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Please read all of the below.
I have been trained to be a pleasing submissive girl. I am writing this profile under the guidance of my Master who will be reading all replies and making any decisions. I am an attractive mid 40s, mixed race woman. My Master says I am still very pretty, slim, with a great ass and legs. My Master is caucasian and in his early 50's.
My Master has decided that in 2023 I will further my training by: 1. having my first ever bisexual experience with another girl, who can be sub or Domme, my Master will be present but does not have to join in. This will include sexual play please.
2. being exhibited and made to do tasks or spanked, in front of any interested, genuine, sane, intelligent, non smoking, singles or couples, with an active profile. NO SEX or SEXUAL CONTACT IS BEING OFFERED. So please understand this and that voyeurs and exhibitionists will enjoy this most. The location will be a good hotel during the day.
This will be in the South East, East or East Midlands in UK only.
Priority will be in the order: 1. a single woman 2. a single straight sub voyeuristic male, who may be restrained/handcuffed whilst he watches what happens to me 3. mature single straight voyeuristic male 4. a couple with a bi female who wants to enjoy girl on girl fun with the males present, either a Hot Wife, a Cuckoldress 5. a M/F couple with either a Dom/sub male or sub/Domme female. The Dom may be allowed to spank me but nothing else. A domme may have full use of me. 6. a straight Dom male (no sex) I will be dressed to please at all times. Please remember that there is no sex offered. We are looking for daytime meets only. My Master will provide full details, finalise arrangements and be present at all times. When messaging please tell us about yourself and state what interests you, your ideas, what time period you have in mind, your location or nearby postcode and what day/times of week suit best. Chat requests will only be accepted, after initial messages exchanged and if things look promising to progress.
Please do not ask silly questions.
You do not need to know our location as we will visit your area.
Yes this is genuine.
Future meetings are being arranged now because it takes that long to get genuine people. Thank you.

Still looking for:

1. A female to join us

2. a male voyeur 

3 . a M/f couple


If your message does not demonstrate you have read our profile and is a short sentence or a few words, then please do not expect a reply.

If sending a message demonstrate you have read and understand what we are seeking.  One word, short or abusive messages will not be answered.