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Not going to put much here and waste my time, I am a Master, and PANsexual that right there should be enough. I am looking to own, but will also accept short term arrangements.

I'm simplifying a quirt, that for harsh punishment and with 8 tails is going to belike dragons breath.  And a new devise, bamboo, and I'm sure it will sting like a hornet.  Still have my ultimate  paddle, used on suicidal types and floggers for fun times.  That's it I got to much shit 

I get comments on my toys lots, but that is not all I am, a toy collector. I'm 73 done things seen things live things for a long dam time. Experience yes been there and wrote the book.

Ok, after 15 fucking years of listening to Y'all talk a good game but never showing up I've had it. No more.  I'm tired of your bullshit. 

"Willing to relocate"  That doesn't mean after five fucking years after you retire, or after your Grand ma dies, it means I have my things packed and if things sound good, I'm on a plane, train, bus or car heading your way.  It's all bull shit with most of you wankers on here.  Hell you get more fucking honesty from dam politicians then the crowd on here.
Ok, I want to show you what real world honesty looks is a true statement:  I am 67 years old, I have COPD, and  Panhypopituitarism  Yes, I am seriously looking for a live in slave.  And yes it would be for life, now the reality, life maybe is another 5 maybe 8 years. No, I am not going to fuck your brains out, I can no longer indulge in such joys.  I have to be content with getting my pleasure other ways.  There you have it, that is a double barrel full of honesty right there.  Now, for those on here just looking to fantasize about the lifestyle,  while you entice others to play along take note, I really don't have time to waste on that any more.  I was on this site way back during collarme days and I have heard just about as much bullshit as any decent human being should let alone a Master maybe I'm just to fucking polite.  Or one last view, maybe I'm just to god dam gullible to believe a single fucking thing any one says.  If you are not true to your own word,you are not only lying to me or some other person you are lying to yourself. 
I now return you to your normal rhetoric.   
The Largest (fake) BDSM Community on the Planet

Note: Journal entries criticizing other users and lists of "bad" users are violations of our terms of service.  

That way all the fakes and flakes are protected to continue to waste peoples time while they play with themselves and fantasize.  If you listed all the bad users you wouldn't have but a tiny hand full or real people left 
This goes out to the better half on here, just wondering do all of us Dominants and Masters on here have to same problem with fakes.  
"this is a piece of property looking to become a 24/7 live in sissy slut slave this"  Nothing but a pathetic individuals fantasy.  They do nothing but lie to you, isn't that right sissyslave4.     
Well once again wasted time of one of you fake ass bitches.  I wish you fakers would all just drop off of the face of the planet, you are worse then a worms.  Just about to write this sorry ass site off, no one real, you just talk while you masturbate.  And as for "sissyslave4" your going to die alone and in the dark, and that is where you will spend all eternity SMIB 
I just read an article that talked about Adam's first wife Lilith.  Seems the bible hid her.  But it said “She liked the man’s reproductive liquid very much, and she always walks to the point of seeing where she has fallen. All the liquid of man that does not end in the matrix of the wife is hers: all the seminal liquid that man finds wasted throughout his life, whether by adultery, by vice or in sleep.” I am thinking she may have been a gurl, only one I know that loves man cum that much.
Ok, I have a question for everyone here on this site.  I have had a situation come up and I would like your input as to what you would call a person, lets just for arguments sake call them  sissyslave4 that backed out of a arranged meeting twice.  And just a matter of days prior to being picked up no less.  ???   I sorta think the term FAKE fits but interested in your opinion.
Just coined a new phrase just for a good 85% of the people on here Fake slave and Fake Subbie.  You all know who you are you just fantasize about being owned and used while you play with yourself.  I feel sorry for you because your life is fake as well
Well after all the work, I get stood up by Sissy that is slave and 4 so read between the lines and she is not recommended.
And once again another wasted space of time on the total bull shitters on here, play the game right up to the end and then just don't respond.  Well I am done with this site. 
Just finished my new flogger, 26 tails and this one has energy all its own, it even glows in black light.  See Pic 2
Such a shame, you come on this site and I guess forget how to be polite.  reflects poorly on parental guidance 
Ok, Pic 12 on my Profile was me when I first got onto CS and doing my search, and after a year and a half my profile pic is what this site has done to me.  I started out so positive, and now, You call me,  ME Scary.  
I keep getting "Your picture is sooooo  Scarrrrrry   Think about how that makes me feel to have someone you are just trying to fulfill their sexual cravings their desires and needs.  And you then tell them they look scary.  I sure don't message people and say Oooo your so ugly do I, NO, I am always polite in my writings.  I have lived many lives and each has been harder each time, I'd like to see what you would look like if you had faced the challenges and ordeals I have faced from day one of my existence.  At the very least wait til you see me naked before you say scary....Mstr/HP Dalgast 
If there is one thing that really irks me, a sub or slave that doesn't fill out their interest section.  For one it shows you as either being lazy or that you just don't give a shit.  I don't know how many times I have had a spark of interest only to go look and nothing their.  If your not going to put out effort to impress a potential Master of Dom, why the hell should I waste my time.  And that phrase "If you have any questions just ask"  Who are you to be telling a Master or Dom to do anything.  Get off your lazy ass and fill out the interest section.
Always seems that there is a few that just ruin it for others.  All the ones on here that play out their fantasy and ruin it for those that really want to live it.  You know who you are, vile little cretins that lie not only to you but themselves.  Eventually all your lies will catch up with you.  Because you just never know who you are lying to.  I probably should have pity on you, but that isn't me, No, I usually put a curse on them.  And So Mote It Be!  
Well there goes another fake, that brings the total now to about 12 I think.  I am starting to think this site is just full of Bull shitters.  You know now I can see why some just cancel their profile on here.  I think I'll be using another site. 
Well, all hunting and searching aside, on this Christmas eve I want to thank you all, and to wish you the warmest regards and best wishes during Christmas and the coming New Year.  May you all be safe and may your hearts desire be fulfilled.  Ho Ho Ho MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody
Well it seems all that really happens on here is people getting ripped off.  Be aware I have terminated my offer to "HousebBoislave" I have found her to be a fraud, be aware she wants bus fare and then you no longer hear back from them.  I have to wonder are there any really honest people on this site.
My Fellow Masters, be aware there is a scam about perpetrated by a limey in Birmingham England  goes by master30583.   Has this bull shit scam of passing off a slave.  All lies.
Well I'm going to just rack this up as just being slow on the uptake, you are allowed that after exactly after you reach the wise age of sixty two.  This is just a social media type deal where you get on here and fantasize about what you want to do, just because you say something it really doesn't mean you would actually follow thru.  Ok, see, I really never fantasized that much, I set out to do it and did.  In my generation (That is another thing you get to do, put yourself in a generation) when your word was given it was your bond. Well ok now that the game rules have been realized.  God I wish some of you had lived my life with me.  
I really don't mind individuals looking at my profile, flattered you did.  But when you are so far away, and you know you are never going to relocate I just wonder why.  Pure curiosity??? 
Really seems that the subs on here need a good session it training them some dam mannors
Just a dam shame that in a lifestyle that preaches acceptance and communication, there is so much BS and piss poor manors.  I think most the subs on here need a dam good whipping to teach them some.  Don't guess I'll bother.  
I'm starting to see something here,  a lot of I want but not willing to give in return.  Ever think that could be the reason you are on this site, BDSM is about communication, but if your not polite enough to respond I can fully understand why some are on here forever.  I think for that reason among many I think I have decided to just forget about making any kind of contact on this site.  I wish you well in your endless search for perfection.
Well, what was suppose to be a friendly parting seemed to turn nasty,  so I guess it's put out the candle ring the bell and close the book
Just may be my final entry, reality has set in hard.  Time for me to do some deep soul searching and final decision making.
Gee, I guess I'm going to have to add medical play now, my Graves vaginal speculum cams in, the three prong anal speculum and my stainless steel 4 oz enema syringe, and I have the wartenberg wheel.  I'll have to practice saying slide down please.  Wonder where I can get a gyno table cheap lol.
I'd really like to know what's up with this thing about Blacks, it seem all I run into is got yo have BBC.  Is this how you fulfill your humiliation fetish by submitting to a black.  I'm sorry, but if your self esteem is so low you want to do that, then I'd say you are beyond repair.  Am I a racist, well maybe so, but I see that in a profile and I just figure tainted meat   
Wow, and here I though this was an adult alternative site, seems it's nothing more then snooty ass bastards.  So much for the Chat labeled "Sluts"  I guess they want Please and thank yous, silly high school bull shit.

