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I am a submissive Lady. I've been submissive most of my life, long before i knew what sex was. For some of us being this way is just something that is built into our personality, being, perhaps from the way we were raised or i just do not know?

Whatever the case may be, i am a BBW (big beautiful woman) and prefer Dominant men who truly enjoy a larger sized woman. Again, i guess this is just who i am. i never ate big quantities of food and was always active. Yet throughout my entire life i was a big girl. I am not looking for somebody who wants to belittle me or think they can change me. (though i am always open to positive change and a healthier lifestyle). Just somebody who can accept me and love me for who i am.
I also do not seek one-night stands or quickies. i would like to meet a Master who is single and is open to a LTR. For me, this type of lifestyle needs more time, knowledge of the other person, a certain amount of caring etc. than a one-night stand can provide. So if You are married or looking for something quick, please look somewhere else.
I am interested in a Dom/Master who is a professional with the 'tools' He chooses to use and knows exactly how to use them. Somebody who watches the body movement and understands those movements.

I am not poly nor bisexual and i do not get into anything that is unhealthy, like eating poop. Also i am not looking for anything with subby men, as i just don't have it in me to be a switch or a Mistress.
I also do not seek to be a 24/7 slave or into TPE. I think having to micro manage somebody 24/7 would not only get in the way of life, but it would also get old and tiring. Even in an D/s relationship i feel two people need their own personal space from time to time. as well as activities you enjoy doing alone and activities you share. It can't be all sex, all the time. that is just my opinion.

I love art, music and am an avid reader. i love to garden (mostly grow herbs and flowers). i love animals (i have a basset hound). I love to create jewelry, draw and paint. and much much more.
UPDATE: I have been out of the scene for a number of years now and though i feel the need to once again explore that side of me, i need somebody who is willing to go slow and explore with me. I would also love to meet some local females, or even a man who is into BDSM.. for friendship, discussions, exchanging ideas or just somebody to hang out with. I do have some hard limits, which include anything anal, scat, watersports, animals, blood play, being punched, kicked, fisting, beaten, sold, loaned out or given away. gangbangs, electo (anything to do with electricity), children or anything permanent.
If You wish to know more, please write! i am a very honest person (as i hope You are) and will always try to answer to the best of my abilities.
Oh, one last thing, it would be nice if You were in the Denver Metro area - or at least in Colorado. This profile is constantly changing/evolving as i learn, grow and become.

Good Luck On Your Search,

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4/9/2015 7:59:44 AM
"Why are you sad? Because you speak to me in words, and I look at you with feelings." -Leo Tolstoy

3/19/2015 3:32:07 AM
... He ran His finger tips over her pink, puckered nipples.  she shivered in total delight. Sweet, erotic whispers escape her full, moist, lips. He smiles wickedly and slowly twists and pulls on those erect numbs. 

3/3/2015 9:10:04 AM
This is a rant, and i'm sorry to complain but i have noticed quite a few Dominant men here will have girls names strewn throughout their journal.. always bitching that this or that person did this or that to him.  If this is you, then please do not write me, as i will not answer.
If you are going to out people and call them all sorts of names because they would not masturbate with you on cam .. i want no part of it, or any part of you. 
Yes, we all at times think we are treated unfairly or unjust and i have no problem with that but to put actual names and then call them every nasty name in the book... is just childish and not something i would ever do or want done to me. and not something i would ever suspect a mature Dominant would do. Keep your nasty opinions to yourself. i want no part of a man like that.

3/2/2015 3:10:56 AM

Some of my Favorite BDSM places:
  • Collared Magazine - http://collaredmagazine.com/

2/22/2015 1:30:12 AM
A lesson i learned a long time ago, but somehow forgot.

IF it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  (including Dominant Men).

i used to be interested and curious if i saw somebody with the name of something like uhm... RomanticMaster or something along those lines. Well, You get the point. 

