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Hello there

My name is gareth, I'm 29 medium bulid and living near London. I have been living the kinky life for nigh on ten years now and am still finding intresting new things to do. at the moment I'm looking for a intelligent, self aware, willing FEMALE sub that is looking to engage in a long term and meaningfull realationship that will include all the excellent kinkiness aswell.

I have knowledge and experience in shibari (japanese rope bondage), uniforms, roleplay, D/s, spank and CP, flogging and whipping, and many other intresting and fun things

for more info a frank email will get mine as will a photo. hope to hear from you soon.
anybody else out there have a little red rideinghood fetish? not eating grandmas and trying to eat little girls, I just like the idear of playing the big bad wolf. chasing through a forest a sub dressed in a red cape and heels (not practical walking in the woods gear i know) catching her tying her to a tree and spank her ass as red as the cape. life is all about the chase. I guess the name fenris brings out the beast in me.

think i might start writing this up more often. it suprises me how few people can be bothered to even reply to a email on this site. bit of a disappiontment. still, i'm going to keep looking i know my perfect sub is out there somewhere. well back to there jungle of the profiles section, time to go subby hunting
training collar.....check
fectching jungle jim hat....check
let the sub hunt begin

starting to think some folk here are damn rude. they dont even read thier emails?

been here for a few days now and think this site is great perhaps this is were i'll find the intresting and self aware lady to take as my own.

fingers crossed