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Before anything, I have to be a bit rude but direct sadly: - no videochat models...I ain't on
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StraightFemale Dominant
Age: 24, Height: 5ft 9in (175 cm), Weight: 117 lbs.
Location: Hunedoara, Romania
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Before anything, I have to be a bit rude but direct sadly:

- no videochat models...I ain't one of those 65+ year olds that wants to play with himself behind the camera while feeding the bank account of a poor but very sexy looking girl from abroad that prides herself on her thug, alpha male that drives a truck for a living :)

- only interested in realtime, no online drama type

- if controlling your characteristics/healthy living has been a problem and this has driven you into being a domina, then again, please look somewhere else


I won't be writing any long text here as sadly most of the time no one really reads it.

I am dynamic, spontaneous, thirsty for knowledge, playful and most important of all things, with a high desire to serve:) anytime and anywhere.

I also make up a pretty good toilet for domestic use (who ever would wish for a cold toilet seat:) ).

This has always been a part of my life, albeit a hidden one and I know it is here to stay.


My interests or better said experience lies with things such as:

- Foot/shoe/sock worship

- Facesitting/breath play

- Trampling

- some CBT

- uro/watersports..can drink quite a bit:) full toilet training I did not try..yet

- public play - cinema, train, under the table foot play in a dark lighted bar/restaurant, makes it all a bit more spicy:)

- pony play

- bondage

- spitting

just to name a few:)

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