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Not big on judging for almost any reason, income, age, looks, and so on.

That said if you are not friendly day to day prolly not for me. Not asking for Buddah or something and I understand some people want a strict dynamic but I dont style or what ever is a licence to treat people like crap. That goes for my end also )

If your not close might take me some time to meet if I need to come to u..and i wont send money for someone to visit me...and at this time i cant host as i dont live alone, but being as i live in one of the vacation capitals of the world there are lots of low cost places to stay )

I like to kid and joke and I like a sense of humor, also I would like someone who likes games both in the bedroom and otherwise...I play on the computer and Gaming is my biggest hobby, so i do conventions and so on, course awesome way to see people in great costumes )

I also just like having more people to chat and share email with so feel free to say hi even if your just bored or something...again I am very friendly and love to meet people from all walks of life and from everywhere...

Okay because it has come up a lot recently I felt it was time to add something. I will not send money to someone I have not met. FYI Skype and so on do not count. I have no way of knowing who is who.

TYTY for reading.