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*recent update 05052020*

I was very active in my local community in Salt Lake tell moving to Denver 03162020. I worked with several groups helping provide classes, munches, discussions, conventions, parties, and other events. I have been into kink for over 20 years and spent the last 8 years active in my community. There is probably no kink you could ask me about I have no herd of or researched to some extent. Very little would shock me. But rude and ignorant behavior always disappoints and saddens me.

I changed to listing as I feel fits at the time switchsubslave. After once again being reminded of some things about my self at the recent destruction of Ms dynamics. But where I might list as a subslave. That does not make me YOUR subslave without time trust and negotiations.

ANY RESPECTFUL QUESTIONS OR COMMUNICATIONS ARE WELCOMED. RUDE COMMENTS WILL JUST BE DELETED! I am Married, and all play is subject to approval from my husband not because he is my DomMaster but because we have an open relationship and I respect his input. Friendly conversation always welcomed please no BS.

For those that were asking I have added several more photos, but hard to update here. Also vids on request. I have a preference for Black Men 25-55. I will talk with anyone! I just Like to serve black men. That said there are white Men I am submissive too especially if you have an accent, are tall, well hung, are nerdygeeky, or and one of those.

I am working hard at losing weight and getting fit, but plan to keep some curves. I had weight-loss surgery on Dec 30th, 2016 after fighting weight my whole life. I had a revision of my surgery on May 7th, 2018. So far I am down 350 lbs. (11112018)

I will top on occasion when asked politely usually just for friends in my local community or on rare occasions in a chat R.P. I am NOT looking for a subslave.

I like the phrase 32 flavors and then some because as a Gemini I am a little bit of everything. My interestsmoods vary greatly. What I am in the mood for one day I may not want the next. But I am generally pretty flexible. I am very willing to please to a point, push my limits too far and I will stop meeting any of your wishes.

To borrow some quotes from a friend.

The willingness to submit is a treasured thing. Never take for granted what you think is your right.

YOU are enough! Always enough for yourself and never let anyone tell you other wise.

PS if you dont like big girls then just move on

1/8/2012 10:36:39 PM

so have not posted anything in a while but have been thinking, I have had several different people tell me lately what an amazing woman i an or remarkable sub, my only response has been "yea i know" witch i realize sound incredibly argent but i don't mean it to be, it part of understanding myself, I know I am capable of many thing its a wired feeling to fill as if you can do anything and everything yet nothing, a constant walking contradiction. I am capable of managing my life i work full time pay my own bills have a full life wit friends and family, yet feel empty its always that one missing piece the dominant man in my life. I know i am many thing the domme (to select few), the sub, the slave (to those who know me best) the slut in your bed room, princess in the streets, and quiet conservative girl at work that few know of my darker side.So much energy talent and want, at times it feels my sole screams to have the guiding hand or a Dominant to guide it to nurture it  but are there any that truly know what to do with one such as me or merely pretenders barking orders as a creacher they do not understand, is there one that can read my sole harness the energy and natural the beauty withing to take flight? or is it a flight of fancy?

2/16/2011 8:48:39 PM

so i have decided that letting a Dom write dirty words on my forehead may be a bad idea. I meet someone for play the other night and let him write slut on my forehead in red sharpie at the start of play. When we where done i had to run to return my friends car i had borrowed with out thinking to check if the writing had warn off. When i got to my friends house it just so happened my oh so very Mormon mother was over there, now my friend and my mom never mentioned anything while i was there. When i got home to check email it suddenly donned on me that i had never washed off the writing and had been out to see my mom. I rushed to the bathroom to check my face and luckily could not really see anything but very faint letter when looking closely. I laughed like crazy, I hope my mom did not notice, becuse she did not know to look for anything to be there, but all day the next day I checked my face constently and washed it repededly paranoid others could read the word writen there that it seams only I could still see. lol witch would not matter as much if i did not have to work in the bissness world.

2/11/2011 8:43:23 AM

is there a decent Dom anywhere out there, or is there nothing but selfish greedy horndogs?

1/8/2011 8:48:09 AM

"A good Master owns his sub. A great Master inspires her to be her best self."

can you inspire me, or must i inspire myself

1/8/2011 12:15:42 AM

You Know it is intresting to watch the Daddy dom you like get jelouse of you trying to make friends with others in the lifestyle and yell at you and toss you away. When you feel in your heart though they are mad at the moment they want nothing more then to take you over there knee spake your ass red for your back talk and have you back at there feet. but all you can do is wait and hope.

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 Age: 21
 Dublin, California