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Dirtywhooore - photo 1
Im just looking for friends right now, maybe someone to talk to. Ive had an interest in this life for awhile. Some of my interests are being choked, being slapped, being called names, being covered in cum, and piss play.

Im pale, fairly tall, and about a size 1618. My ass is fairly big and I have 36 E tits. I love having my nipples bitten and pulled and pinched. I also love being bent over doggy style and having my ass smacked and grabbed.
Im not one of those who believe in male supremacy, or for that matter female supremacy. Or black supremacy or white supremacy, or really any supremacy. I have no tolerance for those who think theyre better than me because they were born with different body parts or a different skin color. And vice versa.

Finally half settled into my new home and have more than 30 seconds to spare. Feels good

Finally going to get out this state for good after this month

Okay, I'm about to say if you have 1950s household as one of your interests, don't bother messaging me. Holy hell 

I aim to (dis)please. 

If I fuck up my messages tonight its because I'm drunk

Some of y'all really need to learn how to talk to people. 

And, ya know, not be a boundary crossing pos. 

When did I get my journal option back? I haven't been able to add or edit anything in ages. 

Guess good things happen when I leave this site for awhile. 

Relaxing night at home, doing my hair. Much needed
When that miniscule little side you have takes over and you end up watching Mulan and coloring in the middle of the night
Best way to sum up what kinda luck I have? Started my period between first and second rounds.
Probably going to keep checking on here but I won't be as talkative and stuff, I'm going through something right now
Why the fuck does this need to be said? Just because I like something does not mean I'll just accept it from anyone. "Oh you like cum, so I can cum on you." No. " like cum." I like sex too, as do most people. And yet most people won't have sex with literally anyone. Why? You can like a thing without liking a person enough to do said thing with them. I have absolutely no shortage of people who want to cum on me/piss on me/do dirty things to me. I'm not going to do them with someone I have absolutely no interest in. Because I'm not fucking into you. I don't know you. And you're probably also a dick if your train of thought is "stranger likes cum. Stranger will let me cum on her. Stranger said no cum on her. Stranger fat stupid cunt, why she makez no sensez."
I am the only person who could manage to fuck up and have sex on the ONE day where I hadn't realized I forgot my birth control two days in a row right before that. This is great.
Tonight is the night to get my hair did and get fucked. Yass
Other people are excited about it being Friday. I'm just waiting for Sunday
Gotta go start the getting all pretty process. End up seeing my ex tomorrow..
Everyone I know is asking questions about if I'm pregnant, saying I'm going to be pregnant, or asking when I'm going to be. Jeez. Then I get the tons of guys with a fetish for pregnancy. It's like sign.
I get so many dick pics, but the one one I want, I don't have. Lmao
Every few months I get this craving to buy all the lingerie and sex toys imaginable.
Time to suck todays dick... Oh wait, already did that
Feeling all hot and bothered naked in bed. Waiting. Time always goes so slow when you want it to speed up
Is there really anything better than rough sex to relieve stress?
I'm here for conversation I don't have Yahoo I agree that this site is slow The only other thing I use is kik