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? i just love the feeling of my budding breasts swelling into my bra's fabric, even more so when estrogen is building fresh tissue. The feeling of my butt straining against clothes that once fitted me well - oh wow! i've been wearing bras and undies since i stopped caring about being a man. i go under hypnosis frequently, for a variety of intended effects. Mainly submission to Women, and to accelerate my feminisation, both mentally and physically. So far, i've become curvier, (almost) impotent, and i only engage in receptive sex positions. That realization is both as thrilling and liberating, totally complimentary to my fast fading masculinity. ? As for what I'm looking for, several things could satisfy me. Continuing my feminization under the care and guide of a loving and determined Lady would be ideal. Transitioning with another t girl would be so much fun, as would a lesbian lover, a bi woman who prefers women, and would like to watch her new girlfriend blossom.. or a straight woman who would want a eunuch (castration!). Another recent thing is a desire for a Man in my life. A Dom, a Daddy.. Someone who wants to make me pretty before i get fucked. A man who will enforce His beauty standards upon me :) If you found me and have read this far, say hi to me. Today might be our lucky day! ? If you have Kik, and wanna skip this place, msg me - dizk0 (zero at end). Just be sure to mention CollrarSpace. Spammers never say CollarSpace ;)
i would love a feedee..
my newfangled chastity device just fell off when i was having a nap just then. i awoke to *the* most painful boner, ever. i could see fresh stretchmarks tearing through the head.. ouch!
She calls me, a referral from another client. after getting to know Her needs and wants, and assessing if i could be of help, and sending pxts of angles She wanted to see, She decided that i would be an awesome mr. right now, and how kind of me it was to be a slave-whore who finds most bodies hot, and is adorably respectful to BBWs. She told me to get dressed, because She'd be there in 30 mins. i open the door, and warmly greet Her. we sit down, and casually says how enjoyable it is to be flexible in planning. i couldn't say no to Her drugging me. She tells me i won't remember a thing for a few days, as ill be Her mindless whore-slave. She tells me to pack a bag of whatever ill need for a week, except clothes. The last thing i remember was putting on the seatbelt, wincing a little at the wierdly shaped buttplug was reshaping my pussy. i started to remember things two nights ago. i woke up in my room, because a buttplug was hurting me. i pulled it out, and gasped at how it gaped. i remember another needle in the room She kept me in. it was testosterone. That was alongside two viagra, one sheet in box, most gone. when i was showering last night, i discovered two big estrogen patches on the back of each thigh, about an inch from where my leg folds into curves. they fell off this morning, which was sad, because my tits were aching badly, and those horrible hardons won't go away! Yesterday i went to buy some milk. i was amazed to find $400, and a note that said She would have paid more because i exceeded Her expectations, but She didn't, because i let her decide the price She'd pay me. i felt soo sexy after that :)
Who wants to own me? Remove my atupid balls, grow out my tits, put in implants, sell my sex to pay for it. mark what was my body with Your symbol of ownership. rent my titties out as a hucow or wet nurse. i am serious..
i am a whore now.  That is right, men and women pay me money to perform sexual acts they never forget.

Would you like to become a client of mine?  :)
my stupid balls have started making testosterone again. can't wait for them to totally quit working, and shrivel to nothing.. Anyone want to help? ;)

ahh, time passes..


laid out in bed wearing nary a pink bra, on freshly shaven skin.


A Dominant Lady has been dating me for near on six months now, and She is mostly accepting. Except for the impotence on my behalf. It's a good thing She likes to fuck me :)

It's also a good thing she likes how i fill out a 16C now, too. Something about how i should take the birth control pill, instead of Her..

One thing is, i'm not so sure about Her wanting me to keep myself loose for Her. i guess i'll have to get used to the fact i cant keep myself shut so easily now, lol!

Thanks to a caring collarme user, I've got three sheets of birth control pills. Yay! :D Will continue to accept things of such interest ;)
So I've just come out of a D/s relationship with a gay man. He wanted me to stay male, so he flushed all of my estrogen and cyproterone, and forbade me from any hair removal. >:( Too bad my tits kept budding! And a crying shame getting it up took sooo much effort! At least my ass was filling out nicely lol! Who wants to give me estrogen? :D
Just a few short days back on the estrogen.. wow! No more morning wood.. and my breasts are getting a bit painfully swollen and puffy.. mmm, i love feminizing my body. Hopefully soon, a Domme will take over, so i can focus on Her. Also, last night i dreamt that i was taking a shower, i had a tramp stamp tattoo, a sparkly re pierced navel, both my nipples re pierced, atop a pair of slightly droopy dd cup breasts, linked by chain to a big hole in the middle of a ball-less scrotum, a gaping, cum-leaking ass from a boyfriend, and a dik so shrunken by estrogen, it more resembles a clit. like an innie haha!
Zoomg. Got given a months birth control tabs by a apathetic friend. She's gonna try get knocked up <3 They're the ones with the 1mg siterone and 50mcg estrogen. Taken three sublingually already. Put one down the urethra so melt inside of it.. kill ze problem at the source! Too bad my memory has just stopped working. Oh well, not that someone as sub like me needs a really good memory :)
i've just discovered mascara. The part a and part b stuff. Seems like i need a Lady in my life to show me the finer points.. i just used part b, wow what a difference! Wonder how my eye lashes will look when properly made up? Another aspect of my masculinity dissolving before my very eyes! x
Wow. Eight months since I stopped the estrogens and anti androgens (3rd cycle). The tissue in my breasts keeps filling out. Bought a pair of new bras yesterday, still getting used to the thought that my tits are straining into the 14c and d bras. Still getting used to the feeling of my tits cutting new crease marks into my softened physique, as they continue to form a conical shape. I also love how my arse crack is shrinking south, due to the fat distribution on my booty. Also, i'm growing a gunt, too lol. my panties have started to cut in a female pattern panty line, giving me a new found mound of fat around the worm, which is good. Makes it look Soo much smaller now. I hope it shrinks till it becomes inverted, like a lil Clit! I keep my balls popped inside and worm folded back. Puts a sharp bend into its shaft, cuts off a bit more blood flow Wonder how much longer I'll be able to keep passing as a guy?