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Pan Female Slave, 27,  Alabama
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Update: (as of 5/03/2012) i have found my Master. He is my everything. i finally met Him RL last weekend He is more than i could possibly imagine. i am allowed to talk, and be friends with other Doms and Dommes as well as slaves and subs, but i am no longer looking for an Owner....

UPDATE: I have moved and now live alone, work at a school/group home for autistic kids, and have my own place. i am also under consideration by a fantastic Dom that i did not meet on here HOWEVER, i am still looking for friends and i am allowed to talk to others

Seeing as how this is not going through to some of you, i will say this as simple as i can....I WILL NOT SERVE YOU JUST BECAUSE YOU ASKED, OR BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU ARE A DOM/ME...Next time i get another email asking this or telling me to do something, or not atleast showing ME an inkling of respect you are going on block...ok, i'm done being a bitch
NOTE: I have already started getting messages from people who don't understand something. I think of myself as an intelligent girl, do not start conversations trying to demean me, and any communication we make please please PLEASE note that i would like an INTELLIGENT conversation with INTELLIGENT people, if all you have on your mind is sex sex sex, then do not talk to me your wasting your time. Also age is unimportant, i dont mind serving a polyhousehold, relocating is not an option AT THIS MOMENT. since i am going to school, but it will be a thought later on down the line.
Greetings! i am a 27 yr old bisexual female slave residing in Alabama. i have been in the lifestyle for 10 yrs. Now, before i go on to what i am seeking, i would like to explain my beliefs on this life as they are important to me. my being a slave is who i am. it is a state of mind and the way i live. This lifestyle is not about the kinks or the fetishes. It's about the relationship between a Master/Mistress and his or her slave/sub. You cannot build any relationship in general on just sex, love communication, and trust are the keys and if you do not have that you do not have anything. Also i would like to state, that i might be a slave fully, but i am not the kind of girl to kneel at your feet at the drop of a hat, as i said, trust is a big part of this lifestyle, so if you start a conversation with me calling me "slut" "whore" or any crude names and i don't know you yet you will be blocked. Onto what i'm seeking, i am looking for a Master or Mistress who is strict yet fair in the ways they Dom. someone who is understanding, consistent with what they wish of me. And who will use me to my fullest potentials. i do have many kinks and fetishes, so the only hard limits i have is beastiality, scat, golden showers, and kids. note: yes, i am a slave and i know a true slave doesn't have limits, but i state these right now. if i can put my trust in you after a while, i will give up these limits. As for me in general, i am planning to go to college for veterinarian medicine.










 Female Slave


 5' 4"






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dominant male

Femdom Couples


 Lives For:

 Amusement Parks

 Art Galleries


 Renaissance Faires





 Fine Dining


 Flea Markets

 Going to the Opera


 Garage Sales

 Curious About:


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Journal Entries:
4/10/2011 9:53:42 PM

i will officially be MIA for a while. i had somethin very traumatic happen this weekend, and i really do not wish to talk to anyone or be around anyone at the moment. nothing against any of my friends here. Maybe once the dust settles i'll be able to open up and talk about it, but for right now. i think i just need to be on my own


  i just wished everyone to  know what was going on in a vague sense, so noone thinks i'm ditching them, or not interested, etc etc.


p.s. if you do wish to speak with me, please go ahead and just give me an email on here, and i will get back to you as soon as possible...





4/8/2011 4:09:00 AM

Well, the messages have calmed down on here, i was getting like atleast getting 6-7 inquiries a day, but for the past two days i think i've only had one or two Doms message me. i'm ok with that honestly. it's usually hard to keep up with all the emails.

4/6/2011 9:28:09 AM

Oh this is funny, i get so called Doms emailing me, and of course i give everyone the benefit of the doubt. but some of them start out with "are you Owned?" and then start by asking my kinks. i do have alot of kinks, i will not lie. But if Your first conversation with me goes right into sexual aspects of the lifestyle, then do NOT talk to me, please. i would like to know i'm talking to someone intelligent with a sense of humor, who doesn't think that sex is so important.

4/6/2011 4:45:25 AM

HAPPY HUMP DAY! starting this morning off with a turkey and cheese omlette, then i think i might go play a lil tennis (i suck at it but it keeps me active) i think i may do a little "window shopping" online too, i saw some leather corsets in my size that are gorgeous. The only time i'm gonna be just a tad bit greedy *makes grabby hands for the corset* i want i want gimmie gimmie gimmie lol :P

4/5/2011 4:56:12 PM

Today has been a pretty boring day. I slept in until about 11am which is surprise, seeing as how I'm always up and ready for the day. I think it was more cause I didn't go to bed until about 7 this morning. HAH! I'm such a night owl.

  Anyways might call it a night a bit early tonight

4/4/2011 9:02:12 PM

Ok so just in case anyone is influenced by my awesomeness (not really, just to anyone who wishes to know how i did on my placement test) I got high marks on science, english, literature, and history, i didn't do HORRIBLE at math like i thought, i was put in Algebra I, so i did better than i thought. Though one of the requirements for Veterinary school is I have to have atleast Pre-cal (ugh) i'll get there sooner or later

4/4/2011 11:33:38 AM

Thank you Aall for the support and kind words about my test. I'm leaving now. and when i get back I'm sure i'll even feel more smart lol


YAY for edumacation :P



4/4/2011 9:33:20 AM

Today is my placement test for college. I'm both excited and nervous, I suck at math so i know i'm going to have trouble in that area, BUT I am pretty confident about everything else.

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