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Pan Male Dominant, 25,  Around, Ohio
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Might write more later. Looking for a respectful, engaging partner. Not interested in discussing or having casual sex. Not interested in fulfilling the desires of entitled men. Please be at least somewhat close to me in age. Do not waste my time. ? You may call me Sir. Do not call me Mistress. I've assigned my gender here as male, but I am genderqueer/fluid. ? I am profoundly bored by people who think I owe them something. If I ignore you, you deserve it. Try to be better next time. If you can't be bothered to hold any kind of conversation, if you can't muster up some kind of greeting that doesn't flaunt your sexual proclivities as though I give a shit, you had at least better offer to buy me something nice if you expect me to speak to you. I honestly cannot believe how the vast majority of you think that I 1) care what you want without even knowing you, or 2) have any desire to fulfill your fantasies. Fuck off. I am tired of you. ? I have many interests, most if them at least somewhat dorky. Comics, cartoons, sci-fi, fantasy, novels, anime, video games, knitting, etc. I love shopping, for myself and others. I love good conversation. I will sometimes post journal entries in moments of weakness - if you read them, let me know what you think. ? Current mood: drunk & upset












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Journal Entries:
6/3/2015 10:23:21 PM
My most enduring fantasy is, perhaps, my most innocent. It lacks the trappings and design of conventional BDSM scenarios; it lacks sadistic and Machiavellian motivations. I imagine how very tame it must seem when held against the depths human depravity can sink to, and I feel ashamed by how simple, how /pedestrian/ my desires can be. And how wildly out of reach satisfaction seems. The scene is set thusly: a kitchen, clean, that smells faintly of lemon and bleach. A dutiful spouse, arms sunk elbow-deep into warm, soapy water - or with hands busy chopping vegetables, making dinner. He's been waiting for me to get home from work all day, anxious to see me. He's wearing his favorite dress, and over it, he's tied his most well-loved apron. He doesn't want to look sloppy when I arrive; he wants me to see how beautiful he is, and how well he is put together. He wants me to be proud of him, for being such a good wife. When I arrive, he is distracted - by his music, or the tv, or the veracity of his own endless thoughts. He doesn't notice me, and so I am able to look at him freely, without any insistence on his part that I spend my time finding something more worthwhile to admire. And without the knowledge of being seen, he is carefree, and he is pretty. I can't resist moving towards him, pressing him into the kitchen counter with my body and caging him in with my arms. He flushes bright pink. Embarrassed at being caught off-guard - but pleased that I am with him, and by the casual possessiveness with which I treat him. He is not an object - but I make him feel owned nonetheless. I make him feel safe. He asks me how my day was; tells me about the chores he's done, the dinner he's made. I smile into his neck, pretending to listen, while I grind my hips against him, and slip my hands beneath his dress. He blushes brighter when I palm his ass - ever the innocent, always surprised at being despoiled. He laughs a little when I wrap my arms around him, when I coax him to turn towards me so that I can lift him by the waist and sit him on the counter. But this position makes it easier to touch, to remind him that he is mine. As I said, it is simple. Simple and odd - a blend of eroticized domesticity and role reversal; very little kink, even less sex. But I crave simplicity sometimes. Gendered pageantry - playing house all "wrong" - stripping masculinity from a male partner and admiring his performance of femininity - this is what I think about at night, to ease myself into dreaming. It's my dirty little secret.

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