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Hello Aall , i am the PROUD slave of EagleMaster, i am collared to Him in real life. i'm a bi-sexaul slave & am NOT looking for a Master as i already have One, Whom i love & obey. Wwe live in a 24/7 lifestyle relationship. Wwe're currently looking for a second submissive or slave to join Uus & become part of Oour poly family.
 now i have ranted on about my life.  its time to do something interesting, as i have said in my profile, Master & i are presently looking to add a second to Oour M/s relationship, she doesn't have tobe a slave, but does have to be submissive & bi-sexual. she will need to have a good sense of humour too. size, race or religion make no difference to Uus, as long as they are open, honest, truthful & above all can communicate their feelings, good or bad.

my collared name is dove, it is the name given to me by my Master, EagleMaster, He always told me when we first started talking that dove was only one letter away from love. 
Our jouney started out as online friends, me helping Him to learn Who & What He is, but as we talked nearly everyday, we soon realized that we had a lot in common, our feelings grew & deepened as we learned more about each other and what this lifestyle meant to us. at this time i was living in Australia & Him in the USA, the more we talked the more things started to change for us. We started to find that not just a deep friendship had formed but now we were starting to have feelings for each other, distance didn't seem to make any difference to us as we found that a deep love was starting to grow between us. 
Before long i asked Him if He would accept my submission to Him and if He would accept me as His submissive, He accepted me & sent me a collar of consideration, we decided to go this way to make sure i was the right one for Him & He the right one for me, well it soon provided that He was the right one for me & we moved to the next step, which was for Him to collar online as real life was not a possiblity for us at that time. 
So on March 28th 2004, with all our online family & friends He collared me, in doing so forged a lifelong bond between us as we now talked about making the big step of either Him moving to Australia or me moving to USA, well as it happened i ended up moving to USA as we had many friends here & it has proven tobe the best & wisest thing i have ever done. 
So on december 7th 2004, i packed my bag & caught a flight to the USA, 24 hours later i was here & safely in His arms. 
Many things & changes have happened since that day, like we have brought a house between us, our friends are now a family to us, our family has grown & now we have started a lifestyle group for like minded people, we have a playroom/dungeon in our homes basement which belongs to our extended family as well as us & the BIGGEST thing of all is, On July 1st 2005, we finally had our real life collaring, all our family was here plus some new friends, it was a wonderous day/night for all involved, many tears shead but all of joy not sadness.