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Everything that I have in my profile as likes and dislikes can be discussed...doesn't mean I am giving into your whims...just means that not everyone likes everything I do and I am sure I won't like everything they we can and will discuss!! You must be loyal, honest, truthful, trustworthy, dependable, punctual, persistent, & good at cleaning, organizing, straightening, & taking care of chores in a serious, responsible manner. Prefer cleancut, cleanshaven, and that doesn't mean your whole body must be shaven...sometimes I like a bit of hair to pull or pour hot wax into. And you must, must be an adult. I am not looking for a lover or boyfriend who is into kinky sex...I don't include sex in this placement. I am looking for a companion/slave/sub only. Chastity will be implimented at all times. A lot of time it will be on the trust basis...If I can't trust you to be truthful about can I trust you anywhere else in like? That doesn't mean there will never be sexual play in this relationship...doesn't mean there will...Doesn't mean there won't be times you are expected to please me in any way I means we have to see where we go as a D/s in the relationship and how well you learn. You must be someone who doesn't view this as a passing phase, but as a way of life intertwined with vanilla....and should be able to move seamlessly between both. I have various interests both in and out of BDSM, yet what I desire most is an all encompassing D/s based relationship with a strong foundation of honesty, integrity and respect on which to build, where public and private interaction are a part of everyday life, even in its most subtle form. you should be experienced, SINGLE, ages 45-????? This WILL be a live-in position & there is NO pay. You work for the pure pleasure & bliss of serving a dominant Female. You will be required to pay your share of the household so if you say you can relocate, you best have some sort of job you can fall back on. Control is my main fetish. I love floggers and get a natural high from needles. Email me and we will talk. And please...I have posted my photo, return the favor and send me one of yourself or don't bother me.

Your Goddess,
Kalea ***WARNING: Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.

And you guys and girl subs/slaves think that we as Dom's and Dommes have it easy...this is the kind of crap I get all the time from those who say they are subs...and you wonder why I will run a background check on someone before I let them in my home....not only are there fakes and frauds and players out there...there are also crazies and nutjobs who would do someone harm if they got ahold of someone they could physically hurt...I urge you all in the lifestyle who are serious about very very very a background check...get ahold of more than one person they have played with and ask what they know and how they acted...not just one...but several....stay safe everyone....!

     I wonder why so many subs here deliberately string along Dommes. If you have no intention of relocating or actually become a full time slave--- say so. If a sub finds they have reached a wall and cannot go any farther --- say so. It's called being respectful...and if you can't be respectful this won't be respectful to your Mistress any other way. You are allowed to say no just the same as any Mistress if you see problems. Another heads up to all those that are married or have families, you will NOT be able to keep this life secret forever. As any woman knows-- when you are cheating or trying to hide something, we will find out. It just happens, if you cannot or will not talk with your Domme when things get rough, BOTH suffer and the relationship is doomed. A Dommes time is just as valuable as yours, in my case -- I have a life too and this is something I am very serious about, so spending days or weeks and sometimes months talking and establishing a rapport, only to have them disappear or drag their feet forever, is more than aggravating. To be constantly questioned on how I do this or that or why I feel like having sex involved in a D/s relationship totally changes the dynamics of the relationship just shows me that you are thinking about yourself and not the ability to build this into an awesome togetherness without something that is going to cause a huge hiccup could even doom what we might both be looking for. If your not willing to give my rules a chance to work so other things can work later...move on...go play in someones else sandbox....I don't need mine full of crap.

OMG at the rude ass subs/slaves I run into. Maybe I am being too damn nice and I need to stop. I won't cater to your needs. I can't call you just when you want me to so that you don't accuse me of being a man for cripes sake. Think what you want, but when a slave tells me he expects this or that...sorry it sends up red flags and I am not calling you after talking on CM one nite. I am not putting my phone number out there for you to become a pest and "expect' me to answer whenever you call just because as a slave you "expect" certain thing. I don't want a doormat, I don't want an idiot with no brains. But I don't want and will not have someone who doesn't know their place. Not what I want and if I have to be on here another 10 years to find what I want, so be it. Questioning me about everything that is in my profile or my journal is not the way to get me to be more welcoming to you. Argue with me and its a good way for me to figure out you are not true in the things you say. I will explain myself to you only a certain amount and then if you want to take it further then we will meet and go from there but don't expect me to jump on having you as a sub in one day....stupid ass! Especially when your profile says you are owned by someone else and you aren't suppose to be talking to me anyhow so what does it matter...get on with your self and leave me alone! 

