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Hi ,I am a 40 yr old slave. I have been collared once and only once. I seek&nbs
Hetero Female Slave, 40,  Maine
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Hi ,
I am a 40 yr old slave. I have been collared once and only once. I seek One that wishes to have a monogamous relationship with a slave that craves to serve. I am well behaved and will never misbehave just to be punished. a true slave knows that a Master can punish for any reason, so why be bad :)  

I seek the One who can test my limits...who I can trust with my life. He will love me for all my idiosyncrasies, yet always push me to be the best that I can be for Him. He will know when He looks into my eyes that my love for Him is greater than anything else. That my every thought and every action are because of Him. 

I will never test Him to see if He is 'Man' enough. He will be my everything. I am His slave. He has the power over me to command me with just a look. He will micromanage me and I will crave it.

The touch of His hand, His belt, His whip will make His slave's body tremble with excitement. His gentle kiss upon her lips will cause her breath to catch. He will grab her hair, slap her face and fuck her hard. she will know she is owned. 

Those who do not know this way of life, do not know this part of my life.  This IS a way of life for me, just as it is for Him. He is my everything as He should be.

*side note: please do not mistake one that is a slave for a doormat. For a true Master will allow a slave to give her opinions, even though He may not agree. He listens to His slave, for He knows that her words are of as much value as she is. For she has given Him the most precious thing she could.....her life.*


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