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I do not wear fake tits or makeup everyday but always wear female attire (leggings, jeans, shorts, tees, sweaters, etc.). In fact, I have not owned any male attire for quite a few years. In the vanilla world people often assume I am female and address me as miss or ma'am so I guess I pass well enough without makeup and tits.

I am a city person, suburban or rural life is not for me, too boring. Also, I do not own a vehicle. Sold my car when I lived in SLC UT and actually prefer walking, biking or using public transportation. Certainly do not miss the expense of payments, maintenance or insurance. Downside is it would not be a simple matter for me to relocate although I am more than willing to.

Not looking for a quick hookup for sex nor can I host.

So many ghosts here. I'm on fetlife, same name as here.

Weird, made some changes to my profile after creating my first journal entry and my profile was  approved before any journal entry has shown up. I wonder how long it takes for journal entries to show up?

My true nature is that of a submissive with a sissy slut lurking beneath the surface. I have tried the domme role and know it is not my true nature. It was just a role I tried to play.