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Hetero Male Dominant, 42,  Birmingham , United Kingdom
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Journal Entries:
11/14/2016 7:11:08 AM
Seems Fair looking at it quickly

== Results from ==
100% Daddy/Mommy
100% Dominant
100% Rigger
98% Brat tamer
98% Master/Mistress
98% Primal (Hunter)
97% Owner
95% Degrader
94% Sadist
94% Voyeur
93% Ageplayer
85% Experimentalist
69% Exhibitionist
42% Non-monogamist
13% Switch
13% Vanilla
4% Masochist
2% Girl/Boy
1% Degradee
1% Pet
1% Primal (Prey)
0% Brat
0% Rope bunny
0% Slave
0% Submissive

11/12/2016 1:16:35 AM
*the following was consensual and agreed beforehand the lady was 38* She was in the bathroom in just a short pink nightie, bend slightly over brushing her teeth, her bottom slightly exposed, I was stood in the bath, she wasnt able to see me. As she had finished and turned around to switch off the light I punched, putting my hand over her mouth, locking the door, the room pitch black dark, bent over the sink I forcefully enter her pussy in one deep, hard thrust, the scream so loud it eccos around the small dark room.... I Fuck her HARD..... slapping her bottom and clawing St her small breasts. I alternate between that and putting my fingers down her throat..... I stop ducking her, she tries to leave, I grab her hair and put her on her needs, deep throat infection my dripping Cock into her mouth, telling her I want it cleaned and dry if her juices using just her mouth With that I stand her back up and bend her over the bath, her assistant totally exposed and in one, deep, hard thrust, I enter her anus, the screams this time are a million times louder, but she is clearly enjoying herself

11/11/2016 3:51:01 PM
With each finger she cried, yelped, struggled, pulled away, she was getting her first fitting ever.....

11/7/2016 11:38:25 PM
She wanted a gang bang, a middle class wife, wanted at least 4 men to pay away at her like a slab of meat for only there enjoyment,.....

I was there to facilitate the fact she was to be USED but to keep her safe.

I also filmed it for her.

She asked all 4 men to cum inside her, they did, in every hole, several times.

She didn't want to be clean when she got home, she wanted to STINK of sex, her husband was a Cuck, he knew where she'd gone and why.

I drove her back home , she thanked me, this was a sub that i'd often play with , if we had sex it would be safe sex, she was , after all not adverse to taking 4 strangers on at once.

She asked to pull over and wanted to have a few marks accross her bottom for her husband to see, we found someone where private in the wooded area and took the cane from the car, she was given 50 lashings , just enough to leave lots of marks , she sunk to her knees and went as deep on my cock as she could and then when she couldnt go deeper, she did.

11/7/2016 1:54:43 PM
She tells me she had a period fetish, she wants to be made to allow it to run down her, but shes squeamish right now, she askes if we can do it in the bath 

I strip her naked, hold her arms out and tell her to squat down, shes warned if her arms move she'll be tied up, this sub is on trust.

Shes 28 and worries before too long she'll stop her periods and has always wanted this but been too scared.

I reach for her nickers, they are used but theres no blood in them, i place them into her mouth and very very slowly pull out the tampax that shes had in for far longer than recommended, the sting red with blood , she shakes, shes so scared, before long its out and left in the bath next to her feet, shes having a VERY heavy period and before long its down her thighs , on her legs  and feet, , i take her knickers out of her mouth "sir sir please may i have a drink" I slowly force the enture length of my cock into her mouth ....she gags, she struggles to stay squatting, shes sliding on the blood filled bath , i face fuck her, i cum in her mouth and i tell her to lie in her blood, the bath room is warm, shes there for an hour,

11/7/2016 7:10:05 AM
Sub was a 52 year old who's had 6 kids, she told me she wanted to feel filled up like she'd not been able to feel for YEARS, she explained to me that she wanted a brutal smear with fingers and loved the pain of her cervix being massages, all the limits were discussed before hand and we'd known each other for years, the trust was there  that i wouldn't over step her limits, as she chatted we had a lovey meal with with the sub having several glasses of wine to relax her(her choice) .

Her legs tied to the stirrups, arms tied out wide, mouth gagged but no blindfold, the doc wantd her  to SEE this.

I checked her  vagina size with  my fingers and select the speclimum thats just a little too big (The Dr has all sizes ) , rinse it with cold water and insert it inside her, swiftly, almost without a bed side manner.

I hold her tummy and allow her to relax before i turn the screw to open her WIDE, wider and wider and wider and winder, her legs pulling in vain, she's trying to scream but cant...and then ONE MORE TURN

time for your smear test , but ive no swabs, so i need to put my finger inside your cervix "This WILL hurt"...."By the way, I need one more finger inside than is comfortable "

I massage her cervix, one finger inside, one going around the edge, shes sweating, crying, pulling away.....

"Ok thats the smear test, how we need to check your electro internal reflex, just relax , i'll be back shortly  with the required equipment, its just next door, oh by the way, i will need you opened up just a little wider....sorry .....

