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"For it is not into my ear you whisper, but into my heart. It is not my lips you kiss, but my soul." My profile evolves as I do and is captured in my journal below for ease of updating. Please be safe, stay well and choose wisely.

My Profile

I am looking for a man, a Dominant (not a dominant or domineering man) who desires a compatible woman, a submissive (not a passive, submissive woman), ideally for a long-term relationship. Time slips by quickly as do opportunities so please be authentic in who you are and real about what you want.

A dimension of me, previously set aside for a while, demands its expression. I seek to engage with the like-minded to explore possibilities with integrity, trust, transparency, and respect as the cornerstones. 

With focused intention, I desire a practical modern-day relationship that integrates the unique intimacy of D/s, romance and daily life. Combining them and peppering with laughter and fun, one hopes to create that special deep, enriching and fulfilling connection with one who is mature and fully relates. The Judy Garland quote in the profile section epitomizes the potential and power of a true D/s dynamic between a man and a woman, a Dom and sub as I see it. Anything else is simply just not enough. 

I respect what I am looking for may not resonate with everyone. I am open to connecting for casual conversation or for sharing experiences or lessons learned, however please respect my primary focus might limit my availability. For those who are married or otherwise attached and seeking a relationship beyond friendship, I wish you well in your search. 

Be safe, stay well and choose wisely.

P.S. Only online intermittently, so an immediate reply is unlikely. Please keep in mind if the only pic you share with me is of your precious jewels, it likely will not have much of an effect, appearing quite tiny on a 3x4 inch screen. (Respectfully said of course with a mischievous grin and a twinkle in her eye) 

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Random Musings

06/24/2024It's summertime and time for a break. Trust yours is most enjoyable! 

06/08/2024: Perhaps a change is as good as a rest but then again, perhaps it's better!

05/06/2024: Submission, a matter of choice at some point, a means of self-expression that evolves from the natural interaction and dynamic between two people. From my perspective it is not a role play or a dimension that one shifts in and out of at will. It exists and deepens naturally without effort. We only need to be aware of it, see it, and allow it to be freely expressed, shared with one who is worthy. 

03/30/2024: No doubt you've experienced it -- not many worthy fish in this pond. Thankfully, though, there's a catch and release program that works really really well! (grin)

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