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Bisexual Female Submissive, 59,  New Hampshire
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dssallie - submissive

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 Submissive Female

 New Hampshire

 5' 4"

 145 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dominant Male

Domme/Dom Couples

Male-Dom Couples

Friends Only

Online Romance

 Lives For:


 Breast Binding/Play


 Mental Bondage


 Sensory Deprivation


 Art Galleries




 Anal Play


 Body Worship

 Canes and Crops


 Plastic Wrap



 Antique Shows

 Bird Watching

 Fine Dining

 Flea Markets



 Foot Worship


 Hair Pulling

 Watersports / Toilet

 Curious About:

 Electrical Play

 Needle Play


 Amusement Parks

As I have gotten older things have changed. While still fee I am a slut and  addicted to physical, emotional and psychological humiliation and degradation I have learned how to manage these things in my day to day life.  I am the penultimate MILF. I am married to a loving and loyal man who is totally unaware of my predilections.     Few understand asthenolagnia, but for those who do you have my attention. If you understand vernacky you will have a better understanding of me.   My intention here is to meet and enjoy the company of like minded folks. I have no interest in real meetings, but long for someone that is creative and skillful enough to weave my emotional and physical needs between this world and the limitations in my vanilla world into a colorful tapestry.    I tend to be drawn to uncaring sadistic types that are good with their words and understand the dance of seduction. It is critical they understand the psychological role my age and marriage play is as important in this for me as is my sexual interests.    The photo of my nipple banded is current as is all the other non bondage photos. While it may not look like much, I can assure you after several hours like this my nipples are very sore. The remaining ones are from an affair I had in the 90's.    

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