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Hetero Female Submissive, 53,  New Jersey
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Here is an update as I promised: I am seeking to be in a D/s ans S/m relationship. I have 4 years of experience and I am seeking a Dom. I would prefer to discuss my experiences real time. Are you ready for me? I? believe a truly dominant man can achieve submission simply by a look or the motion of his hand.? I don't need you to I am seeking to experience the feeling of being owned. Although i am a sub, i am told that i have slave tendencies. What i am not seeking is a Dom who also wants to treat me as his girlfriend and wants the vanilla aspect. I am soley seeking a dominating, demanding, and controlling Dom. who is seeking a Bdsm and M/s relationship soley? A Dom should not be concerned how uncomfortable i am during a session, but rather continue simply because whatever he is doing pleases him. He should respect hard limits, but push soft limits as that would be expected of him. be loving, caring, or gentle, but rather dominating, demanding, and controlling. If this is what you desire and crave, lets talk and see where this leads.
Through Wisdom a House is Built... A slave`s pledge : He is Master, and i am slave. He is Owner, and i am owned. He Commands, and i obey. He is to be Pleased, and i am to please. Why is This? Because He is Master, and i am slave.
It is Friday morning and you send your slave a text that reads " slave, I know that I gave you permission to go out tonight with your girlfriends, cancel those plans and be prepared at 7pm for your Master. I am of course upset that i have to cancel my plans with the girls tonight and of course last minute too. When I get home from work i prepare for my Masters arrival.
It is 7:00PM and i am waiting in my slaves position on my knees, back slighthly arched and hands over thighs palms up. Master arrives and I wait patiently for his instructions. As my Master is walking around the room, he tells me he is not happy with a few things. First, he reminds me that he was not happy last week when we went out Friday night and that i barely touched the food he ordered for me to eat. He stated how disrespectful I was to him. He came around and sat before me reminding me what happens when i disobey him. He asked me to repeat what he ordered for me. I told him that he ordered grilled salmon over vegetables. He then slapped me and told me what else SLAVE. I told him a side of salad and unsweetened ice tea. He then asked me and why do you think i ordered you that salmon. I replied that you are want me to eat healthy. That is when he slapped me again and said i ordered that because I wanted to and no other reason. I responded yes Master. Master then said and the second thing i am not pleased with you is your oral skills. Master said he was not happy that i still did not worship his cock deep enough. Master said today, you will learn how to please me.
Master then took me down to the basement which was set up like a dungeon. He tied me to two poles so that I could not move. Master said, because you disobeyed me last week, I am going to whip you and then cane you. He walked over to me and whispered in my ear, and you are going to suffer for me without any noise. If you make any sounds I will add more strokes. Master then started to whip my back. He gave me 2o lashes and not a sound was uttered in fear of getting more. Then master untied me, and dragged me to the table. He tied my arms and feet to the table so i could not move. He put two pillows under my stomach so my butt was up high. He then came over to me and whispered in my ear, just a reminder, you are going to suffer for me without a sound. If you yell, you will get more strokes. He then went to get a cane, came over to me and made me kiss the cane. Now slave you will count each stroke and thank your Master and ask May I have another please. You are going to get 30 strokes because that was the cost of your meal that you did not eat. The first 5 strokes were not so bad, but then master got the water bottle. After the fifth stroke, Master wet my ass to make the stroke sting more. He now took longer between strokes so the anticipation of pain was excruciating. After the 25th stroke, Master came over to me pulled my hair and said, Slave your last five strokes will be the hardest. Again, you will suffer for me without a sound. He then went to get another cane, this one was thinner and made me once again kiss it. Master said this cane will hurt even more. On the forth stroke, I uttered a yell so Master added another 5 strokes for disobeying him. After the punishment, Master made me stand in a corner for awhile. I was not allowed to touch my butt or caress it.
? Master then came to get me and told me to go kneel and wait for him. I did as instructed. Master then came over with a leash. SLAVE now you are going to learn how to worship my cock the right way. Master had me walk on all fours like a dog. He then made me eat strawberries one at a time without using my hands. He then added a banana and was instructing me to like it for about 5 minutes before eating it. After i was done with the banana, Master continued to walk me around the house on all fours. Then, Master grabbed a dog bone (plastic one) threw it on the floor and told me to go fetch it like a dog and bring it to him. The bond was long, hard and thick. Bring the bone to your Master he said, Master was sitting on the couch and i brought him the bone. Master said, good girl and now I am going to show you how to worship my cock BITCH. He then held the bone at one of it. Now Bitch. I believe you are ready. Remember I want you to take all of my cock. Your mouth better reach my stomach now. Your mouth is trained! Master was instructing me to worship his cock. At times, he would force my head deeper and deeper. Then he pulled me back and said, I should not have to force you to go deeper. If I have to, you know what will happen right BITCH i said, and i replied yes Master. I went deeper and deeper gagging more and more. I knew Master was please. Look up Bitch as you go deeper and deeper and deeper. Master also reminded me that i was to swallow all his cum too.
I was instructed to be at Master's house at 2:00PM on a Saturday afternoon. When, I arrived Master told me he was pleased that I arrived a few










Last Online:


 Submissive Female

 New Jersey

 5' 6"

 155 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

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