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Training white boys makes me hot and powerful!

I am Goddess Coko. I'm a sensual sadist who loves training men. I am sensual, but it does come with a price... pain. I love mixing pleasure and pain. I love sensual submission and humiliation, but I also love the harder more sadistic side of submission. And I want to leave my mark on a sub's body and soul. This is not play for me, more of a passion. While the level of pain is negotiable, service is not. I do not switch or bottom. I am not a prostitute or pro-Domme. I am no man's side-chick. I am not interested in casual play. I've been there and done that. I am a sapiosexual. I believe that the sexiest part of a man is between his ears. I find quiet confidence, well-dressed, fit and age appropriate (35-55) alpha submissive males attractive. I'm not attracted to weakness or femininity. I love a challenge. I'm seeking a long-term D/s relationship, NOT an occasional play partner. I want the ability to grow with a submissive, and eventually make him my slave. This is not about abuse or exploit. I desire a mutually satisfying relationship that encompasses the vanilla, sadism, domination and lastly love. Hopefully you've read this far. When you message me, make a reference to Star Trek (you can pick any series). I appreciate subs to have taken the time and care to learn about my needs.

"To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and a whole heart and a free mind." ~ Pearl S. Buck

"Real men aren't afraid of standards and requirements" ~ Steve Harvey
Boys who clearly didn't bother to read my profile and/or contain bad grammar will be ignored. Boys who have an attention to detail and can follow directions are the only subs I desire!
My D/s Rules
  • A sub must be honest from the moment he begins communicating with me. Never lie about relationships, experience level or anything else.
  • A sub will seek to understand want he wants and needs and to know the difference the two.
  • A sub needs to realize some fantasies will never be more than just that. And that some of his fetishes may not strike a responsive chord within me.
  • A sub has a duty to act as an intelligent human being.
  • A sub repays my attention with respect, humility and obedience. This is inherent in the nature of the D/s relationship.
  • A sub always communicates his feelings as clearly as possible. If the sub feels that his needs aren’t being met he will confess that respectfully without seeming to make demands.
  • A sub will watch to see if I am tired or not feeling well and focus on my comfort, not on having a session.
  • A sub should never think of me as a torture and humiliation machine. That is objectifying me.
  • A sub will remember that D/s is a relationship between people. He will strive to never forget that I am a human being. That regardless of the power relationship thoughtless behavior on his part can inflict emotional hurt on me.

Essentially, civility, honesty and honor sum it up my rules!

There is nothing more dishonest than a profile that hasn't been updated in 10 years when you joined CollarMe. Boys, keep your profiles up to current. And if you're not going to upload a picture of yourself, at least have fully fill out the profile information.
What part of I DO NOT SESSION do some of you not understand? 

Don't even use the terminology with me!  I am a lifestyle Domme.  I have female led relationships with submissive men.  Let me clarify for you... ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS.
I have taken the time and energy to craft my profile. If you do not bother to say anything in your profile about yourself and do not send a detailed introductory email, then DO NOT be surprised that you do not receive a return response.
I don't webcam or cyber, so dont ask! 
I'm not a Pro-Domme, so don't ask me about session!
If you can't be bothered write something in your profile that tells me a bit about yourself, then I can't be bothered to write you back when you send an email.

Do not insult me by asking about "sessions".
Gentleman:  Have a little courage!  Don't just look at my profile, start a dialogue.  Taking a little initiative goes a long way with me.

Well this past Saturday, July 21st, I presented for the local BDSM group, TES (The Eulenspiegel Society), on spanking.  It went swimmingly. See below for the blurb:

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The TES Spanking Group: "Intentional Spanking" with Goddess Coko &
Reina Darkness at Paddles

There's nothing like a good spanking! Join the Goddess Coko and Reina Darkness as they delve into how the power of intention can make all the difference between a deeply satisfying spanking for the spanker and  spanked, and one that missed the mark. Discover how your intent will determine
how your scene will progress from implement to position. We will explore spanking as a punishment, reward, practical warm-up for more intense  play, and more. Goddess Coko and Reina Darkness will share how they've
created spankings that leave big smiles and better memories, and will look  forward
to hearing new ideas for spankings that really hit the spot.

$4 for members of TES and other SM/leather orgs; $8 for others   Paddles: 250 West 26th Street, basement, betw. 7th & 8th Ave. 7:30PM-10PM

So does this make me an sex educator?   LOL

Please not request to chat with me on CM.  I hate their chat feature.  Its slow and cumbersome.  Just send mail.  Thanks.
I was asked today about my age limit.  And here's my exact quote: "40 is just a guideline.  It is not written in stone.  So if a sub is 45, but has taken care of himself both physically and mentally then I probably overlook the additional years.  However if a sub is 40 and has a paunch and looks every bit his age and then some then, no he is not up for consideration by me.  I want a youthful fit sub.  I look younger than I am and I don't desire a sub who looks like he's old enough to be my father."
And all good things must come to an end.  And when I'm no longer getting satisfaction from a relationship, it too must end.  And so it has.  I have enjoyed it while it lasted, but now it is time for me to move on...
Well, I do believe that I've found the relationship I sought.  Thank you to all who applied for submission.  But I'm currently very happy.  It's a wild mix of domination, submission and kink.  I'm learning alot about myself.  I just want to concentrate on it and see where this road may lead me.

Do not waste my time if you're:
1) Ashamed of being submissive
2) Not sure you're ready to commit to a D/s relationship
3) Just want to fantasize in cyberworld     

My time is precious.  Don't waste it!    
I'm seeking a D/s relationship that goes beyond mere play partners.  A relationship in which I and my sub can learn and grow together.