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Update. : With uploading my last photo, it seems my profile will be off for some time, until it's approved again, so I may as well do this little update too. As it can be observed from my last pic, I'm learning to drive trucks at the moment, and it's not just because, I intend to make a career out of it, and until I have all the documentation, which is not just the license, but also professional certificates for cargo and what not, that's my first priority. Also, those are not valid in the US, and I wouldn't be very happy to start off for scratch again. That's not to say I completely disagree with relocating to the US, for the right person. but unfortunately, and realistically speaking, it's not really a first choice. I don't know what I will find on this site, since American sites cater mostly to people on the other side of the Atlantic, but I will try nonetheless, and I'd definitely travel for the right partner. I'm a trans girl sub with strong slave tendencies, could be an actual slave for the right person (likely a man, though I am bi, and I accept a poly household type of relationship too). I'd prefer finding a relationship with more depth than just sex here, a long term relationship with real love and romaticism, but with the BDSM/fetishist side included. I prefer the caretaker/keeper kind of Dominant. Stern but kind, not punishing me for the fun of it, but to discipline and shape me, so stern, but also kind and just, rather than purely sadistic, and also to make me feel desired and like I belong with them, and in return to that I offer my trust, submission, and ultimately love. My main fetishes are tickling, the torturous type, not the goofy he he he type, but actual sadistic tickle torture, even at times to the point of crying or wetting myself (might also wet myself with orgasm fluids), and with me being mostly on the reciving end of course (and the tone of the scene is also important, even if Im laughing, I prefer that the Dominant want to actually use it to more or less punish/discipline me, rather than entertain me by making me laugh, even though it would obviously make me laugh), but I can also dish it out if I'm told to, for example in a poly household (after all a good sub or slave has to be good at carrying out the orders issued to them) , and foot fetish, both into women's feet, transgender girls included, and my own, not into male feet though, as in cisgender male feet, under any cisrcumstance. Some of the things I like, as a sub, revolving around that fetish, is for the dress code to be specific of what I wear or not wear on my feet too, and less is more, such as to be only allowed to be barefoot or wear stockings, but not socks, unless told otherwise, only be allowed to wear shoes when going out, the rest of the time with them being locked etc , as I think shoes are a luxury item for a slave or sub, and I think that feeling of vulnerability that results from wearing no shoes or socks, in the presence of a Dominant that wears either or both, is very appropriate for a person in a submissive possition, so less is more, and for me female feet, including my own, are as erotic as female nipples would be to a vanilla woman. Other fetishes that I have revolve around the two mentioned above. For example I'm not much into pain, I don't say it's strictly a hard limit, but it's a bit of a turn off, though I might like some mild bastinado, don't know though, never tried it, but might be curious. I llike cosplay and love role play. I have a bit of a thing for being treated as a little, to a degree, maybe like the naughty teen and strict teacher for exaple, that kind of stuff. That's pretty much it, without prolonging or making it boring, but if you have other questions, then please ask and I will elaborate even more.

   I moved to Switzerland for a while. Depends whether I will stay here long term, but if I would update my profile, it would be blocked for a long time, until it gets approved again.

   I rarely, if ever, use abreviations on this site, because it is impossible, on this site, to add an apostrophe, and also the words s c r i p t and f o r m. 


   Some of the users on this site are weird. If I am super nice and meek, I am apparently a pick me up b i t c h. If I state what I also want from a relationship, while still being polite and friendly, apparently I am a cold b i t c h. Oh, and last but not least, my favorite. Apparently if I reject someone, still in a polite manner, because he was not looking for what I am looking, he wanted casual sex and I wanted a stable long term relationship. and he knew this, because I assume he read my profile, but still proposed me casual sex, then I am a super bitch, that, in his own words, chases away admirers with a stick, innit?


   Make you mind, people! What is an ideal girl for you? A girl that is rude, but then accepts whatever you propose, without any regard for her own wants and needs?

   Just to avoid confusion here, let's get a few things straight.


   I am submissive, but not masochistic nor a humiliation slut. I din't get off on pain or being degraded. I obey orders and I accept just punishment, when it's actually just, when it's deserved, as if I broke a rule or performed poorly, not punsihments applied just for the fun of it, without reason. 


   But I see many people here, that label themselves as Dominant, and in truth they are sadistic, they like to apply so-called punishments just for the sake of torturing their subs or slaves, and if it's consensual, I won't judge, whatever gets your juices flowing, but for myself, I'm not the kind of sub that gets off on that, so if that's what You're looking for, I apologize, but You won't find it with me.

   If you're interested in window shopping, or making small talk and what not, please skip my profile. 


   I already feel jaded with this site, as each time I have here, I have to sort through lots of junk mail, without anything meaning, and as nice as it is to hear how pretty I am, what is not nice is knowing that the compliment is the only interaction we will get, so please, people, keep it realistic, if you live on the other side of the globe, and you think your country is the whole world, it bloody ain't.

   I feel compelled to specify this in my journal, so I don't have to update my profile d e s c r i p t i o n and wait for it to be approved again.


   I am an actual genuine transgender person, NOT A CROSSDRESSER. I have to say this, since I see certain users that are crossdressers or have a fetish for crossdressing only for sexual occassions, labelling themselves as "transgender" .


   Myself, I am actually transgender, on hormones for several years now, and permanently dressing, acting and identifying as a girl.