I read this on a subbies profile and thought how much truth there is to it..........."In a D/s relationship, discipline and dominance are a key factor but if there isn't also kindess, gentleness, caring, empathy, compassion, affection, understanding, willingness to listen, and above all else, good communication, absolute honesty, complete trust, complete loyalty, and absolute respect.....then there is no relationship to speak of!")

I am having trouble find half of what he was talking about. Subs who bale at the last minute of meeting....those who just aren't real....players...frauds....fakes and God knows what else...I am looking for a true submissive/slave who wants to be in my household..who knows what they want and will not run when there are checks into who he is or when it comes down to the meeting...who understands that this is a relationship in the D/s sense but you will not be my boyfriend...mate...or screw buddy! If nothing I have to offer appeals to you except my photo...leave me the shit alone...I am tired of all the stupid games...If you don't understand that the dress comes off if you're a sissy sub....except when I say it goes on (that goes for panties, bras, and panty hose) then don't bother me....If you really know the meaning of a true honest and loyal and respectful to your Mistress sub/slave then by all means get in touch with me ...if not...go play in someone else's sand box....!!!!

Yes subbies it's been a while since I have been here.  I do miss "MOST" of you but then there are those others.  When their bs can get to me so bad that I just stop everything for months, then you know it's gotten bad.  All my friends, please email me.  I miss talking to you and finding out what is going on in your life. the damn profile before you waste my time please.  If you are willing to relocate, great.  If your untrained...I DO NOT TRAIN NEWBIES!  I miss you me ok.  Kisses from your Goddess to you all ....!!!!
How much BS does the Dommes here have to put up....rude children who try and convince us they are "true" submissives when they try to top from the bottom just by their attitudes...I was just told I wasn't a true Domme because I didn't answer an email for, what was it, 3 childish does the brats on this site dog had to pee...don't get your panties in a bunch...Dommes if you want this ones me...I will give it to you in a heartbeat so you don't have to waste prescious time on MORONS who don't know the true word...submissive!  
When is anyone going to get real on this site?  I'm not looking for sex, I am looking for a sub/slave who understands what the lifestyle is about.  Not someone who can pull off being vanilla outside the door and in public but yet thinks that when you are behind closed door the whips and chains have to be out all the time.  That is not what I am looking for.  Get real folks...please.  Then email me.
I have met a bunch of really good people on collarme.  Then I have met some really horrible people.  Especially one...yes tommy you know who I am talking about.  I ask one thing from you all out of respect not only for yourself but others.  If you don't think something is going to work....don't make 40 phone calls and then just dissapear.  Stop answering your phone and act like a total coward.  You owe it to not only the Domme your talking to, but to yourself to be upstanding and respectful.  To at least say you know maybe this isn't right for me.  Other wise you just make yourself a doormat and a coward....two things I can't stand and a lot of other Dommes can't either.  It may take me a while but at least if I think you're too far away or there is something about you I don't think will fit in my lifestyle...I will try to get back as soon as I can and tell you.  Out of respect for myself if for nothing else.  All of you play well and play safe.

Goddess Kalea
Just wanted all those who have written, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write back.  My mother died the 22nd of Dec.  With the holidays and that on top of things, I just really haven't had time for anything.  Sorry I haven't given you all the attention you deserve.  Maybe now, things will calm down and we can get on with this.  I wish you all peace.
Goddess Kalea 
To all those of you who have written to me these last few days and I haven't gotten back to you yet, please be patient.  I have been very sick with the flu and am just now starting to feel myself again.  I have met several very nice submissives at this site.  Some are very serious about the lifestyle and some are ......wannabes.  For those of you who want a serious Goddess/Mistress you are welcome to write no matter where you're located.  For the rest of you, if you have that many restrictions on yourself in this lifestyle, then please, don't waste my time.  Am looking forward to meeting those of you who are serious about meeting.    I wish you all play safe and play well.   Goddess