroom and handcuffing my hands behind my back and ripped off my clothes shredding them all to pieces and leavin them on the floor. Sticking a little vibrator up my ass and on in my pussy making me lay on my back Laying half way off the bed. He then gaged me with his penis and barely letting me breathe. Slapping my face when I wasn't sucking fast enough for his taste. Flicking and pulling on my nipples and occationally slapping my tits around so I would Hummm and go deapper on his penis. He would push down so he could reach my pussy and slap the clit making my puszy extremely wet and red. After that he threw me on the ground taking out the vibrator from my pussy and starting to fuck me with his thrombin cock. Spanking my ass with his powerful hands and pulling my hair so I would have to look back at him so he could slap my face and making it sting for no reason at all just to please himself. After he was finished with me he came all over my face leaving me on the floor with a vibrator in my ass cum all over my face and still handcuffed he cleaned himself up turned on some music spit on my face and told me this is what i got for being such a whore then left me there for hours sitting there waiting in the dark wondering if he was ever going to come back for me or if he ever remembered me.

i the other night i had some interesting experiences. i got to play with wax, knife, i tried quiet a few floggers, paddles. with the wax i tried two different types of candles one was red scented and the other a purple tea candle. the red one i found out i like better and it comes off my skin a lot easier. the knife play was used to get the wax off of me and my friend that was teaching me about the different things, he let me use the knife of him and we have a video of it, which when i get it ill post it on here. i tried plastic and leather that i know of at the moment, it went from one strand to 15 strands, homemade floggers, i found out i like the ones with the most strands better then the least. i tried a heart shaped paddle, a ping pong ball paddle, two homemade paddles which one was thin and flat on one side and the other side angled and was wrapped in electric tape and the other was a thick huge wooden paddle which i like more then the other one.

this was an interesting night which come to find out this would have been called my first play party lol. 

thank you for reading and this was an exciting experience i just had to share..^^

so i came across my first fake person...


very interesting story if you would like to hear about it message me lol 


gah how people can make up a whole story and wrap you in it and when you try to poke holes in it they block you..


i may seem stupid at times but i do check out every story i come across to make sure i know what I'm getting into..


fun fun fun lol

so been going threw a lot of different profiles, trying to figure out what are all the options out there. i keep coming up on these dominate females that are after money and pretty much that alone. i under stand that there are some sub guys out there that are willing to give money, but come on now if you are that desperate to give money for attention there are cheaper ways of doing it. i might not be a pro in this lifestyle but come on now I'm pretty sure it was not made so you can give money out to people that can't get a job themselves. i believe this lifestyle is for people that has fetishes that most people can not wrap their head around and most people count as sick or disgusting. i think instead of calling yourself a dominate female you should call yourself a gold digger cause that is what you are pretty much, and plus you are selling your pictures if you have nude ones up and you are asking for money. i understand the real dominate females that uses the money for supplies or time to do their thing with you and that is reasonable, because i looked up real crops and they are not cheap at all, but to those that are using the money for their own good or whatever gah they are annoying. 


thanks for reading my rant lol

i hope you had fun and i hope you have a good day ^^


well so far i met a few pretty cool people. i like what i am seeing and I'm not worried about starting anymore conversations. if anyone would like to start one i won't deny a good conversation. i have came across my first ahole. everyone deserves to be happy no matter what you are into. if it makes you happy then go for it. you only get one life live it the way you won't too. weather it be under some one else's control or your own. if you love what you are doing then it is worth doing. i came across someone that tried to tell me to leave my Master and well it is not going to happen. no matter if you far more experienced then we are, i think personally it is better to learn together with someone you trust not to cross your boundaries that you set out. i have a few new friends or that other word i can not think of or even come close to spelling so spell check can help me lol. i think it is fun to learn about other peoples experiences and maybe it will turn into something more in the future you never know, what the future holds. it is so amazing to think that tomorrow never really comes because it is always today and yesterday never came ^^

thank you to everyone for reading this. i hope you had a good time reading my little bit of info that i wanted to share. 

hope you guys have a goodnight and a great day.

live life happily ^^

i guess so far in my journey i have giving up messaging people first. most people doesn't have the guts to reply to at least say I'm not interested in what you are saying. i will still look at others profiles and take the time to read threw everything they have to say and if i really like it, then maybe i will send you a message. if anything else i would like people to take the time to message me first.

i do love talking to new people and getting to know them, not looking for something to just jump into or just a fling. i am looking for a long term.

i will let you know what i am looking for and what is going on so there is no surprises later. i will respect what you have to say. and if anything progresses from where we started off then i welcome it. 

blarg....i wonder why people won't reply to a message when they have read it. like come on now you can at least tell the person hey I'm not interested I'm sorry. gah. its funny but hey its ok. the ones that takes the time to write back no matter the message i look up too. 

i am looking to have friends and people to talk to as well as a sub. 

I'm here for the experience and the only way to get that is threw talking about the subject or hands on. 

i believe everyone has a place on this earth even though i do not believe in god i do believe everything happens for a reason. 

i love talking to new people and getting to know them, its not hard to read people threw messages and tell if people are telling the truth it just takes me some time, its a lot easier for me to tell in person but hey I'm looking to start it either on here or my yahoo. then we can go to phone and then meetings in person.

i am looking for long term not just someone to have fun with or just sex. i am looking for a friend that is kinky. 

be yourself and i will talk to you. i also can tell if a photo has been changed or if that is not your true photo. if i see this is true i will not talk to you anymore because i hate fake people. i do understand if you want to get to know the person before sending pics, because of the fact you don't know where they could go and what the other person could do with them, without you knowing they had even done it. 

i hope you guys that took them time to read this, had fun reading, and hope to hear from some of y'all soon

have a great day.

yay my first journal entry....