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Hetero Male Master,  South Paris, Maine
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I am looking for a submissive. Simple as that. Everything else is up for negotiation.. I strongly believe that however the dom/sub relationship is structured, it must be based on communications, trust, and the sub's consent to the level of kink. The dom has many responsibilities. Too many men say they are doms as a way to hopefully find sexual gratification and nothing else. It is deeper than that!! Intelligence is important! How can one truly realize the lifestyle without enough mind to appreciate it? I have found the great majority of people in the lifestyle are indeed intelligent which is a big draw for me. Activity level and intensity vary. No sadist, I do enjoy the sub who wants intensity and wants her limits pushed. If she has hidden desires I generally will sense them and she shall receive. Conversely, I will play with a beginning sub. It is interesting to teach and also to find her limits however slight. If they expand that is good. If not, she has perhaps learned something. About being married: She is married to her business. She also has a skin condition that precludes touch most of the time. I found my kink late, and here I am. My week days and evenings are my own making meetings easy. If you have a problem with this, move on. In this profile I will not be lewd or "vulgar". Let it suffice to say I will give all the sensations you wish but will never abuse the relationship. My limits are no scat, watersports, blood. Beyond that, whatever the relationship evolves to throiugh communications.










Last Online:


 Dominant Male

 South Paris 


 5' 11"

 215 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

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