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Principal host of the Missoula Munch since 2002; we meet for lunch the first Saturday of every month. Attendance generally runs 35-50 people. Play parties are held following the munch at a private location by invitation. Contact me for more information.

I - am Single, heterosexual, more than somewhat sadistic, and looking only for play partners at this time. I have been actively in the lifestyle over 15 years.

You - Seek control at some level. Are not attached, not seeking to be damaged, not too young or too old, not too big. I do like small. ;) I really like pain sluts, and quite enjoy hearing some moans and screams.
I am not strictly monogamous when it comes to play, but prefer to have only one sex partner at a time, and right now I have that partner.

Regarding relationships with women who are married or otherwise attached - sorry. I am willing to play with married or collared women, however only with the full knowledge and approval of their husband or master. I will expect to meet him. Cheaters need not apply.
Initial meetings to be in a public place or a munch or coffee of the local group. To meet for play I prefer my own well-equipped dungeon.
I am both Sensual and a Sadist, at my whim. As a partner, I need someone who can enjoy both. I consider myself to be a Conscientious Sadist; I love to lovingly hurt you, as much as you can stand or more, but will take great care to never harm you.

I am into ropes and chains and leather, Japanese-style rope bondage and suspension, flogging, canes, singletail whips, pain, sex toys, needles, electricity. I am very good with floggers and canes, and hemp rope, and give demos and classes in them.

I make my own leather goods, dungeon furniture, and diabolical contraptions; steel restraints, leather floggers and restraints custom made to order and for sale. I have made several fucking machines, and would love to strap you into one and see how loud and high you can scream when you cum over and over and over.

My limits include the usual unmentionable illegal activities, no scat, no diapers or adult baby, no permanent damage, no marks on the face. I practice safe sex.

I have no interest in cam sex, cyber domming, vanilla sex, or online training. Please be a US resident, unless you are coming for a play vacation; I am not interested in sponsoring you for your immigration visa. I don't switch, ever. I am not bi or gay; sorry, no males. I have little tolerance for pure brats.

Note: I probably won't make much of an effort to contact anyone who has not filled out their profile. Tell me at least where you live besides just the state, and what if anything you are seeking. Montana is a damn big place.

Pics on request.
I'm not going to send you money to relocate, and if you are stranded in Nigeria or some such place, I'm not going to help you. Nor am I going to purchase you from your current "Master". Sorry. Save the pathetic scams for the stupid. On the site that starts with F and ends with "life" with the same name. Have lots more pics there.

Munch update - we now get 40-50 people at most munches, have had as many as 64.  We have a really good time, why not come join us?  Write me here for details.

With the increased exposure gained from (a website that starts with 'F', has 'ET' in the middle, and ends with 'LIFE' that the damn automatic censor keeps removing from my writing), the munches in Missoula continue to grow, and so do the parties.  36 people attended our last munch, and nearly as many attended the play party. 

We have also recently begun a series of free educational gatherings for our members.  So far we have addressed such topics as scene negotiation, impact play with floggers and canes, and basics of rope bondage.  More will follow, including more advanced topics.  There is wealth of experience in our group, and we are committed to pass on our knowledge to the newer and less experienced members.

Good friends that share our kinks, fun and play, and new kinds of knowledge,  What's not to like?  If you are in or near Missoula, come to a munch and get started.  Message me for details.

The monthly munches in Missoula are very sucessful, and have been growing lately.  This is the 6th continuous year.  There were 26 people at the last one; if everyone ever showed up at once I am sure there would be over 50 people.

All sorts of people attend, there is a wide range of ages from 18 to over 60, and all sexual preferences are represented.  People travel from Spokane, Helena, and Bozeman to be there.

A play party is held afterwards, in a private location, by invitation.

There is a weekly coffee also.

For details of time and place, google montanabdsm.