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I sometimes come across as a bit shy but I just take getting to know you first and then I
Hetero Female Submissive, 50,  Texas
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I sometimes come across as a bit shy but I just take getting to know you first and then I am extremely outgoing. I am a very intelligent, opinionated, independent woman who knows how to be in charge when needed however, for the right man, I am completely submissive and able to give up complete authority to him. I am extremely faithful, loyal, honest and respectful and expect the same What I seek in a black man is an intelligent, strong, confident man who knows what he wants, has strong natural dominant tendencies and an ability and desire to reign me in and to push me. I need one who is strict and firm. I have a need to please and get great pleasure from having a Dom who is pleased with me. Im looking for a man who has no problem telling me what he expects from me as i really take comfort in knowing the boundaries.I love being kissed firmly and passionately - and often.Also, I am a BBW so make sure that you are ok with that before contacting me.

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Journal Entries:
3/16/2013 2:32:19 PM
Proven right yet again

5/8/2011 9:02:41 AM

Really kind of dislike Mother's day.

10/31/2010 8:00:09 PM

One thing I have learned in life is that the best way to get what you want is not to go bad-mouthing it.  There are men on here who describe what they want and then they proceed to, in journal posts, put down and bad mouth that particular type calling them nasty names and such.  Don't expect to find one that way!  lol

4/13/2010 9:47:53 PM
Well, I think I'm going to give up - can't even get to be friends with someone without that being fake or being lied to and used.

4/11/2010 5:05:59 PM
Had a very wonderful afternoon - just wish it hadnt gotten interrupted!

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