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I am the Owner and Master



a gay male slave in Brisbane Australia.

Diesel9 on 9/14/15 at 6:19 AM:

Yes I am yours Sir and I will come to you when work is finishef.

{and I am still waiting for it to come to me}

I am also the owner of tjock a faggot slave boy from New York city USA (more pussy than jock)

<tjock> 9/14/15

tj is the faggot slave boy property of diesel9ismine

as is maletobeabused & pet735 & TallSco, slaveconnorb

it is so hard to fine a slave that is real and that is loyal one wrong word and they are gone

SissyMe7 is a fake - another runner as is Storms1, XRangerSlave, Phatphill

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 Age: 30
 Elkhart, Indiana