Vertical Line


Dont troll me I wont stand for it>>>>>

Honestly we really are a highly skilled and experinced Dom Couple.

WE would like to meet a Bi-Female subbi for a live-in 24/7 thing.
Look I'm not gonna send out messages to every subbie in here

If your intrested send a note ...

Well a Little tid bit. for those of you intrested
But not wanting to move.
This past week my son was beat up at school
Because he's not Mexican....sighs.
ao last night my Husband and I desided to start
looking to move.
If you happen to know of a job opening for an expert in graphics arts and a world ranked photographer let my know and I'll send you a resume to pass on...
the bright side is hey we may come to you..
never know

This is Just to funny. I keep getting messages from men asking me to Come Vist them LMAO>> Dear ones if you that fired up to have this Domme come get you you can by me a Big old RV First. I'm not in the habbit of useing what little money I have to visit subbies who want a quicky
I just Signed up yesterday 11/3/o3 and I cant believe to number of dear old friends here. reminds me of the day we use to go to the national meets. Pixie dear to my heart :-) and a good friend. Frank you ole Dawg my love light and happyness find you soon. I havent talked to many I dont know yet I was just thrilled to see so many I knew from the old days is been a time of how are the kids work ect... well I do hope to meet many of you and make some wonderful new friends