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Pan Transgender Slave, 34,  South Bend IN, Indiana
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Tome, a slave is someone who is owned property. It has no choices, no rights, and no escape. i would love to be owned not only physically but mentally as well. i would love to not even be able to think of anything other than what my Owner wanted me to. To own nothing, and to have no world outside of HisHers to think about, to understand, or to escape to.

As ive learned more about the lifestyle, ive realized that my place in life isnt just to be a submissive but a slave. i seek to be truly owned because im happiest when pleasing others, and because i hate to make decisions. i am an intelligent person, but i hate having people respect me and expect things of me. i dont like to think or make decisions i hate the responsibility of it.

i constantly think about how much better life would be if i had no decisions at all -- if i could live just to serve another. To obey hisher wishes no matter what they were because i knew heshe was superior to me. Because heshe understood things better than me and knew what was best for himher, which would be all that mattered to me.

As for my likes and fantasies, i know they dont matter compared to what You want. So feel free to skip this paragraph. i love domestic servitude. i love to clean, do laundry, and cook -- ive taken cooking classes in order to be the best slave i can be. i have fantasies of being treated like a 50s housewife or a maid, except beaten if the house isnt clean enough or the food good enough. Theres also something in me that likes to be degraded. id love to be treated like an or a pet. i really love cages and leashes, and puppy and milking play both really get me wet. My darkest fantasies include being kidnapped and locked in a cage, where im force fed hormones and cum, and having no rights while im transformed for real into a slave pet.

i also know that the life of a slave is a genuinely hard one. Still, i am looking for the real thing. i dont believe that a normal life is for me. i hope to be owned for real.

If You really are looking for slave property, please write.












Last Online:


 Transgender Slave

 South Bend IN 


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 6"

 145 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dominant Male

Domme/Dom Couples

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Journal Entries:
12/4/2017 7:21:18 PM
Thought i found someone but now i'm back here looking again...

12/29/2015 8:57:42 PM
A very nice guide....

6/14/2015 9:09:18 PM
i just discovered  i think i have a new addiction.

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