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Hello everyone! Im here to have friendly conversations that go absolutely nowhere. I dont have any messengers, I only chat through email here. Just to let everyone know, I always keep my profile updated so you can rest assured that what you read here is entirely accurate. If Im ever looking for more than friendly conversation Ill be sure to update my profile accordingly.

== Results from == 100% Master/Mistress 98% Dominant 88% Owner 87% Bondage giver 86% Sadist 76% Experimentalist 73% Degradation giver 67% Exhibitionist 62% Voyeur 62% Brat tamer 54% Primal (Hunter) 32% Vanilla 22% Daddy/Mommy 20% Brat 16% Non-monogamist 6% Switch 6% Primal (Prey) 4% Masochist 0% Pet 0% girl/boy 0% Submissive 0% Degradation receiver 0% Bondage receiver 0% Ageplayer 0% Slave 0% All-Rounder See my results online at
If you recognize the image in my last picture, you get brownie points. :)

My Domme side has become very hidden. She's still there, but I just think I'll need to gain a bit of confidence before I would be able to get back to My old Self :D

I started to lurk here again and I've been out of the lifestyle for so long, it feels like I'm returning as a different Domme. My desires seem a lot different than they used to be, more for service and less for kink.

Hint: if I viewed your full profile, I liked you enough to do so.
My birthday is coming up! Gonna be quarter of a century old! Sadly, I have to work on my birthday weekend *pout* But I think my sister is gonna get me an ipod, which is awesome because I still have been living in the dark ages with a CD player. Still don't know if/what I'm gonna do to celebrate. Haven't had a really awesome birthday celebration in a LONG time. 
If I were to go on the "who's viewing me?" people interested in me, I'd say it looks like I should be living in Europe!
OK, a small update. I am back online, and perhaps looking to meet people. I'd really like to make some new friends that I will actually be able to hang out with. and I might be open to mare than that, but that really is going to be determined on an individual basis. TTFN
Well, as it turns out, I am NOT able to get back to the swing of things here. I've just not been spending much time online or even on my computer anymore. And for that reason, I'm putting my online search on hold until further notice. It's just is not a good way to go about searching when I'm hardly online. I wish all of you happy hunting and perhaps I'll be on the prowl once again soon. 
Hello. I just wanted to let everyone know, I've not been able to keep up with this site much as of late. But I will slowly be getting back to all who have written me. Until then, I wish you all the best!
What I need:

-someone who'll tell me they like me, even when I already know. because even though I can tell by your actions how you feel about me, hearing it is always nice.

-someone who'll stay up and talk to me, even when I don't have anything to talk about.

-someone who'll make me laugh, even when I didn't think I could.

-someone who'll put up with something they hate just because they know I like it.

-someone who has their own set of needs and desires, but will happily set them aside to make me happy.

-someone who loves that I'm greedy and selfish with just about everything. someone who loves to indulge me.

-someone who pick up on the little things.

-someone who's will to make an effort to get to know me, not just sit idly by and hope that it will come.

-someone who is happy to serve in any way they can, even if it is doing something mundane.

-someone who's not afraid to make mistakes, but will never make the same mistake twice.

-someone I can depend on.

I think it's strange how many people will favorite someone and NEVER talk to them. I can understand having a few favorite me who've never talked to me. but the vast majority of my admirers are people who have never even sent one email to me. I even have someone who I wrote to, commenting on something he mentioned in his profile, he favorited me, but never responded. I just dont get it. if you like me enough to add me to a favorite list, why would you never want to say anything to me? OK, I guess thats my rant for today :)
hello, all! I'm BACK! I'm all moved in (for the most part) and I've got my internet set up, finally! I'll take that part about my moving out of my profile whenever I get around to it. but everything else in my profile is still accurate. so I'm back on the hunt! 
I'd heard the word "pansexual" before but never really gave it much thought. I heard it again last night and decided to look up an official deffinition (or as official as I felt like looking for, which turned out to be wikipedia. for that definition, check it out because its too much to put here) now, I always viewed it as kinda pertentious or at the very least, unnecessary. but on the other hand, I don't agree with male and female being the only commonly accepted genders, as it's much more complicated than that. and I'm not above being pertentious :P so I'm wondering if pansexual is a more accurate description for what I am. not in that I'm attracted to ALL types of gender identities. I do have a certain "type." but I am attracted to someone regardless of gender identity.

so thats just something I've been thinking on. if anyone would like to write me thier views on pansexuality, I'd love to hear from you :)
for those who are interested, a new and improved profile is coming shortly! it seems like everytime I update my profile it gets longer and longer. but I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing it. as always, happy hunting to everyone!

finally, after lots of preparation I'm really able to move now! I'm so beyond excited! I'll be moving next weekend so that does mean that I will be without internet for a while, till I get settled in my new place. so, for those of you I've been talking to already, I won't be able to get back to you after next week for a while. but I will return! for any new friends who want to cantact me after next week, go right ahead. just understand that it will be a while before I can reply. and it is very likely that when I return, i will be renovating my profile because I will be back on the prowl! I hope everyone is doing great!
**new zero tolerance rule**
If you write me and you have not included all the information I asked for I will block you automatically. NO exceptions, NO second chances. I'm tired of dealing with rude, disrespectful people. If you choose to present yourself as that on your first email then don't be surprised with you find yourself blocked. And to anyone who actually reads, please continue to watch my journal for updates. My time spend on CM is erratic so the most up to date information will be in my journal.
Hello, just thought I'd put an update here so you all know whats going on. I've been MIA for a while now because I've been UBER busy and wasn't getting online much. However, now that I'm able to get online a bit more, I'll be moving soon and will be without internet for an unknown period of time anyway! (and because of this, I'm more or less putting my search on hold, to wait until I'm all settled in after my move.) So, I'm doing my best to reply to my emails but I'm not dedicating much time to it because I can't talk that much now. Anyone who wants to email me is still free to do so (and I'm still using the same guidelines I have been for replying that I outline in my profile) but understand that it may be a LONG while before I'm able to get back to you. Hope everyone is having a great summer!
Hello. I've had a few things come up from letters people have written me so I thought I should make a little update here.