Well another year has passed, and nothing has change on here, I see the same people and when you contact it just never goes anywhere.  I'm going to leave my profile up, but I sure don't know why.  There seems to be nothing on here but game players and White Knight searchers.  So, this will just go into archive mode, good bye, good luck

Just to let everyone know, the company that you get get when you click on BDSM Gear is a scam.  You don't get what they advertised and you ordered, its called bait and switch.  They keep giving you the run around.  Then when you finally get mad enought to call they give you the "Return it at your cost"  So you wind up paying for their mistake.  Extreme Restraints is nothing but Extreme Bull shit.  Don't waste your money, they'll screw you and not in a fun way.

I guess courtasy is too much to ask fromthose on here.  You send a simple note, nothing out of line, and they don't even have the courtasy to even repond with a Fuck Off.  I guess you must think that think between your legs is made out of gold.  Got news for you, it isn't.
Sure gets frustrating when you come on here to meet people of like mind, and then when you get to talking to them, nothing.  Like talking to  a brick wall.
Sure would be nice if I could add some pics of my toys, equipment and play space. 
I've always wanted to make my own floggers, my own design, and I just finished them.  Being X Navy I use rope, that was what the original floggers were and why change a good thing.  Being somewhat inventive, I designed them to all fit together.  One is a 25 strand braided cord, I have an attachment that increases the number by ten, and then there is the shorty attachment that I know whould work fine for the crotch and breast areas.  All in all, three floggers and hours and hours of fun.  I have a scorge I made to a specific instructions (eight strands five knots each)  Only certain individuals have ever felt it.  Believe it or not, it really gets you is sub space quick.  Only thing, if you get one stroke, your gonna get forty.  Scourges have very specific uses and are not toys per say.  Well rambling on again.  2am, I'm outta here.
Just discovered this, what a neet feature.  Well, finally a day without rain.  If I only had a sub that enjoyed playing in the mud, my backyard would subspace.  I was thinking of going out on the Coosa in my boat, but when I look at the current from the swollen river, figured I'll just wait a bit.  I'm just sitting here watching an old copy of Jack the Ripper w/ Micheal Caine.  Had a good Vet Day yesturday, put my flag out 11/11/11:00 and down right at sunset.  I guess you could say I'm pretty anal when it comes to military tradition.  Oh, forgot, I finished my new spanking horse, it's good for other things but spanking is on my mind.  I use to have a dungeon anyone would be proud of, all made myself. Enjoyed it alot.  Now I'm starting again.  Well, this has been fun, til the next time I remember this, haha