I would always be greatly disappointed because i soon learned that men that used such a name was usually the furthest thing you could get from being 'romantic' or a 'Master'. i never could figure out why. But they always seemed to be the ones lacking in self-confidence or knowing how to treat a submissive lady. Just basics that showed they had their heads screwed on properly. 

In short, they were nothing but lying, manipulating heart breakers.  It never failed! Once again, i have no idea why it works this way. Purely observance. 

Now i come here and find myself attracted by the profile of certain Dominants. Ones that talk about the intimacy it takes, about respect and cherishing one another. One who offers guidance, honesty, honor and commitment.  

But again, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

From the school of hard knocks,

1/30/2012 12:14:46 AM

Okay.. Here goes another one of my curious moments.

WHY in the world do some people get sooo tweaked out if you look at their profile?

I thought that is what they are for. To be looked at?
If they were not meant to be looked at by others, why do we even bother writing them?

i thought we put them there to convey to others what we are seeking. How does one even know if they might be the least bit interested in communicating if they have no idea what the other represents?

I personally enjoy reading profiles. I like to know what and how people think and i absolutely love the way some people write.

So if i happen to look, please do not be offended.



1/28/2012 1:00:18 AM

Why is it that so many male Doms here do not have pictures of themselves?

Just curious...


What is the difference between writing here or through email? i don't get it?  IF You are truly interested in getting to know somebody why would You send them one message and then in the next give your email address out and practically demamd for one to write You there, with excuses that "You rarely log into collarme.com."

Is it any harder to log in here vs. email?


Funny thing is, no matter what.. unless You you have met the person in real life.. then you truly never know who/what is on the other side of that computer. (sometimes not even after you have met..people are good at hiding crap)


If you are unwilling to write here, it makes me think you either (A) have something to hide or (B) are just fishing for information for some kind of scam.


So excuse me if You never hear from me again but i am not going to play games. IF You are interested, show that you are. Plain and simple.

1/26/2012 6:13:24 AM

i said it in my profile, but i guess i need to say it again. i absolutely am NOT looking for a Dom that is anyway married or in a relationship with a woman. Please, do not take me for a fool because i am not one. 

i also do NOT take well to liars or cheaters. i am not one and expect the same from any Man i will ever be with.

Don't write me from one accout where you proclaim to be single and searching and then write me from another that you share with your significant other, asking me if i play with couples. The answer is still NO.

i truly believe, even more so now, after reading the profiles i've read here.. that it is men who desire to live poly, not women.. well not most of them anyway. A woman may agree to it only to please her man/Dom/Master, but deep in her heart, most women just do not want that.{#}


One more small rant.  Please do NOT ask me for nude photos of myself in the first or second note we share. i will not send them. Period. When i feel i know You well enough and trust You, that is a different story altogether.. then i just might consider it.

Also, i do not have yahoo. Don't bother sending me a one line message telling me to go talk to You there. If You cannot be bothered with writing a note to me here, i certainly will not bother myself to go download yahoo.


Treat others as you want to be treated. It is simple really.

1/18/2012 2:33:00 AM

Wow.. i never realized how many romantically-minded men out there are Dom's.

Many Men here write so eloquently.. i am impressed. 

12/31/2011 10:04:33 PM

Run Your fingers through my soul

for once, just once,

feel exactly what i feel,

believe what i believe,

perceive as i perceive,

look, experience, examine,

and for once,

just once,



12/28/2011 4:22:41 AM

This is something i found floating around the internet and I thought it was cute!


Roses are Red

Violets are korny

when i think of You

ohh baby i get horny!

Eat me,

Beat me,

Bite me,

Blow me,

Suck me,

Fuck me,

very slowly.

If You kiss me

Don't be sassy

Use Your tongue and make it NASTY!!! 



*laughs* Tooo cute.


Sorry if this offends anybody... It's not meant to be offensive OR a come-on,

Just meant to put a smile on Your face. 





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