11/6/2016 6:17:35 AM
Sub was a 45 year old mum who was married. I placed the plastic sheet over her mattress, I made her bed, nice fresh, clean sheets, just the leg and arm restraints can be seen under the inviting fluffy duvet. "ok sir, I think I can do this.... " She's dressed in a jumper, hair up, skinny jeans and no knickers, I double check she's got clean clothes. " yes sir " I tenderly lay her down, ensuring the restraints are tight, I prop her up with pillows so that she isn't flat. I then cover her up, sitting on the chair next to her o shoe her that 12 bottles of liquid," we've got water, wine, fizzy drinks, still drinks, spring water and more " She drinks the first glass, I offer her a glass of wine to steady her nerves, then water, then a class of Coke" ple.... Please sir may I have a dash of vodka with it "......" of course my dear, for this is the part before master takes hold".... Within an hour she'd had 10 glasses, some alcoholic..... "sir, look I'm sorry I can't do this, I can't piss myself, I wanted to but I don't anymore, I need to get up for the toilet" No safe word was used...... "no, drink" she reluctantly does.. "ok I'll let you give up" (4 glasses and lots of tears later "I un tie her, but hand cuff her hands behind her back..... Walking her outside to the garden I put her in the corner gripping her face I say" like a the dirty Slut you are, do it there "she Crys uncontrollably, pissing her jeans, down her legs, even onto her stomach there's that much....... I walk off and leave her in a heap of piss...... Inside I ensure the bath is ready for her..... I grab her hair..... Tell her to strip.... And take her inside she smells of piss, she's dirty, she's been crying..... I lean her over the kitchen work tops.... Slowly running a knife up and down her thighs getting closer to her vagina each time, her legs are shaking, piss is now dripping out as she was no where close to empty..... I slide my cock inside her... She lets out a scream, more piss and I tell her..... Right here right now I'm. Going to empty you..... I stroke her kneck with the knife.... Another hand over her mouth.......

11/4/2016 12:51:39 AM
She was laid in a white blouse, knee high boots, nothing else, face down on the bed, he hands tied together, her legs tied at the ankles. The Cain crashed down upon her bare buttocks, each time a yelp was herd, each time getting slightly hard and harder She was a 42 year old, she was married and had 2 grown up kids, she contacted me as she wanted a role reversal, she wanted a daddy for a day. She was an analyst Virgin and wanted that resolved, in a role play, bdsm way, her husband told her "anal sex is as a sin" ironically then she was having an affair, a sin, in order to have another sin. She took the cain REALLY well, I was proud, I got out some oils and massaged her butt cheeks, I then told her she would be cleaned to make the sin a clean sin. I shuffled her into the bathroom and she sunk to her knees bent over the bath, I inserted the bulb and the enima waters flowed into her "this feels really weird daddy" On the 3rd time I held her head and slowly inserted my entire length into her mouth, tears tilled down her face as she gagged, but didn't fight. Then in order to make her feel less raw, extra olive oil was inserted into her ass, this initially stung after the 3 eniams she'd had, but it would pave the way for some amazing anal for her first time..

11/3/2016 12:32:18 PM
The sub is the same 33 year old married mum of 5. She text me "I'm mid period, very very heavy, want to be totally humiliated, I know your the one for the period stuff, husband is at work, I'm at home, kids are at school, fancy it? ? I turned up half an hour later, she was in her dressing gown, slippers and full of make up "expecting someone" She told me to put into place the plan we'd discussed before. She dressed in a short black skirt, white blouse, black bra, white panties and tights. I toed her arms to the family dining table, her legs to the legs of the table, I pulled out her tampax, and fucked her, RAW, hard, screaming, stopping spank her every now and again, I shot my load all over her ass, wiped the blood on her ass and pulled up her knickers and tights, untied her and told her to walk to the local shop for tampax... "bit but I've got some in my bag" Hush Bitch..... "but but I'll dribble everywhere, it's disgusting"... Bye When she came back there was blood on her thigh, she smelled of period and sex and was crying...... She got tied up and the all the blood was used again, as anal lubricant

11/2/2016 8:08:00 AM
She laid there in stirrups , legs tied, hands cuffed above her head, speclimum hanging out , i place a small amount of ky on the tip of my cock, kiss her forehead and place my hand over her mouth , with one HARD, DEEP, FAST Movement the entire length of my cock was inside her arse, she squealed a muffled scream, her legs pulled against the restraints  and her toes cured up......i slapped her face as i carried on my dominance of her, hand around her throat

A tear rolled down her cheek

She thanked me for the experience

*the above was TOTALLY consensual and agreed before we started, the sub was a married 33 year old lady .

11/1/2016 10:04:16 AM
A bit about my experience will be added every few days (time permitting) Write with the permission of the lady involved The last sub I meet was a 33 year old married mum of 5,she was bored in life and had asked her husband to spice things up, he just watched the football. She told me she had a fantasy of school girl and period play, she wanted to be tied up and cained. The afternoon started with daddy giving her a bath to wash away the period, daddy then inserted a fresh tampax for his little girl and give her a fresh shave, he then used baby powder everywhere to dry and soften her up, half way though she told me she was getting a little horny so asked I gag her and tie her hands, of course daddy did. Then I helped her into her white cotton panties and uni form. I placed her face down on the bed, tied her arms and legs to the bed and we discussed her safe word again, she was a new sub and didn't want one, but I insisted, I started to spank her with my hand until her bum was a nice shade of red, then I got the cane out and things got a little heated, she scremed at me to break her, then the cane, while asking daddy " why" it was highly erotic, finally when I sensed she could take absolutely no more at all I grabbed the kickers she had arrived wearing and place them into her mouth, I pulled out the tampax and proceeded to Fuck her, she didn't have a tight pussy owing to the number of kids she'd haf, but the tampax and baby powder had made her so dry that initially it was highly dry, tight and painful for her, hard and harder with her muffed screams getting louder and louder and I pulled her hair harder and harder as I ensured that daddy was a happy man...... We cuddled and kissed afterwards and she thanked me and told daddy she still loves him. Even tho she was in pain and was worried how she'd hide it from her husband. She even said that next time she would like to be forced to clean herself off daddy's cock..... But that's a whole different entry Much love Daddy Xxx

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