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Dom in BDSM, Top in spanking. I LOVE to teach and help and take great pride in discerning a partner's needs and desires, and through experience, training, intuition and sensitivity to needs, crafting an interaction that directly addresses those needs and desires. This typically results in a very exciting, highly erotic, total body interactive experience that is (I am very often told) several levels above what they have ever had. I have over 30years experience with initial experience coming in Europe, mostly Germany and Denmark. I am currently seeking a pain puppy, or someone who would like to be, for exquisite excursions into the Sensation Zone. I pride myself on combining pain/pleasure sensations which greatly heighten the intensity of the experience with tons of very hard orgasms. I love to put an adventurous play partner on the O Train, very, very long series of continuous orgasms that take your breath away and much more. Interested? Let's talk. AmberGhos on Kik

Take the O Train


Take the O train

She was brand new to kink. Actually met her on a biker's site. You can come across those who claim to like kink on bikers sites but at least among the fairer gender, they tend to be far more keyboard submissives than real.

But not all of them. Carol was a divorcee in her fifties, a tall blonde, at least 5:10, taller in heels with long legs. She walked into the pub in Lancaster, our agreed upon meeting place and really surprised me. I say that as on a first meet, I am typically very careful to be a perfect gentleman, not a roaming hands boor. That's especially true with someone new to kink who had expressed an interest in the possibilities. After all, one represented the kink community .

However I quickly found Carol sliding up to me, her hands roaming cross my bod. She quickly made it known that she wanted me to return the favor. And while I slowly tried to reciprocate it became obvious Carol was scanning the room hoping to catch someone watching this public display of the hots. So, a bit of the exhibitionist in her.

Carol was looking great in a faux fur coat, shiny lacy white dress, seamed nylons and sexy shoes.

We finished our meal and headed out to the local hotel. It was not a Hilton, or Marriott Residence, my favorites, especially as Marriott offers a true suite with a separate door to the bedroom. But it wasn't Motel 6 either. It would do.

So I laid out my toys, Carol disrobed and thus began initial explorations into the possibilities. In these type cases I like to do a buffet type of play, trying a few selected toys, discussing them and then moving on to the next. A lot of communication. What she liked merited further exploration. What she did not like, we put away, maybe to be revisited another day. After all, that's why they call it training.

That night Carol delighted in the Violet Wand, especially as I typically would have my play partner don a pair of headphones to listen to white noise generated sounds of crashing ocean waves on a beach and the sound of an approaching electrical storm. Its massive goosebump city. She also loved the combination of suction play on her nipples and clit followed by the Hitachi on her clit. Came harder than she ever had in her life she said.

She was less found of the nipple clamps, either the clover type or the much 'softer' pincer types. That's fine, one never loves every dish in a buffet.
At the conclusion of the event Carol repeatedly remarked on how she had never experienced anything like the sensations she had enjoyed that night. Ever, like in her life. Nice to know.

An interesting subplot. In the days following that playdate I had mentioned that I would love to flog her pussy. Its surprising how many ladies actually love that to no end if its done right. Well a day or two later Carol was in a tizzy, so worried that her nether regions would be bloodied and damaged.

Now a few days after our next play date, where I did indeed flog her pussy, she texts me telling me that the was thinking of my flogging her pussy. And how soaking wet that thought made her. Carol had another liking. She loved me to eat her pussy until she came in my mouth, she did gush. Then I would kiss her deeply and she could taste her cum on my tongue and lips. That rang her bell.

Well our second play date also marked her very first train ride on the O train. It started with 5-8 minutes of suction tubes on her nipples and clit. Then the clit sucker is removed to be replaced by the pussy sucker, a cup that encompasses the entire pussy area, clit, pussy lips, everything. Now another 5-10 minutes of suction and you have erogenous zones which are very swollen and very sensitive to the touch.

Now apply the Hitachi, and its an explosive liftoff. Virtually immediately wave after wave of explosive, convulsive orgasms. Nothing new of course. Except this time ... it didn't stop. After a few minutes of Carol cuming very hard I realized this was something different, the O Train, where you cum as long as I keep up the stimulation, which was both physical, emotional and mental. I realized that as long as Carol kept cuming I was duty bound to uphold my end.

I grabbed her hair with one hand, kissed her deeply telling her what a hot little slut she was. Carol prided herself on that title often referring to herself as my babyslut, my cumslut, my ultraslut. I kept the Hitachi in place. You could actually feel the heat from her pussy region as her pussy throbbed and convulsed. Then her moans turned into vocalizations. "I can't stop!, I can't stop'. Followed by lots of cussing...just general cussing at first 'Motherfucker, Motherfucker'. Then I realized she was directing that at me! She was really out of control now. Every once in awhile she would raise her head to look at me. The look in her eyes was different, it was special. As Primal as it gets.

Carol had reached a truly 'Altered States' condition, reduced to her elementals, her basics, now reacting to what was a completely reptilian nervous system. Wonderful. One of the hottest moments in my life, ever.

I let it go on for about 5 minutes then decided to cool it before she burned out a few neurons. It was her first, but certainly not her last, ride on the O Train. Now Carol wasn't able to take the ride on every play date. I calculated the occurrence rate at about 90%.of the time. But her next ride was even longer, much longer.

And she even survived, intact.

Carol was a true Ultraslut, and veteran rider of the O Train.

I attend parties all across the US. Examples would be spanking parties in Detroit, Chicago and Atlantic City.
I am always interested in discussing with a HWP adventurous lady the possibilities in terms of joining me for these parties all expenses paid of course.
Drop me a line if interested.