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Hetero Male Submissive, 60,  Ontario, Canada
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Not sure what it is I’m looking for whether its 24/7 real-time or other. I have much to offer real-time to the right Domme. My opinion is that being submission is a sign of maturity not the lack of it. I see a parallel between dominating a submissive man and supervising a child. The dominant female supervises him, trains him to behave in a pleasing way, makes all of his decisions as they relate to their relationship, determines what privileges and freedoms he enjoys, and disciplines him whenever his behavior fails to live up to her expectations. Yet while the comparison might hold up superficially, I am not a child and am not being raised but simply being related to from the perspective of a dominant to a submissive. Personally I am not a child nor do I need or desire to be treated like one. I am perfectly capable of making rational decisions on my own and conducting my affairs competently. I submit not because I am forced to do so, but because I choose to do so, mostly out of a strongly felt need to please and through submitting, through serving, through pleasing, I attain meaning and satisfaction as a person. I think it takes great maturity to be willing to put another person’s needs, desires and wishes above my own.
I did not come to understand and embrace my submission until later in life, my early forties or so. A part of this reason I think is directly attributable to the increase in my maturity that generally comes with age. As a young man I certainly was aware of this part of my nature but I neither understood it nor was even motivated to try to understand it. But once I had matured sufficiently I was motivated to understand it and actually did the work necessary to both understand and define what submission was in me and then I was able to embrace it.

In conclusion, I don’t consider myself a weak person at all and I am obedient and I do the right thing not because I’m kept on task by the supervisory actions of a dominant, or because I fear the repercussions if I don’t behave as I should, but out of my own sincere desire to honor, please and serve my dominant. Her pleasure is my pleasure and I am totally committed to doing everything within my power to please her and contribute to her happiness.

If I have at least sparked your interests drop me a message, chat and see if we have a common interest. A picture can be provided.











 Submissive Male



 6' 2"






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

 Lives For:

 You controlling my male parts

 You controlling my orgasms





 Amusement Parks




 Horseback Riding



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