On the subject of cuckolding: I am not interested in it in the more traditional definition. I am not interested in having one "primary" male slave and have all the rest of my slaves be just "lovers." I want to have more than one slave and have none be the "primary" relationship.

On the subject of smoking: I do not smoke and any slaves I own will not be permitted to smoke. I don't mind if you smoke now, so long as you are willing to give it up if we enter into a Mistress/slave relationship.

On the subject of age: I do not have an age limit but I do think that I relate to and am more attracted to people around my own age better, or at least, with greater ease. But I don't think I should rule someone out simply because of their age. So if you are considerably older than I am, just understand that it might be more of a challenge to build a relationship.

And as always, you can write me if you have any questions or want to know more about something I've written in my profile or journal.

I've just rewritten my profile, and it is still quite long. But even still, I find it lacking when it comes to telling everything I am looking for and hope to have in an M/s relationship. So if anyone wants me to elaborate on what I have in my profile, please feel free to ask. I may be considered "picky" but I know what I want and what will make me happy. I don't want to settle and I don't want the people I'm with to have to settle either!
I understand that some people are having a hard time viewing my profile. So if it doesnt show up all the way down to where I sign my name, just let me know and I'll be happy to send you a copy of it.
Hello everyone! I'm back from my trip. I hope everyone had a great holiday! :)
Just to let everyone know, I'm going out of town for the holiday (for about 10 days) so I won't be able to reply to my mail till I get back. I hope everyone has a great week!
OK, so here's an update because I've been asked a lot about it. Those of you who were in contact with me (or who read my profile) back at the very begining of the year saw that my dad lives in Hawaii and I was making plans to move there with him. However, I got distracted with my short NC move and thought HI was not an option anymore. But I made a trip out to visit him last week and I decided I really did want to be there. So I've worked things out and will be moving to HI. The bad part is, to get my three cats allowed onto the islands, I have to jump through a bunch of hoops and wait 120 days. so I figure I'll still be around OH for at least another 5 months. I swear I'm not a politician even though I change my plans as much as they do :P 
Here's an update to hopefully clear up some confusion. I changed my profile back to say Ohio because that's where I currently am. I had moved to North Carolina but things didn't work out there as I had hoped so I went back to Ohio. Because my stay here is going to be relatively short before I move to Kansas, I didn't change my profile from NC and was just oging to wait till I was in KS to change it. But that has been a bit misleading to some people and I end up having to explain it all anyways. So hopefully this has helped :)
ok, since this isnt crystal clear in my profile, I'll be quite explicit. I am only willing to talk with people online. I use email primarily and on very rare occations, I talk on messengers. only after talking with you online for quite some time (read: a few months) would I be willing to talk with you on the phone. and that doesnt mean that if we talk a couple times in a few months, I'll give you my phone number. it means that only after I've built a bond with you online will I move to phone. 
If you do not have the time or interest to read my profile, please don't write me until you do.
ok, the chat thing doesnt work for me here. it will be a waste of your time to try it as I just ignore the requests (I dont even look at them.) 
ok, so I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday I decided to take a look at the RPG books. My inner dork was shocked to find they had the White Wolf books all mixed up with the Wizards of the Coast books! can you believe it? there was no regard to separating them at all. it just seems basphemous to have them intermingling. honestly, I was so inherently disturbed by this that I spent very little time browsing them. maybe that was their plan all along, to keep the bowsers at bay.

Thank you to all those who have written me to offer a kind word and support. It's been so nice to find that there are nice people on here again. But please understand that while I do appreciate hearing from all of you, I don't have the time to reply to everyone. But words of support and encouragement are always welcome and I wanted everyone to know that I am thankful for it.

Just to let everyone know, I don't like collarme's new chat request thing. I won't reply to it if that is your first contact to me. If you want to talk to me, first email me, then we may chat.

Thank you to all the people that have shown me such wonderful support in response to my post about the letter I received. And I do hope that it fulfilled the original intent in which I posted it, which was mostly like a public service announcement to show a side of that lady that she might not have wanted made public. So thanks again and my best wishes to everyone!

Why does this always seem to happen to me? I meet someone and it seems to be going really well, and then they just disappear…no goodbye letter, no message saying they don’t like me and never want to talk to me…they just stop everything…don’t talk, don’t write me back…and so I’m left sad that they’re not talking to me, angry that they’re doing it in such a mean way, and confused as to why this all happened…is it just me, or does this happen to lots of people? I keep feeling that maybe if they would tell me why they don’t like me then I could think “oh, well then maybe that’s not a good way to relate to people!” and then I could work on improving that part of myself and then that wouldn’t happen

yay! i FINALLY get a journal to write in! though i cant seem to get it to not be bold...but oh well! im just happy to have it cuz i was getting jealous of all the other people who got to have journals here and i didnt