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Not looking at this time.

Why do I leave my profile open? Because I frequently go to the lobby chatroom to talk with friends, and I like having my mailbox open for friends, those I Mentor, my own Mentor, and people I'm helping.

When I'm seen in the chatroom, subs or slaves who are seeking Dommes can single right click on my name in the list to read my profile, and will know right away that I'm not available.

While in the CollarMe chatroom lobby, I'll still offer sites to people who want them to help them on their journey. One site has registered BDSM munch groups in the USA, others have safeties and how to's, the difference between D/s and TPE, submissive's bill of rights, and hotlines for help that are D/s friendly. If you don't go to the chatroom, feel free to ask in a letter.

See you around the message boards or in the chatrooms,

Yaay, I can finally get into my old profile again!  Lost the password after my old computer died.

New profile name is CynthiaWVirginia.
Open to meetups, and limited scening when I'm in the mood.  

Not looking for someone who is MINE at this time; the search for him (whoever he may be) took too much of my time these past years.  8 hours or more per day, 7 days per week was a bit excessive even for me...whoever my One is, hon...I gave it my best shot.  In the future we will have to leave it to the benevolence of fate to bring us together.

*Adjusts the sign GONE FISHING on her door* 

I'm still here and would like to meet others r/t who can visit my area or who live locally.
 Announcement to friends:
I've gone into REMISSION for no reason!  Yeah, after 9 years I can hardly believe it and I never expected it.  My Mentor put me on a massive prayer list last year, and all I can say is...from their lips to God's ears.  *huggles everyone and laughs joyfully*  I'm so stunned, words just can't describe it.
From a scene in a book that is very dear to my be read very slowly, in a hushed voice. :) 

"Does it happen all at once, like being wound up," he asked, "or bit by bit?"

"It doesn't happen all at once," said the Skin Horse.  "You become.  It takes a long time.  That's why it doesn't often happen to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept..."

Taken from The Velveteen Rabbit. *smiles*
I am changing my profile again, and will place the old one in my journal now.  *smiles*  Might resurrect it, might not:

Actively looking for r/t friends to top.  I prefer to "date" this way for the next year, so I'll have more experience and be better aware of what my needs are for the long run. *smiles*

Anyone interested in developing friendship is welcome to contact me for chat in CM's lobby, or by leaving a letter. 

One word or one phrase notes will probably not get any response from me, since I will focus my attention on ones who seem sincerely interested in becoming friends...or on ones who want to have an occasional r/t play partner.  Please start like you intend to go on, hm?  Let me get to know you a little bit so I have a chance of getting interested in WHO you are.

Friendships online are okay, but I don't enjoy roleplay or cybering (unless it's with someone I'm very fond of AND I have first given permission to web cam me).  If you haven't known me for at least 4 months, it would be better for you...not even to ask. *Don't make me disrespect you by being too easy and slutty.* 

I've been here almost a year and have made the change to Domme some months back. (Okay, I'll admit to still having a sub side...that I choose not to indulge in.  )  This has been a major shift for me and it's going to take thousands of hours of study to learn all that I want to know.  I have to be satisfied with myself and my studies before getting very seriously involved with a sub or slave...that's why I'm trying to stick with people who will be content to bottom.  I'm not skilled enough yet to choose, nor to keep...the right sub. 

I won't be new forever *winks*.

(Also, I'm grieving over online relationships that didn't work out, and require more time to put them behind me.)

Having a chess partner would be lovely; especially at a park on a warm day.  I enjoy board games...I own over a playful bottom who might enjoy paying forfeits would be nice. *I have dark blonde hair that is straight and baby fine, and is past the waist of my jeans.  One forfeit would be brushing it until I say to stop.*

Someone who would go with fishing with me at night would be nice too...I love to go after catfish, though I'm not an expert. *grins*

If you get sappy over old black and white movies, and Disney cartoon movies...and...are employed, an excellent handyman and good at fixing cars, I may have to keep you. *blows a kiss*

Now for something very serious; it may make you give me a wide berth, and I'll understand that.  I have had cancer for these past 9 years, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, b cell, indolent, and I don't go into remission. 

Because of this I'm lucky and don't have to work.  Please do not ask me about my job or my income. 

This is the reason why I will probably not accept someone for 24/7, but choose to enjoy the company of a part time submissive and/or bottoms.  I'm fine; just have lower energy than the average person...and can use more service *winks*. 

I am VERY strict about alcohol use; if you like to *abuse it* and get drunk instead of simply enjoying a drink or two with a meal...*points to the sign that says Go Look For Another Domme*. 

It's not in my best interest to get involved with anyone who is flushing their lives down the toilet...I'm not going along for that ride. 

(Dommes are not a substitute for AA, or the magical person who will choose to focus all her energies on saving you from yourself.) 

Also, I prefer men who don't use any type of tobacco.  For a submissive part-time playmate, it's okay...for someone in my collar, no. 

Nobody I play with will smoke in my presence.