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I am at the point in my life where an exclusive LTR with a sub female is the next step.

I am not into abuse. I can play within the spectrum of soft, medium, intense, but not abuse.

But I prefer to paddle you hard and test your limits. I love to create and see red butts, and love the squirming female form trying to avoid the paddle to no avail.

This about mutual consent, mutual respect and playing safely. Both partners need validation, the sub has needs, the Dom or Master has needs that, in a perfect dynamic, interlock and feed upon each other. In the end, it is about connecting and being who we really are beneath the vanilla veneer.

Strict, passionate and very loving, this Master understands your needs from your perspective. He knows it is about both getting their needs met, and your needs are submissive in nature, a need to be directed, to be punished, to be loved and adored, valued. Expect to be spanked and directed. Expect control. Expect safety, common sense and respectful discretion as needed. All limits honored, but tested. Present yourself.

I wish the interests/skills section had more selections. Having stated that, I add: Spanking, you WILL be spanked. It is one of my favorite interests. Bondage. Corner time for attitude adjustments as well as a segue into headspace. You will be spanked, at times, when you least want it or expect it. That is something you can expect.

I am not into objectification as a lifestyle. I can provide it, but it does not top my list. But I do have some interest in humiliation and semi-public play. I am also developing a taste for Daddy/girl play.

I am also keenly aware anything that starts as play has the potential to grow into a lifestyle. Keyword: potential.

Please note: VOLUNTARY submission is a massive turn on for me.

LOTS of affection, and discipline...these are a few of my...(you know) ;)

And I am not the type who needs multiple subs or slaves to feed my ego, that only complicates the dynamic and takes it off focus.

Of critical importance: What I do NOT want, nor tolerate is, topping from the bottom. As the top, I will be the One challenging you, NOT the reverse.

My paddle is lonely.

Your move across my knees.