Hello everyone. Welcome to my profile, not sure what the real people on here wanna know but here we go.... single, divorced 1x, no kids, business owner, yes I live in Florida I can relocate as my business is all over the US, I love warm weather but also love a ski trip. Traveling is probably one of my favorite things in life. I love bimbo looking women, don't have to be dumb down to be a bimbo. If you are curious what this is I'd love to have a conversation. I like TPE, light bondage, latex, few limits but do have them. If this cause your eye so far, let's chat and see where things go. Yes I'm a very real down to earth person. K
3/4/2024 1:01:00 PM

Interesting how many woman want a guy who doesn't have their life together and would rather pass on a stable Master who happens to have BWC..... keep it up ladies, fight for the losers with small dicks and their life's are a mess

5/18/2023 8:18:07 AM

Guess no one on here wants anything real... just a bunch of fakes and bots..... 

4/5/2023 12:46:32 PM

Why so many fakes on here?  It's crazy.  

I understand distance is an issue for peopl, it's not for me.  Most people looking can't find what they want where they live but are opposed to someone who lives outside their area.... really people that the most ridiculous thing ive heard.

11/26/2021 1:25:56 PM

Ok going to post here since redoing your profile sucks lol. Yes I want a bimbo sub/slave.  I can discuss in further detail if you are interested.  

as for me, very fit and athletic, played college sports. Been told I'm attractive a few times lol

11/3/2017 1:58:49 PM
Crazy side note from my time on here, is it really that difficult to find someone real??? Seems almost impossible..... what a shame
 Age: 25
 Boston, Massachusetts